[caasp-beta] Use another interface after install

Rob de Canha-Knight rob.decanha-knight at suse.com
Mon Mar 5 15:08:33 MST 2018

Hi Stephane,

In general, changing the network interface setup after install is not possible and I believe it is unsupported at this time.

If you’ve got a mix of KVM and physical nodes the best thing to do is to download the autoyast generated by the admin node and modify it. You can then serve it up yourself from a normal SLES machine and Apache.
That way you can have an autoyast suitable for KVM based VMs and a different autoyast file suitable for the physical hosts with network bonding.
I strongly recommend setting up the bond inside of the autoyast file directly. I don’t however have any examples of how to do this.
You can then reinstall the worker nodes or the cluster and they’ll get more appropriate installation settings to deal with network bonding.

We also recently released some updates to CaaS Platform to remove the hardcoded eth0 references and instead use the default network interface inside all of the salt states/components. In your case this will be bond0 (but only if setup correctly or like that during install).
So please make sure that your existing cluster is up to date both admin and worker nodes but also more importantly make sure you’re enabling updates during install for when you reinstall the cluster (this can be set in the autoyast file and is enabled by default in the autoyast I think as long as a registration code was provided to the admin node during installation.
You’ll need all the <do_registration> and <reg_code> and <install_updates> filled in correctly and enabled.
Further information on updates to a cluster the process and how to recover from errors can be found at https://wiki.microfocus.com/index.php/SUSE_CaaS_Platform/Cluster_Update

We have a couple of customers that have achieved bonding network cards with CaaSP. I am adding in Liam to this thread as he was successful in achieving this and he may be able to share some examples or some insights into network bonding. Anything you’re able to share or input to the discussion is much appreciated Liam :)

If I’ve said anything that’s incorrect then someone from Engineering will be able to comment (it’s been a while since I’ve looked into the issue of network bonding).

Kind regards,

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My admin is installed in KVM, so he use eth0 for kubernetes.
I want to add a physical node (baremetal) to kubernetes cluster. But on it, I want to use a bond with two card 10Go.

But when I join host baremetal to cluster, deployement want to use eth0.

How I can fix interface change just for this host ? I think it’s on Saltstack deployement, but I don’t want who I can change it ?

Any idea ?



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