[caasp-beta] Strange behaviour docker CAASP v3 beta 1

Le Bihan Stéphane (AMUNDI-ITS) stephane.lebihan at amundi.com
Thu May 24 09:25:17 MDT 2018

Hi Valentin,

Sorry i made mistake on thread.... :s

Thanks for your response.

I join to mail.
One with mistake thread on mailing beta. Who I explain support config is stuck on Docker test.
One with thread with other user of CAASP plateform here.

I copy and modified supportconfig for don't make test "docker top" or docker log because supportconfig stuck on their command.
Here diff on two file :

dl360o-101:~ # diff supportconfig /sbin/supportconfig
<               #for i in $(docker ps -a 2>/dev/null | grep -v "COMMAND" | awk '{print $1}');
<               #do
<               #       log_cmd $OF "docker top $i"
<               #       log_cmd $OF "docker logs $i"
<               #       log_cmd $OF "docker inspect $i"
<               #done
>               for i in $(docker ps -a 2>/dev/null | grep -v "COMMAND" | awk '{print $1}');
>               do
>                       log_cmd $OF "docker top $i"
>                       log_cmd $OF "docker logs $i"
>                       log_cmd $OF "docker inspect $i"
>               done

Example of stuck :
dl360o-101:~ # docker ps -a | grep 843c6dd27ae7
843c6dd27ae7        sles12/pause:1.0.0                                           "/usr/share/suse-d..."   7 hours ago         Created                                         k8s_POD_influxtreon-1527151380-b879p_tick_7aafe27b-5f2e-11e8-8f7c-525400cfa2b7_1
dl360o-101:~ # /usr/bin/docker logs 843c6dd27ae7
(Nothing, I stop with ^C)
dl360o-101:~ # /usr/bin/docker inspect 843c6dd27ae7

I can't open bug on SCC for Beta program, just for SLES12 Entreprise Server and I don't  find how open issue in bugzilla.

How or where I can put supportconfig for you ?


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thanks a lot for reaching out to us.

On May/24/18 10:04, Le Bihan Stéphane (AMUNDI-ITS) wrote:
> Error response from daemon: rpc error: code = Unknown desc = 
> containerd: container not found
> I don't understand why container is not destroyed. Have you any idea ?

Similar issues usually happen when processes inside the containers are not properly shutdown (e.g., when the system runs out of memory or when a process has forcefully been killed for any other reason).  In addition to steps mentioned below, may I ask how much RAM the node you extracted the logs above from has?

This is hard to say without looking at the logs.  If possible, could you provide a supportconfig for us to have a first glimpse at your issue?
Feel free to open a bug or upload the logs somewhere reachable for us as described here [1].

Kind regards,

[1] https://www.suse.com/c/free_tools/supportconfig-linux/

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