[Containers] container monitoring

Aleksa Sarai asarai at suse.de
Tue Mar 8 15:47:33 MST 2016

On 09/03/16 09:43, Aleksa Sarai wrote:
>> As for multi-node, I'm not really sure if there's a dedicated tool. You
>> could try playing with something like logstash and elasticsearch to
>> "log" the usage statistics and do analytics on them. I've never use
>> logstash personally, so I can't really comment on how well that would
>> work for your usecase (which you haven't told us).
> Whoops, I missed the list Jordi posted:
> http://rancher.com/comparing-monitoring-options-for-docker-deployments/

And here's a pre-existing tool I found from a bit of Googling for doing 
this sort of monitoring with logstash, elasticsearch and kibana: 

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