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Tim Serong tserong at suse.com
Thu Dec 1 17:58:45 MST 2016

On 12/02/2016 02:44 AM, LOIC DEVULDER wrote:
> Hi guys,
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>> ...
>> It would make sense to figure out if instead of using "zypper" we could
>> use the functions built into Salt for installing packages. Not sure how
>> to replace the "hwinfo" calls, though. From what I could tell, it's
>> being used to list disks attached to the given node. Maybe "lsblk" could
>> be used here instead?
>> In general and if possible, we should only use functions that are
>> completely distribution-independent. In addition to Debian/Ubuntu, it'd
>> be excellent if DeepSea would also be supported on Red Hat distributions
>> like CentOS or Fedora...
>> Lenz
> Only one remark as a SUSE/SLES user: is it not "bad" to install packages behind zypper?Zzypper has lot of advantages compared to the "rpm" command.
> Or does Salt natively use zypper for package installation when it detects SUSE OS? If so, yes it could better to use theses functions.

Salt's pkg.installed natively uses zypper on SUSE Linux (and yum on Red
Hat, apt on Debian and derivatives, etc.).

IIRC there was a bug at some point in the past with the zypper module
inside salt itself, which is why we ended up with explicit zypper
invocations in DeepSea, as a short term workaround for that issue.  I
can't find a reference for that bug right now though.

Anyway, from the list of files Lenz posted earlier, non-SUSE distros can
probably ignore all the ones named default-zypper.sls.  For example,
srv/salt/ceph/packages/common/init.sls says:

    - .{{ salt['pillar.get']('packages_common', 'default') }}

This means it will use srv/salt/ceph/packages/default.sls (which in turn
uses the generic pkg.installed), unless explicitly overridden by pillar
data to use default-zypper.sls.

I think this means the only zypper invocations that should need "fixing"
are in these two files:



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