[Deepsea-users] stage 1: network discovery

Ricardo Dias rdias at suse.com
Mon Dec 12 08:12:50 MST 2016


I've been running DeepSea (DS) in a virtual environment and I'm wondering
what are the network requirements of DeepSea to successfully deploy a
Ceph cluster.

In my current environment, every node has a single network interface
configured with a netmask of

I've looked into how the discovery code in populate.py is identifying
the network "topology" of the cluster and I have a set of

- Does DS expects to exist two networks (cluster and public) in the
  cluster, or it can cope with the existence of only one network and
  use it has both the "cluster" and "public" networks?
  -- Just found out in the code that if only one network exists it is used
     as both the "cluster" and "public" networks

- DS is identifying a network by using the netmask of the network
  interface. In my case, the netmask is and DS is unable
  to configure MONs public address due to the way the IP addresses are
  verified to belong to the "chosen" public address.
  Maybe we should rethink the way we are currently discovering the
  existent networks of the cluster.

- Why is DS storing the "public_network" and "cluster_network" in
  "pillar/ceph/stack/default/ceph/cluster.yml"? What are their purposes?
  Do we really need them?

Ricardo Dias

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