[Deepsea-users] New storage profile proposals

Jan Fajerski jfajerski at suse.com
Fri Apr 28 09:42:02 MDT 2017

Hi *,
I have pushed the basic functionality of the new proposal process to this 
branch: https://github.com/SUSE/DeepSea/tree/propose-custom-ratios.
I would like to encourage everyone to play with it a bit and share their 

Most of the implementation is in the proposal runner and can be used without it 
interfering with the way things work currently. That being said, this new 
proposal process is not fit for productions usage just yet.

To get the new runner and module run the following on the master:
git clone https://github.com/SUSE/deepsea
cd deepsea
git checkout propose-custom-ratios
make install
salt '*' state.apply ceph.sync

Now you can run 'salt-run proposal.peek' and the runner will return a storage 
profile proposal. This proposal can be influenced by a number of parameters. I 
have tried to document everything, which can be called via 'salt-run 
proposal.help'. Bare in mind, that this is still very much under development, so 
the docs might be incomplete or just not bring the point across very well. Also 
I don't do a lot of parameter validation just yet.

After you have played around a bit with the peek method you can write out the 
proposal user 'salt-run proposal.populate'. This will write the storage profile 
files to /srv/pillar/ceph/proposal/profile-default/*.

The proposal.populate method can be run multiple times. It will not overwrite 
existing files but with the help of that 'target' parameter you can create 
proposals for groups of minions (or even single minions). The idea is that the 
proposal runner is run multiple times to create storage profiles for every kind 
of OSD the cluster will have. E.g. a cluster might have some machines with NVME 
drives and SSDs and some machines with only spinners. To keep the runner fairly 
simple such a setup would be attacked by to runs of the proposal runner, one for 
the nvme/ssd storage profiles and one for the standalone profiles.

I hope this all makes some kind of sense to anyone but me. I haven't yet had a 
chance to gain some distance to the code. I have discussed quite a few details 
with Eric so he might be someone who can help get people unstuck (sorry Eric;), 
since I will be out the coming week.


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