[Deepsea-users] [ses-users] Failed to reconfigure lrdb

Sen Lin sen.lin at suse.com
Wed Aug 23 19:46:28 MDT 2017

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Subject: Re: [Deepsea-users] [ses-users] Failed to reconfigure lrdb
Date: Wed, 23 Aug 2017 14:28:29 +0000

Hi Sen,

On Wednesday, August 23, 2017 01:49:24 PM Sen Lin wrote:


Environment: SES5 Milestone10
Failed to transfer iscsi gateway from sesnode04 to sesnode01.
My step:
1. Modify policy.cfg
2. salt-run state.orch ceph.stage.2
3. salt-run state.orch ceph.stage.4 but with error:
          ID: iscsi import


                          Name: . /etc/sysconfig/lrbd; lrbd -v $LRBD_OPTIONS
-f /tmp/lrbd.conf Result: False
                       Comment: Command ". /etc/sysconfig/lrbd; lrbd -v
$LRBD_OPTIONS -f /tmp/lrbd.conf" run Started: 21:26:44.948704
default.rgw.buckets.index ERROR: pool 'iscsi-images' does not exist stdout:

                  Summary for sesnode01.suse.com
                  Succeeded: 2 (changed=1)
                  Failed:    1

Did the iscsi-images pool get created?  Verify with

rados lspools

sen: No. In my mind, it should be created at stage.4, right? Why not create automatically?

... Then I check the file, it still target sesnode04, not sesnode01 sesadmin:/srv/salt/ceph/igw/cache # more lrbd.conf {"pools": [{"gateways": [{"tpg": [{"image": "demo", "lun": "0"}], "target": "iqn.2016-11.org.linux-iscsi.igw.x86:sn.demo"}], "pool": "iscsi-images"}], "portals": [{"name": " portal-sesnode04-1", "addresses": [""]}], "targets": [{"hosts": [{"host": "sesnode04", "portal": "portal-sesnode04-1"}], "target": "iqn.2016-11.org.linux-iscsi .igw.x86:sn.demo"}], "auth": [{"authentication": "none", "target": "iqn.2016-11.org.linux-iscsi.igw.x86:sn.demo"}]} My question: 1. Why the lrbd.conf still point to sesnode04? Why not clear it with stage.2 and stage.4? 2. Any special steps needed to clear the info saved before?
What does salt-run select.minions cluster=ceph roles=igw host=True return? This command is executed to fill in the template in .../ceph/igw/files/lrbd.conf.j2. If that returns sesnode01, then run salt 'admin.ceph' state.apply ceph.igw.config and verify that the .../ceph/igw/cache/lrbd.conf is correct. That is the first step in the orchestration (see /srv/salt/ceph/stage/iscsi/default.sls). If this is still wrong, then we need to investigate further.

sen: I have fixed this issue manually, but I suspect the mechanism is not working well. So I do another test. Can you help me to analyze?

I tried to move igw from sesnode01 to sesnode02.

(1)sesadmin:/srv/pillar/ceph/proposals # more policy.cfg






(2) run stage.2 successfully


sesadmin:/srv/pillar/ceph/proposals # salt-run select.minions cluster=ceph roles=igw host=True

- sesnode02


sesadmin:/srv/pillar/ceph/proposals # salt 'admin.ceph' state.apply ceph.igw.config

No minions matched the target. No command was sent, no jid was assigned.

ERROR: No return received

sesadmin:/srv/pillar/ceph/proposals # salt 'sesnode02.suse.com' state.apply ceph.igw.config


  Name: igw configured by gui - Function: test.nop - Result: Clean Started: - 09:34:58.706790 Duration: 0.578 ms

Summary for sesnode02.suse.com


Succeeded: 1

Failed:    0


Total states run:     1

Total run time:   0.578 ms

(5) But in this file lrbd.conf, it still point to sesnode01

sesadmin:/srv/salt/ceph/igw/cache # more lrbd.conf

{"pools": [{"gateways": [{"tpg": [{"image": "demo", "lun": "0"}], "target": "iqn.2016-11.org.linux-iscsi.igw.x86:sn.demo"}], "pool": "iscsi-images"}], "portals": [{"name": "

portal-sesnode01.suse.com-1", "addresses": [""]}], "targets": [{"hosts": [{"host": "sesnode01.suse.com", "portal": "portal-sesnode01.suse.com-1"}], "target": "

iqn.2016-11.org.linux-iscsi.igw.x86:sn.demo"}], "auth": [{"authentication": "none", "target": "iqn.2016-11.org.linux-iscsi.igw.x86:sn.demo"}]}



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