[Deepsea-users] DeepSea integration testing

Joshua Schmid jschmid at suse.de
Thu Jun 22 02:31:26 MDT 2017

On Thu, 22 Jun 2017 09:37:14 +0200
Nathan Cutler <ncutler at suse.cz> wrote:

Thanks Nathan, that's awesome news.

Is it sufficient to put more tests under qa/suites/basic/ to extend the
coverage in teuthology?

> Last night I ran the "full" DeepSea integration suite (just six jobs
> for now, covering basic deployment of Ceph, CephFS, RGW, and
> NFS-Ganesha) for the first time using the code in DeepSea's master
> branch. The result: all green!
> If you're interested in how the tests work, click on the LOG icon
> (next to each test). If you don't have time to study the entire log,
> you can skip the setup bits and just read from "Running DeepSea Stage
> 0" until "Unwinding manager deepsea" (a small subset of the whole log
> file).
> Perhaps you'd like to see a failed test and learn how to debug it?
> It's easy! ;-) First, find a run that had a failed test - here's one: 
> Then open the log of the failed test and search for "Traceback". The 
> first python traceback indicates where the test failed. The root
> cause might be higher up, of course.
> Also, don't forget that you can run any of these tests outside of 
> teuthology, though that implies you'll have to set up the Salt
> cluster yourself. See
> https://github.com/SUSE/DeepSea/blob/master/qa/README
> Nathan
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