[Deepsea-users] Add management of disks/devices that already have partitions

Nathan Cutler ncutler at suse.cz
Fri Jun 30 01:20:08 MDT 2017

> as far as I have understood deepsea - it ignores all disks / devices 
> that already have partitions.
> This causes an additional effort to clean these disks manually before 
> they can show up in profiles.
> Would it be possible to enhance deepsea „not“ to ignore these disks?
> IMO it would be great to discover them and add them to the proposals - 
> maybe in a separate section of the files like „already partitioned“.
> Then in a further step these disks could be specified / moved in the 
> profiles by an administrator what then would allow to clear / use them 
> with deepsea during deployment stage in case they are specified to be an 
> OSD filesystem/journal/wal/db... (deepsea could clean the disks before 
> putting OSD data on them).
> IMP such a feature would allow a more complete disk management with 
> deepsea...
> Thoughts?

Fine until somebody uses this feature to wipe their data for which they 
have no backup. Automating disk-zapping/filesystem-wiping is a tricky 


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