[Deepsea-users] OBS project

Nathan Cutler ncutler at suse.cz
Fri Nov 24 01:46:12 MST 2017

>> Since Factory/Tumbleweed is supposed to be more-or-less on the cutting 
>> edge, I would like to migrate filesystems:ceph/ceph to the new Mimic 
>> build ASAP. Will this have any adverse effect on the DeepSea build in 
>> filesystems:ceph/deepsea?
> For the build: no I don't think so. Though I guess installation from 
> that one project won't work anymore?

Right. This change will cause problems for anyone who might be relying 
on filesystems:ceph containing RPMs built from the "stable" branch of 
deepsea (I think it's called "SES5") together with corresponding ceph 
RPMs. After I make this change, the ceph build in filesystems:ceph will 
be intended to work with deepsea RPMs built from the master branch.

> Wasn't the approach so far that filesystems:ceph mirrored the current 
> latest version (now to be filesystems:ceph:mimic)? Is this going to 
> change now?

That has always been the approach, since filesystems:ceph is the devel 
project for Factory/Tumbleweed.


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