[Deepsea-users] timeout disengage.safety

Robert Grosschopff Robert.Grosschopff at suse.com
Tue Aug 7 08:53:15 MDT 2018

Hi *,

I'd like to purge an existing cluster. Using 'salt-run disengage.safety; salt-run state.orch ceph.purge'

Unfortunately, it takes salt-run almost 30 seconds to come back. By the time the purge runs safety is already engaged again. Where can I increase the time so I can get rid of the cluster without reinstalling it from scratch. Where can I see why it takes so long ? On some systems with deepsea version 0.8.4+git.0.a58d1c5d4 I do not get any dmidecode not found messages on others (0.8.2+git.0.6b39c2648) I keep getting that (useless) error message. Can I just download a current deepsea version from git and do a "make install" or will it screw up the system ?


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