[Deepsea-users] Which SuSE version is best for deapsea "exploring"

Rainer Krienke krienke at uni-koblenz.de
Fri Nov 9 01:08:19 MST 2018


I recently read an article about deapsea and was curious about this
system for setting up a ceph cluster.

In the article they used openSuSE42.3 for testing and so did I., I set
up four citrix VMs running 42.3 and added the deapsea repos:


The salt-master has version: salt-master-2018.3.0-20.1.x86_64

When running  salt-run state.orch ceph.stage.0
I saw error in a state that checks the current kernel version in


 which ended up in a call of "rpm -1" which returns an invalid option
error.  I was able to fix this simply by removing the shell command that
should determine the current kernel version. Strange is that basically
the command does what it is supposed to do but beeing part of the Jinja
code in ceph/updates/restart/default.sls:

{% set kernel = grains['kernelrelease'] | replace('-default', '')  %}
{% set installed = salt['cmd.run']('rpm -q --last kernel-default | head
-1 | cut -f1 -d\  ') | replace('kernel-default-', '') %}

it fails with the rpm -1 error message.

The next problems occured in state 2. Here I see many errors. The first
one right at the beginning is the following:

          ID: setup monitoring
    Function: salt.state
      Result: False
     Comment: Run failed on minions: susecsalt.uni-koblenz.de
     Started: 08:37:36.121449
    Duration: 16573.77 ms
                  Data failed to compile:
                  The require statement in state
'/etc/prometheus/ses_nodes' in SLS
'ceph.monitoring.prometheus.update_service_discovery' needs to be formed
as a list

My question is now if perhaps 42.3 with the chosen deapsea repos is a
suboptimal choice from my side and if another combination should work
more smoothly?

Thanks a lot
Rainer Krienke, Uni Koblenz, Rechenzentrum, A22, Universitaetsstrasse 1
56070 Koblenz, Tel: +49261287 1312 Fax +49261287 100 1312
Web: http://userpages.uni-koblenz.de/~krienke
PGP: http://userpages.uni-koblenz.de/~krienke/mypgp.html

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