[sle-beta] Important update of the Linux Kernel for SLE 12 SP3!

vetter at physik.uni-wuerzburg.de vetter at physik.uni-wuerzburg.de
Sat Jul 8 03:49:31 MDT 2017

The update-test repo is here:

Mit freundlichen Grüßen, Andreas Vetter

   Marcus Meissner --- Re: [sle-beta] Important update of the Linux Kernel for SLE 12 SP3! --- 
    Von:"Marcus Meissner" <meissner at suse.de>An:"Waite, Dick (External)" <Dick.Waite at softwareag.com>Kopie:vetter at physik.uni-wuerzburg.de, sle-beta at lists.suse.comDatum:Sa. 08.07.2017 11:18Betreff:Re: [sle-beta] Important update of the Linux Kernel for SLE 12 SP3!
    Hi,FWIW, I just released the Leap 42.2 kernel update. It is 4.4.74 though, but of course futureupdates will bring 4.4.75 or newer versions.Ciao, MarcusOn Sat, Jul 08, 2017 at 08:35:09AM +0000, Waite, Dick (External) wrote:> Grand Morning Andreas,> > Many thanks for the update. I use "zypper lu or lp" on 42-2 and as of this time it's says there are no updates. So could you show me the command I should use to show/install this kernel in update-test please.> > Wishing you a grand weekend.> > __R> ________________________________> From: vetter at physik.uni-wuerzburg.de [vetter at physik.uni-wuerzburg.de]> Sent: 08 July 2017 09:56> To: Waite, Dick (External)> Cc: sle-beta at lists.suse.com> Subject: Re: [sle-beta] Important update of the Linux Kernel for SLE 12 SP3!> > There is a newer kernel in update-test for 42.2.> > And there was an announcement on the opensuse-security list. Sorry can't find it at the moment.> > Mit freundlichen Grüßen, Andreas Vetter> > Waite, Dick (External) --- Re: [sle-beta] Important update of the Linux Kernel for SLE 12 SP3! ---> > Von:    "Waite, Dick (External)" <Dick.Waite at softwareag.com>> An:     sle-beta at lists.suse.com> Datum:  Sa. 08.07.2017 09:12> Betreff:        Re: [sle-beta] Important update of the Linux Kernel for SLE 12 SP3!> ________________________________> > Grand Sunny Saturday,> > While going through my Beta machines applying this security update I had some time to update some of the LEAP42 machines used by staff who like to use KDE...> > The old kernel of SLES12 SP-3 RC-2 is 4.4.73 and the security patch updates it to 4.4.75. The kernel on LEAP42 is 4.4.73 but there is no security patch available to keep these machines safe, well not at I can see.> > My Beta machines are all on internal networks, so a security hack is not very likely, but the patch is being applied. The LEAP42 machines are on both internal and external networks, so this security patch would apply more to these than my pottering along Beta test machines.> > Just seem a little odd that a Beta test version is getting an update before the public version which I would have thought much more venerable. I thought the idea was Weed would tumble along out at point and find the new way. LEAP42 would filter out the good stuff and this would pass into the Beta's of the main applications of SUSE . Now we have a security patch update, which seems could not wait for the next update, but this is not available to the public version yet.> > Not sure of other beta testers machine but I would have thought most would be either internal networks or behind well protected firewalls, seems the cart has got in front of the horse...> > Thoughts and comments anyone ?> > __R> > Software AG – Sitz/Registered office: Uhlandstraße 12, 64297 Darmstadt, Germany – Registergericht/Commercial register: Darmstadt HRB 1562 - Vorstand/Management Board: Karl-Heinz Streibich (Vorsitzender/Chairman), Eric Duffaut, Dr. Wolfram Jost, Arnd Zinnhardt, Dr. Stefan Sigg; - Aufsichtsratsvorsitzender/Chairman of the Supervisory Board: Dr. Andreas Bereczky - http://www.softwareag.com> > _______________________________________________> sle-beta mailing list> sle-beta at lists.suse.com> http://lists.suse.com/mailman/listinfo/sle-beta-- Marcus Meissner,SUSE LINUX GmbH; Maxfeldstrasse 5; D-90409 Nuernberg; Zi. 3.1-33,+49-911-740 53-432,,serv=loki,mail=wotan,type=real <meissner at suse.de>
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