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Howard Guo hguo at suse.com
Mon Jul 24 01:53:05 MDT 2017

Hello Thomas & Peter.

You are correct in saying that the entry point to SSSD configuration has moved to "User logon management". If you launch autoyast's GUI configuration program (called "autoinstallation"), you will find a graphical tool behind "user logon management" that grants you full customisability.

After you have configured SSSD according to your needs, run "File -> Save" and the final autoyast XML file will be ready.

Notice that SSSD configuration is written in JSON rather than XML elements in the result XML file, this is the new format since SP2.

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On Sun, 23 Jul 2017, Peter Varkoly wrote:

> Please have a look at it!!!!
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Date: Sun, 23 Jul 2017 12:57:04 +0200
From: Thomas Eggers <Thomas.Eggers at araneaCONSULT.de>
To: sle-beta at lists.suse.com
Subject: [sle-beta] sssd configuration via autoast

     [ Part 2.1.2: "HTML" ]


nothing has changed since SLES 12 SP3 Beta 1.
It is still not possible to configure the user authentication service sssd via autoyast.



since SLES 12 SP2 I'm not be able to configure the sssd service over autoyast.

In SLES 12 SP1 it was a separate point in yast and with SLES 12 SP2 it moves to user and
I think that broke autoyast.

Only with I get is:

<?xml version="1.0"?>
<!DOCTYPE profile>
<profile xmlns="http://www.suse.com/1.0/yast2ns" xmlns:config="http://www.suse.com/1.0/configns">
<image_installation config:type="boolean">false</image_installation>
<groups config:type="list"/>
<install_recommended config:type="boolean">true</install_recommended>
<packages config:type="list">
<no_groups config:type="boolean">true</no_groups>
<users config:type="list"/>

All the options about ldap server and other settings are gone,


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