[sle-beta] SLES12 SP-3 RC1 Enlarge Swap for Suspend inactive

Hampshire, Larry hampshl at westinghouse.com
Fri Jun 23 06:02:48 MDT 2017

Hi Kenneth,

It is something that would be/is used on a high percentage of the systems that we set up (especially for our utility customers).

- From experience, some are maxed memory non-batch systems running in-house single-threaded jobs that grab all physical memory. Any additional programs that run have, at times, caused major swapping, easily overrunning the default swap size.

- Others targets would be systems that monitor nuclear cores where swap issues could delay core calculations that could result in a plant trip with resulting costs of $millions per day. In the past, to ensure smooth operation, the software developers here have requested 1+ memory swap sizes. We have no long term testing on the default smaller swap proposal to ensure that there would be no issues there, so everything would have to be configured manually. For us, it was very convenient to have that option there.

The negative aspect would be increased Human Performance Error likelihood, very important in our world.

Thanks for listening/Larry

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> I've noticed during a fresh install in the Suggested Partitioning
> stage > Edit Proposal Settings that I could no longer opt for the
> Enlarge Swap for Suspend. Poking around quickly, I could actually find
> no option that would enable that.
> Was this intentional?

It was intentional although I cannot remember the specific technical reasoning that led to the decision.

Naturally, you can still enlarge the swap in the partitioner manually.

Was this something you used often and if so, what was your purpose/need? Other than adding steps to the process is there a negative aspect to removing this option?

I'd appreciate any feedback you can offer!


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