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Grand Saturday Frederic,

Just the job... I now have eight VMware virtual machine saying they are running SP-3 Beta3 ;o) not sure if that is the "real" Beta3 (May 18th) but the zypper DUP runs look grand. I used this on both SP-3 Beta1 and Beta2 level machines. Now sure I would do it on physical machine, but then I don't have many of those around now.
1) take a "checkpoint"
2)  zypper refresh
3) zypper dup plus some options sometimes
4) cat /etc/issue

If issues:
back to the checkpoint
1) SUSEConnect --cleanup
2) SUSEConnect -r nnnnnnnnnnn
3) yast2
4) register what's needed
5) SUSEConnect --status-text
6) shutdown -h now
7) take new checkpoint
8) zypper refresh
9) zypper DUP .....
10) cat /etc/issue

The virtual machines that got switched between physical machines often need a --cleanup

So now I think I can spend more time checking Adabas on the Beta's than getting the Beta's ready to run.

With "migration" looking good for SPn to SPn+1 and DUP for the Beta/RC/GM's life is looking good... As I said I'm getting Beta3 output after the DUP from /etc/issue ???

I'll run a few more tomorrow, while listening to what looks to be a grand F1 race...

Tuesday in SAG I'll try this on a s390x. It's a "virtual machine" running a z/VM, just taking the "checkpoint" needs a little VM/CMS knowledge. The "Migration" on s390 from SP-2 to SP-3 ran well on four s390x, the only issues was a self inflected one so I think the DUP has a very good chance of running. After all, Linux is Linux is Linux no mater what the hardware might be....

Just the thought, the DUP is a "migration". Maybe one could have an option to say this is not SP to SP+n but a Beta to Beta/RC/GMC/GM

Many Thanks.


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Many Thanks for the update Frederic. I will try your suggestion, being able to avoid the download of the *.iso update would be very welcome.


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Le jeudi 11 mai 2017 à 14:51 +0000, Waite, Dick (External) a écrit :
> So it seems to run the command Okay but does not “migrate from Beta1
> to beta2” Should I have given it more commands or options to commands
> ????

zypper migration is only to be used to migrate from a service pack to

Update between beta is not in scope of zypper migration. Migration
between beta/RC/GMC milestones is not supported but if you want to try,
you should run "zypper dup".

Frederic Crozat
Enterprise Desktop Release Manager

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