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Vincent Moutoussamy vmoutoussamy at suse.com
Fri May 19 04:18:31 MDT 2017

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> As a DUP update from beta-n to beta-n+1 is not an official update, SUSE only support a new install from beta-n to Beta-n+1, which from my point of view seems odd. If I have the configuration I want for this virtual machine it seem logical to me that I should be able to "update"... Maybe a few words on why a beta-n to beta-n+1 is an issue, maybe others would like to know too ?

Why don’t we support updating/upgrading from SLE beta-n to beta-n+x ?
Because we need the flexibility of doing important/disruptive changes to 
packages, like upgrading/downgrading to different version without taking care of
supporting it.

So for instance, we can move forward with SLE Beta-n+4 without even think about
upgrading SLE Beta-n to SLE Beta-n+4 and take care of all the changes between 
these versions. At the end of the day we only care about migrating from 
the previous SLE to SLE Beta-n+4.

Changes between SLE Beta might not be like regular updates we make in official 
SLE SP released. Since our customers might not face this kind of changes with 
official SLE SP in production it seems useless to take extra care on supporting
this for our Beta Phase. And this allow us to focus on more important aspects
for the final version of the SLE SP we are preparing during the beta program.

Don’t forget that support also means to dedicated QA resources (humans and 
machines) for various scenarios. 

I didn't go into much details but I hope you understand our points.

> Anyway as you say, I can always run a supported zypper migration from SP-2 GA to each Beta and RC and GMC
> Many thanks to the team, SP-3 has gone very well to-date, lets keep the fingers crossed.

Great to hear, thanks!

Have a nice day,
Vincent Moutoussamy
SUSE Beta Program and SDK Project Manager
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