[sle-beta] Again no KDE?

Comet Friend comet.friend at gmx.net
Sat Nov 4 19:03:32 MDT 2017

Hi everyone,

I know this has been discussed for SLE 12 in the past: Why is there no
KDE included with SLE? Are there *any* technical or other facts based

Forgive me the following rant --- I am big fan of KDE, and I'd *love* to
see Plasma 5 running on Wayland in SLE by default.

In the old thread the unproven claim was made that Gnome was "the
industry standard" for desktop environments. Well, with 90% market share
of Microsoft Windows, why don't you support that, then? The claim was
obviously nonsense, and provoked some harsh replies.
Dropping KDE was a bad mistake, IMHO. It has been the "native" desktop
(with all the freedom of choice to use something else) of SUSE in the
past and is beautifully running on openSUSE.

The second argument for dropping KDE with SLE 12 was the reduced effort
for support and maintenance.

Well, this is again, half of an argument, and half untrue, because:

(1) SUSE is one of the largest sponsors of the KDE project and actively
contributing to this DE (and your developers are doing a great job,
there!) So you continue to maintain KDE. Which is good!

(2) Regarding the maintenance of the distribution (here: SLE), I wonder,
why you are investing such an awful lot of work in Gnome to make it a
SUSE desktop. You could easily drop this unnecessary effort and
distribute upstream Gnome, instead. If Gnome really is "the industry
standard", this would be the logical thing to do.

So, while it is ok, that you want to focus on supporting only one
desktop in corporate environments, the question is still un-answered:

Why Gnome, and not KDE, when even the main competitor is supporting it?


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