[sle-beta] problems with console video?

Don Buchholz donald.buchholz at intel.com
Tue Nov 7 10:55:32 MST 2017

My early installs have been to a VM (running on a KVM
virtualization host) and no problems in that configuration.

However, when I try and install onto an actual Dell R-730,
I get no video.  It doesn't matter if I try and use a text or
graphical console.

    # systemctl set-default [multi-user|graphical].target

I have even tried to force the video mode to 1024x768 by
adding the kernel param "vga=0x0305" in the grub.cfg file.
(It fixed another system using a different Linux distro ...
figured it was worth a try here.)

I am using an older Raritan Dominion-II KVM system and
the dongles which attach to the host do not have valid
EDID data.

As the system begins to boot, I can see Grub, and see
initial messages from the kernel.  I see the video resize
to 1024x768, and then messages up to somewhere
near the "Console: switching to colour dummy device

Has anyone else had similar problems?

- Don Buchholz

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