[sle-beta] problems with console video?

Don Buchholz donald.buchholz at intel.com
Tue Nov 7 13:33:25 MST 2017

On 11/07/2017 11:28 AM, Register, ScottX wrote:
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>> My early installs have been to a VM (running on a KVM virtualization host)
>> and no problems in that configuration.
>> Has anyone else had similar problems?
>> - Don Buchholz
> We had the same issue with r730s w/ Raritan kvm dongles.
> Solution was to edit the kernel boot parameters via grub and add "nomodeset".
> Scott

Thanks, Scott!

Yup.  That fixed it.  It wasn't just the Raritan dongles
with issues.  I plugged a monitor directly into the back
and still had the problem.

Found "nomodeset" worked with the direct-attach
monitor and wanted to verify it also fixed the problem
with the Raritan hardware, too, before posting back
to this list.  (It does, both text and X11 consoles are
now working with Raritan system.)

I suppose I should file a bug so one of SUSE's
engineers can give this some attention ...

- Don

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