[sle-beta] Beta 3, no Gnome

Joe Doupnik jrd at netlab1.net
Wed Nov 29 09:54:42 MST 2017

On 29/11/2017 16:15, Frederic Crozat wrote:
> Le mercredi 29 novembre 2017 à 14:51 +0000, Joe Doupnik a écrit :
>>       I seem to be caught in a snare on beta 3 Server. The problem is
>> obtaining Gnome.
>>       Last week I discussed SSL version problems in beta 3 and the
>> test
>> machine has Gnome running fine. This week I am diagnosing the SSL
>> aspect
>> and building now shows no graphical login choice. That is, during
>> installation a Systems Role screen appears. It now shows Text Mode,
>> Minimal, KVM, ZEN, but nothing else. There is no Gnome in the YaST
>> software menu either, the Graphical Environments section shows only
>> Fonts and X Window System .
> You didn't add the "Desktop Application" module when registering to SCC
> (or when using the Packages iso).
     Correct, I did not because I am installing a server, not the 
desktop product line.
     With your suggestion, I have just done a new installation, ticking 
the desktop applications box for this server, and finally the Gnome 
option appears in System Role. Opaque.
     A couple of obvious comments here.
     First, GUIs are rather common on servers. Hiding them at the very 
outset under a seemingly unrelated label (desktop) is not helpful.
     Second, restricting software choices to just someone's bright ideas 
about Roles is not satisfactory. I don't know those details or may not 
agree with them. A full selection needs to be shown where possible, not 
hampered by a "helpful" canned approach. Make such Roles selection be 
optional, helpful, not mandatory, returning to its original goal of 
being an offered convenience where such pre-selection does not produce 
restriction or invisibility. Yes, this is mixed with the over-division 
of software which is occurring presently, so some rethinking about 
actual benefits to end users of those silos could be useful.
     I know that my machines will disagree with me when I say that I 
control them rather than vice versa, though I do try, and I rather wish 
to not add a remote third party's opaque restrictions to the choosing 
     Joe D.

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