[sle-beta] Transactional Updates in Leap 15

Matthias G. Eckermann mge at suse.com
Thu Apr 5 12:33:17 MDT 2018

Hello Joe,

On 2018-04-05 T 18:24 +0100 Joe Doupnik wrote:
>  Reviewing today's discussion, it seems to me that a useful step
>  forward is documentation of merit and advice, listing each patch
>  technique together with its benefits and caveats. That would allow
>  each method to exhibit its good points, and inform sysadmins about
>  aspects which to be cautious. No method is pushed forward as such,
>  and certainly none is perfectly safe and sound. Taken as a whole the
>  patch matter would be given a good professional description. In
>  addition, supplementary docs would be valuable as they could go into
>  detail about each method so that matters are well understood. In
>  short, good solid engineering information.

you have an excellent point here, and actually, just recently I had the
opportunity to work with well known journalist Swapnil Bhartiya on the
topic of different update mechanisms and the future of Linux OSes. His
article just went online yesterday, and I think, he has created a very
nice summary of the challenges and opportunities of the different ways
of working with a Linux OS from an update perspective (traditional,
image based, transactional).

"Containerization, Atomic Distributions, and the Future of Linux"

Let me add one paragraph, which did not make it into the published
article, which I hope is useful for our discussion here:

--------------------------------< snip >----------------------------
There will be a convergence of traditional distributions, traditional
operating systems and image-based models. I see the transactional update
model that SUSE uses as a way for these two directions to find a common
ground. Updating a traditional OS and the transactional way is not only
in line with a traditional way, but it also supports the main goals of a
traditional deployment method. These goals are [...] reliability,
uninterrupted operating and long-term maintenance.
--------------------------------< snap >----------------------------

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