[sle-beta] Adding extensions and modules after install

Jiri Srain jsrain at suse.cz
Mon Apr 30 01:21:05 MDT 2018


On 27.4.2018 20:54, Glen Christensen wrote:
> While it is possible to visit Yast2 > Software Management and install
> additional packages, I am looking to add based on Module name that is
> available, but not yet installed.
> During install the modules we select are installed, however, after the
> install when we launch YaST2 > Software >Add On Products we can see the
> list of modules we added during the installation. 
> At this point we want to add another module that we missed during the
> install.  So at this point I click Add > and I have to re-add the NFS
> server which I don't understand since we added it during install, but I
> add the NFS server and the exported directory and click OK and then I
> see a list of Available Extensions and Modules, however, at this point
> none of the modules display as having been installed. I would expect to
> see the modules that I already have installed with a check in their
> corresponding check box, but all the module check boxes are unchecked. 
> Is this intentional?

Well, you decided to add the modules (during installation as well as
later) manually - as far as I understand - and not from the list coming
from SCC. Which is a valid approach, but has some limits.

The Packages DVD is only a list of repositories. When you see the list
of repos, YaST does not know what is in each of them until you select
them (scanning would take some time) and therefore it does not know
which of them contain already installed modules.

Until you select the repo from the media, it is just a generic repo
which YaST knows nothing about. Even if it is the same module, it could
be a newer snapshot (if we release it).

The handling of custom repositories is generic to cover all cases.

> Is there a reason we have to re-add the NFS repo?

Adding the repo which is already added does not make any sense. As long
as the contents is the same, there is no reason to do so.

> Is there a reson the above module list does not have any modules checked?

Yes, see above.

If you select the modules provided by SCC (or RMT) and ghen select more
via the registration module, you should see your installed modules
checked in the list.

However, in your screenshot, you only have a list of unknown repos.

Hope that this explains the situation,


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