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Jiri Srain jsrain at suse.cz
Mon Apr 30 06:03:41 MDT 2018

Hello Glen,

On 27.4.2018 20:55, Glen Christensen wrote:
> When we launch to YaST2 > Software > Add System Extensions or Modules >
> Skip Registration > OK > Next the YaST2, Select Extensions dialog closes.
> 1. Is that W.A.D. since there are no reg servers for a beta product?
> 2. Is there a reason it doesn't pull up a list of available modules
> based on the repository that is already in place for the Package 1 ISO?

I'm not sure I understand your question, anyway, let me try:

On the Packages DVD, there is one repository per module. The system
knows what is inside the repository when you add it first. That means,
there is no knowledge about modules available on the Packages media
except the enabled repos.

I would generally not mix repos coming from the packages media and from
SCC; if you want to avoid multiple downloads, I suggest to use a local
proxy like RMT to only mirror each repository from SCC once.

There are two reasons not to mix them:

- when registering, SCC will also provide repositories with updates;
having one module with updates and another one without can lead to
dependency conflicts when there are updates released requiring update
for packages in other modules

- you will make your life harder when migrating system to SP1; with SCC,
all repo adjustments can be done automatically, with Packages DVD you
are on your own; mixing these approaches are a good way to miss some
repo adjustments

You can build your custom Packages DVD (just add your own repos, remove
existing, and update the index in the media.1 directory). Then the list
of available repositories has nothing to do with the list which SCC
provides. SCC only provides repos which it serves itself, but cannot
provide repos from your (possibly custom?) DVD.

Hope that this makes it a bit more clear for you,


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