[sle-beta] When Migrating from SLES12 to SLES15 ....

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I was thinking of the amends one can do if the system is not mounted, which are quite helpful. Agreed one does not want to be running backup-reload in a migration, but while the LVM's are not mounted there are a number of operations one can do which might be handy in the SLES15 configuration. Agreed one can use a "rescue" environment and do much the same, but while you have a working environment running the migration, why not take advantage....

"So a fresh installation is really much faster." This may be true for the OS but it might take a few weeks to install and configure all the applications needed to make this a working system.  I was thinking you could add some disks and add them into the LVM and configure them. In a new install there are grand tools accessible during the install, which I would image are also available in a migration. Again you could do this in a service slot, but if it's there in the migration it's a nice bonus point... One up on the Red team.

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On Tue, Mar 06, Waite, Dick (External) wrote:

> It would be a grand time to be able to amend the file system layout... Maybe
> amend a LVM layout, one can do this at New Install time, could this also be
> offered at Migration time, or a subset ????

Changing the filesystem layout or the underlaying technology (LVM,
softraid, ...) is not possible during migration, you would need to
create a full backup and restore. And even then this will most likely
not work, since a lot of tools configure itself during installation
depending on the setup, you need to find all of them and reconfigure
So a fresh installation is really much faster.


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