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Wed Mar 7 09:05:10 MST 2018

We are proud to announce the availability of our SUSE Beta Documentations!

Being an "open open source company" means that we want to do more than just offering
open source products but also to open our development processes. And this will allow
our users and partners to be involved earlier and deeper than before. 

Thus our SUSE Documentation team did an amazing job on producing and sharing their
draft documentations at https://susedoc.github.io/.

# Important Notice:
"This page contains links to draft builds from the SUSE documentation source
code repositories. These builds are triggered automatically with each commit.
They are work in progress and may contain a mixture of up-to-date and outdated
documentation. Use the documents here at your own risk.

For official documentation refer to https://www.suse.com/documentation (SUSE)
and https://doc.opensuse.org (openSUSE)."

# SLE 15 Product
The SLE 15 Documentations can be found in the "develop" column on
https://susedoc.github.io/ for each SLE Products.

Please be aware that some sections might still be using the latest official
documentation from SLE 12 SP3!

## SLE 15 Upgrade Guide:
We now have a dedicated "Upgrade Guide" for SLES[1] and SLED[2]!

## Report a documentation bug
You will find a "REPORT BUG" link next to each section of our SLE documentation. 
This allow you to create documentation bugs throught our "Public Beta SUSE Linux
Enterprise Bugzilla products"[3].

# Other SUSE Products
At the moment we are focusing more on the SLE documentation, but still other 
SUSE Products documentations are available. 
You won't be able to freely open bug report for the non-SLE products for now!
If you want to report issues or be involved in any other SUSE Products beta
program, please contact us at beta-programs at lists.suse.com. 


[1] https://susedoc.github.io/doc-sle/develop/SLES-upgrade/single-html/
[2] https://susedoc.github.io/doc-sle/develop/SLED-upgrade/single-html/
[3] https://www.suse.com/betaprogram/sle-beta/#bugzilla

Your SUSE Linux Enterprise Team
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