[sle-beta] Installing RC1 on VM with beta4 partitions: missing bios_boot partition

Johannes Kastl kastl at b1-systems.de
Mon Mar 12 13:26:02 MDT 2018

Hi all,

I installed RC1 over the beta4 installed in my Test-VM, just keeping the
partitions created during installation of Beta4. Formatting / and swap,
and just keeping /home brings up an error that the bios_boot partition
is missing.

Indeed I have a small 1MB partition in between, no idea if this is
really used. But I have no bios_boot partition.

I forced the installer to continue, and everything seems to work.
Machine boots.

I'll try to set the machine back to an earlier snapshot and redo the

Known issue? Worth a bug report?

Kind Regards,

Trying to resize the partitions I triggered an error in Yast, asking me
to start the ruby debugger. I need to look into that and try to
reproduce it.

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