[caasp-beta] no login or HTTP/S to KVM CaaSP image

Carla Schroder cschroder at suse.com
Tue Sep 19 11:05:36 MDT 2017

Hello CaaSP peoples! 

I downloaded SUSE-CaaS-Platform-1.0-KVM-and-Xen.x86_64-1.0.0-GM.qcow2
and opened it in KVM. It boots to a login prompt. I cannot log in, as
there is no default login documented anywhere that I can find. The
deployment guide, written by my awesome doc team colleague Christoph
Wickert, says to connect via https://caasp-admin.hostname-or-ip. That
also fails. There are no open HTTP/s ports, and nmap report that the
only access is via SSH, port 22. Where, again, I lack a login.

I've reviewed the manuals, blogs, and list archives, and remain
unenlightened. We're working on CaaSP docs and the shiny new CAP
project, Cloud Application Platform, which runs on CaaSP. So any help
is appreciated, and will be documented for users.


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