[Deepsea-users] Running stage 0 fails with some errors ("rpm: -1: unknown option")

Nathan Cutler ncutler at suse.cz
Fri Dec 1 09:22:45 MST 2017

> I will continue testing this and report back. I need to figure out if
> it's possible to "pin" Salt to this version, to avoid that zypper
> updates it to the newer version shipped with Leap by accident...

Hi Lenz:

There are two ways, and you can use one, the other, or both.

First way: increase the priority of the repo containing the "right" Salt 
version. The default priority is 99, and the lower the number, the 
higher the priority. Use the "-p" option to "zypper lr" to see the 
priorities of all your repos:

# zypper lr -p

For example, if the right version is coming from repo "foo", increase 
the priority of that repo to a number less than that, e.g.:

# zypper mr -p 98 foo
# zypper lr -p | grep foo

The second way is package locks. Read the "Package Lock Management" of 
the zypper manpage for details, but tl;dr would be (after installing the 
"correct" version of salt that you wish to lock):

# zypper al 'salt*'


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