[Deepsea-users] Adding OSDs using Salt

Robert Grosschopff Robert.Grosschopff at suse.com
Thu Mar 16 06:55:49 MDT 2017


I added OSDs using Salt the following way:

- Add disks to system
- Run stage.1
- Modify policy.cfg 
o add profile-NEWDISK/cluster/OSD*.sls 
o add profile-NEWDISK/stack/default/ceph/minions/OSD*.yml
o REMOVE old profile-OLDDISK/cluster/OSD*.sls
o REMOVE old profile-OLDDISK/stack/default/ceph/minions /OSD*.yml
- Run stage.2
- Run stage.3

If the old profiles are not removed  'salt \* pillar.items' will have add the old OSD profiles again.

Is this the way it is supposed to be done ?


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