[Deepsea-users] detection of public & cluster networks

David Byte dbyte at suse.com
Mon Mar 20 07:47:50 MDT 2017

Just curious if there is a default gateway defined on any of the networks?

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Subject: [Deepsea-users] detection of public & cluster networks

Hi *,

it seems that deepSea does not detect the networks as required and we have to adjust them in /srv/pillar/ceph/proposals/config/stack/default/ceph/cluster.yml.

However - once adjusted them, there I can see that also the public network interfaces in /srv/pillar/ceph/proposals/role-mon/stack/default/ceph/minions are wrong (it seems it just selects the alphabetical first IP).

So do I get it right that after stage.2 all the IPs for the minions yml and the /srv/pillar/ceph/proposals/config/stack/default/ceph/cluster.yml need to be adjusted manually or are there further changes required before executing stage.3?

Some more background: each node has three networks: = public, = cluster and = management. - deepSea automatically selects as public where it should use as public.

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