[Deepsea-users] Basic node patch/update management

Lenz Grimmer lgrimmer at suse.com
Tue Nov 28 07:50:06 MST 2017


as far as I know, we currently perform package updates on all nodes as
part of stage 0, correct?

What is the approach for keeping all cluster nodes up to date and
patched at run time, after the cluster has been deployed?

I wonder if we could provide some basic functionality to the admin to
achieve the following:

 - obtain a status overview of the current patch/update level for all
   or selected nodes (e.g. a list of all pending updates per node?)
 - apply patches/updates on all or selected nodes only

At a first step, it would be nice to have an easy CLI command for this.

Going forward, having the same functionality as part of the REST API
would be golden :)

Thoughts? Or does this already exist and I'm just not aware of it?


SUSE Linux GmbH - Maxfeldstr. 5 - 90409 Nuernberg (Germany)
GF:Felix Imendörffer,Jane Smithard,Graham Norton,HRB 21284 (AG Nürnberg)

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