[Deepsea-users] Backports? Forwardports?

Nathan Cutler ncutler at suse.cz
Mon Feb 19 04:43:19 MST 2018

> Say I'm fixing something that's broken in DeepSea 0.8.2 in the SES5
> branch.  Is the preferred procedure to fix it there (i.e. with a PR
> against the SES5 branch), then forward-port the fix to master?  Or is it
> to fix in master, then backport to SES5?

If you had written Ceph instead of DeepSea, then the answer would surely 
have been "always backport, never forwardport".

I have been doing it this way in DeepSea as well, and so far nobody has 

The advantage of this rule is consistency: you never get any 
cherry-picked commits in master, and all cherry-picked commits in the 
stable branches *must* mention a master SHA1.


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