[sle-beta] SLESv15-Beta1

Waite, Dick (External) Dick.Waite at softwareag.com
Fri Oct 27 23:00:02 MDT 2017

Grand Early Morning,

Switch to UK-EN and keyboard worked Okay
Switch to XFS as base file syste4m from BtrFS left the tick in the box for Snapshots, if this was un-ticked while in BtrFS then a switch to XFS was grand, no snapshot tick.
I asked for a /home and got it but I could not amend the size ?
I asked to use NTP, odd there were no German sites only UK ? I was unable to get a connection with any site so switched back to manually setting date/time.
The base selection on install options ran well.
After first ipl the text login ran well but a df -h showed my asked for /home, this was still part of /
Ran some zypper commands Okay
SUSEConnect --status-text gave me expected answer "No Registered"
hostnamectl et al updated the host name, shutdown -r now and we have a host name, looking good

So that's about it until the codes arrive, kernel 4.12.14-2.1 looks grand, T-Weed is running 4.13.6 with a very nice KDE and plasma screen ;o)
Have a very good weekend.

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