[sle-beta] SLE15(Beta1) and zypper ...

Don Buchholz donald.buchholz at intel.com
Mon Oct 30 12:55:07 MDT 2017


With the new "Installer" and "Packages" ISOs paradigm,
itappears the zypper repository configuration has been

Using "zypper lr -d", I see the base system repository
from the 'Installer' ISO, and then the four additional

  | sle15:~# zypper lr -d |cut -c1-2,4-37,39-51,105-150
  |   ...
  |# | Alias                           | Name       | URI
  |  1| Basesystem-Module_15-0          | SLE15-Pkg  | 
  |  2| Desktop-Applications-Module_15-0| SLE15-Pkg  | 
  | 3| Development-Tools-Module_15-0   | SLE15-Pkg  | 
  |  4| Legacy-Module_15-0              | SLE15-Pkg  | 
  |  5| SLES15-15-0                     | SLES15-15-0| 

What I find interesting here is that the Installer
[SLES15-15-0] repository has it's own URI, but then
the added modules all share a common URI!  Looking
at the configuration files in /etc/zypp/repos.d/
I see there is a "path=...." parameter being added
to "baseurl=....".  Only 'baseurl' is visible when
using "zypper listrepo" and I can not find an option
to list the full URL to the package repository.

Looking at an SLES12-SP3 system, I do see the
"path=..." param in the installer-created
"SLES12-SP3-12.3-0.repo", but it is not present
in *.repo files created with "zypper addrepo ...".

Am I missing something in the zypper man page?
Or does zypper(8) need to be extended to list the
added paths?  Or should I just plan on forgoing
command-line examination/creation of repositories
and just continue to manipulate the *.repo files

- Don Buchholz

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