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Waite, Dick (External) Dick.Waite at softwareag.com
Tue Oct 31 02:46:26 MDT 2017

Grand Day Thorsten,

and a good holiday today.

What I want to get from being part of the SLES15 Beta...

I expect the basic kernel et al is running well, it's been tested in T-weed, openSUSE and your own QA/QE. Plus all the bits and bobs, compilers run-time etc. are doing their thing.

You then put out the request for Beta, and from my point of view the few new installs I have run are grand, some nags but a grand start.


I can not start the part of the Beta you (I think) want me to do... You have enabled a "New Install", to be honest bar the past couple of days I have not run a "New Install" on Linux or Windows for years and I hope I don't have to...

It's taken us quite a long time to get the application environment right, be it Linux, Windows or s390x. Getting the LVM optimised to allow our many application to run well, quickly, low cpu and runtime as an example. We pass on the details of the layouts / customisation to customers, part of the service. So what I need is not a "New Install" it's the ability to "Migrate / UPDATE" what ever, my grand application running on SLES12-SPn to your new environment SLES15. Not running with a new LVM but the LVM we know works for us. Then with the applications on the new SLES15 we run our QA/QE tests... Test we know how much cpu/paging/runtime we expect to see. If these number are better than SLES12 we are all happy, if not then we make some noise on the forum. After the applications run well and faster, then we build the application with the new compilers etc from SLES15, we then run the QA/QE tests again, and we hope, expect, they are going to run, but much faster and faster than SLES12 ;o)
I know I'm not alone in never running a new install, from an applications company it's not what we need. I will after my applications are running better then before look at the new features SLES15 is providing to us, long meetings on what the new features can do for the product etc etc etc.  but is very often SLESnn-SP1 or 2 before the new features have been incorporated.


We need the application running on SLES15 as it does on SLES12 *FIRST*, so please next Beta give us the tools to Beta check your grand new SLES from an application point of view, let us move / copy / migrate / UPDATE what ever to the new SLES, a new install is only need for newbe's ;o) and I don't think you have many of them on your Beta list. If we take the Windows 10 roll out. From RS1 to RS2 to RS3 and now RS4 it's migrate the applications onto the new kernel, no new install of windows, just roll (move / copy) the applications onto the next RS-n, I don't think we will ever see a "New Install" again. Same with the grand IBM s390x environment z/VM, we ran a new install in 1983 to move from the public version to the pay-for version, and yes there were two more... but year by year you roll onto the next.

It's been a very +ve start to SLES15, the new installs did run well, but now my fingers are twitching to get Adabas over and see how the grand old lady runs on your new environment.

So enjoy the holiday, looking forward to I think late November (Beta3) when we can enjoy SLES15 with our applications running.


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On Mon, Oct 30, Waite, Dick (External) wrote:

> Grand Evening Ladislav,
> I had a machine that I had done a very basic SLES15 install on, It did not have any packages at all.
> I updated it with SLES15 codes and a SUSEConnect --status-text looked Okay
> I then re-ipl'ed and tried to "update" this machine, I was going to add some packages and it said there was no migration path ? The machine was a new build, well yesterday, SLES15 and I did not want to migrate but UPDATE...
> Thoughts ?

Since you did not tell us, what you did ...


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