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Fri Feb 7 11:01:52 MST 2020

Our Public Beta for SUSE Linux Enterprise 15 Service Pack 2 is

- SUSE Linux Enterprise Server (SLES),
- SUSE Linux Enterprise Server for SAP (SLES for SAP),
- SUSE Linux Enterprise Just Enough Operating System (JeOS),
- SUSE Linux Enterprise High Availability (SLEHA and SLEHA GEO),
- SUSE Linux Enterprise Desktop (SLED),
- SUSE Linux Enterprise Workstation Extension (SLEWE),
- SUSE Linux Enterprise for High Performance Computing (SLEHPC).

Download ›[1]

At the time of this announcement, Media2 and Media3 are still being
uploaded. We are sorry for the inconvenience

As usual there is a lot to say about the Public Beta of SLE 15 SP2, and
overall we made more than 840 updates to our packages. Please check out
the "Important Notice" and "Notable Changes" section below for more

Important Notice

- SUSE Linux Enterprise 15 Service Pack 2 (SLE 15 SP2) is a Refresh
Service Pack.
- Media Changes: Easier handling of online vs offline installation.
The Unified Installer and Packages DVDs known from SUSE Linux
Enterprise Server 15 SP1 are deprecated and have been replaced by the
following media:

-- Online Installation Media: All SUSE Linux Enterprise 15 products
can be installed with this lightweight stand alone media, after
entering a registration key[2]. The necessary packages are fetched
from online repositories only.
-- Full Installation Media: All SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 15
products can be installed without network connection with this
media, for offline installation scenarios. The media contains all
necessary packages. It consists of directories with module
repositories which need to be added manually as needed. RMT
(Repository Mirroring Tool) and SUSE Manager provide additional
options for disconnected or managed installation.

Please also note that we have replaced the word "DVD" by "Media" for the
ISO names.
- Maven: as a Technical Preview. Version 3.6.2 has been added.

Changes to our SLE Pre-Releases

Today's challenges are common to every developer, you need to
"release early, release often"[3], but also make sure you have the
best feedback loop and collaboration with your users. So we are
excited to present you our response to these challenges with our new
way of providing SUSE Linux Enterprise Pre-Release! The SLE 15 SP2
schedule[4] introduces some significant changes to the former SLE
schedule that you might be used to. In the past, like for SLE 15 SP1
Public Beta Program, all testers (Internal, Technology Partners,
Public) were receiving the same images with the same cadence, about
2-3 weeks. However for Internal and Partners, the 2-3 weeks cadence of
official and fully tested images, from our internal automated and
manual QA, was too long. And providing around 7-8 pre-releases to our
Public beta testers, was also difficult for some to cope with. Thus as
part of the examination of the new challenges we took three major

- Increase the cadence of internal milestones to our developers and
Technology Partners, Bring more flexibility into the testing
schedules of our developers and Technology Partners.
- Reduce number of Public Pre-Release images to 3, Only one Beta, one
Release Candidate and one Gold Master Candidate will be available on
- Provide more updates through our Beta Online Channels, Changes in
the weekly internal milestones will be provided to the Public as
updates through our SLE 15 SP2 Beta Online Channels.

We hope this approach will address the needs of our different beta
stakeholders. The "hardcore" testers get more frequent images to
test and validate, our Public testers get fewer ISOs to install but
still get frequent updates from our Engineering. Of course, we are
highly interested by your feedback and experience to make any
adaptations or changes in the future. Contact us at
beta-programs at lists.suse.com!

Notable Changes

Changes for SCSI Devices

With the update to the 5.3 kernel asynchronous SCSI Devices is more
aggressive! This should be an important topic for your testing,
therefore please check the full details at HERE[5].

Added Packages

- collectd
- espeak-ng (replacing espeak)
- gcc9
- ibus-anthy
- ibus-cangjie
- kiwi-templates-JeOS (replacing kiwi-templates-SLES15-JeOS)
- maven
- nodejs12
- openmpi3
- pipewire
- powertop
- purple-rocketchat (SLED/WE)
- zstd


Salt automation for the deployment of SAP HANA, SAP NetWeaver and DRBD
was previously available as a technology preview from PackageHub. In
SUSE Linux Enterprise Server for SAP Applications 15 SP2, this
feature is now officially supported and has been added to the official
repository. This includes the following packages:

- drbd-formula
- habootstrap-formula
- python-shaptools
- salt-shaptools
- saphanabootstrap-formula
- sapnwbootstrap-formula

Updated Packages

- 389-ds:
- apache2: 2.4.41-4.5
- ClusterTools2.noarch: 3.1.0-8.3.1
- ceph-common:
- cloud-init: 19.4-8.14.1
- containerd: 11.2.10-5.19.1
- docker: 19.03.5_ce-6.31.1
- fence-agents: 4.4.0+git.1558595666.5f79f9e9-7.8.1
- gzip: 1.10-1.31
- haproxy: 2.0.10+git0.ac198b92-8.8.1
- hyper-v: 7-11.12
- iproute2: 5.3-2.5
- iptables: 1.8.3-1.15
- kernel-default-base: 5.3.18-4.2
- mariadb: 10.2.29-3.23.1
- openssh: 7.9p1-6.14.1
- openssl-1_1: 1.1.1d-5.1
- open-vm-tools: 11.0.0-3.26
- pacemaker: 2.0.3+20200128.df6c286d9-1.2
- podman: 1.4.4-4.11.1
- postfix: 3.4.7-1.28
- postgresql10: 10.10-8.6.1
- qemu: 4.2.0-4.6
- rdma-core: 27.0-1.6
- rmt-server: 2.4.2-1.41
- rsyslog: 8.39.0-2.45
- s390-tools: 2.11.0-1.26
- samba: 4.11.5+git.118.ae4e6fd1d91-1.7
- saptune: 2.0.2-8.8.1
- squid: 4.9-5.11.1
- strace: 5.3-1.19
- systemtap: 4.2-1.11
- tpm2-0-tss: 2.3.0-2.7
- tpm2-tss-engine: 1.0.1-1.9
- tpm2.0-tools: 4.1-1.14
- virt-manager: 2.2.1-6.14,
- xen: 4.13.0_06-1.3


- flatpak: 1.6.0-1.7
- gstreamer: 1.16.2-1.18
- hplip: 3.19.12-1.8
- pulseaudio: 13.0-1.31
- MozillaFirefox: 68.4.2-3.69.1
- NetworkManager: 1.20.8-1.29
- Mesa: 19.2.6-42.9
- remmina: 1.3.10-1.13
- xrdp: 0.9.11-1.19


- cmake: 3.15.5-2.14
- gcc7: 7.5.0+r278197-4.12.1
- git: 2.25.0-1.9
- meson: 0.51.2-1.14
- php7: 7.3.13-1.14
- python3: 3.6.10-3.42.2
- rust: 1.36.0-4.1

Removed Packages

- lvm2-clvm and lvm2-cmirrord upstream and with the upgrade to lvm2
2.03.05 those packages now got removed.

Please check out our Changelog file[6] for more details and the full
list of changes.

More information

SLE Beta Page ›[7]
Release Notes ›[8]
Known issues ›[9]


If you have _ANY_ concerns, doubts, inquiry, etc please contact
beta-programs at lists.suse.com.

SLE Beta Page ›[10]

Your SUSE Linux Enterprise Team

Do not hesitate to contact us at beta-programs at lists.suse.com if you
have any questions.

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