SUSE-SU-2019:1220-2: moderate: Security update for cf-cli

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Tue Jul 2 07:16:13 MDT 2019

   SUSE Security Update: Security update for cf-cli

Announcement ID:    SUSE-SU-2019:1220-2
Rating:             moderate
References:         #1132242 
Cross-References:   CVE-2019-3781
Affected Products:
                    SUSE Linux Enterprise Module for CAP 15-SP1

   An update that fixes one vulnerability is now available.


   This update for cf-cli fixes the following issues:

   cf-cli was updated: to version 6.43.0 (bsc#1132242)

   Enhancements :

   - `cf curl` supports a new `--fail` flag (primarily for scripting
     purposes) which returns exit code `22` for server errors
   - Improves `cf delete-orphaned-routes` such that it uses a different
     endpoint, reducing the chance of a race condition when two users are
     simultaneously deleting orphaned routes and associating routes with
     applications [story](
   - we've improved the speed of cf services - it now hits a single endpoint
     instead of making individual API calls


   - CVE-2019-3781: CF CLI does not sanitize user’s password in
   - Fixes issue with running cf login in verbose mode whereby passwords
     which contains regex were not completely redacted
   - Fixes issue whilst running commands in verbose mode refresh tokens were
     not completely redacted

   Other Bug Fixes:

   - Updates help text for cf curlstory
   - Now refresh tokens work properly whilst using cf curl with V3 CC API
     endpoints story
   - Fixes performance degradation for cf services story
   - cf delete-service requires that you are targeting a space story
   - cf enable-service access for a service in an org will succeed if you
     have already enabled access for that service in that org story

   cf-cli was updated to version 6.42.0:

   Minor Enhancements:

   - updated `cf restage` help text and the first line in the command's
     output to indicate that using this command will cause app downtime
   - updated the `cf bind-route-service` help text to clarify usage
     instructions [story](
   - improved an error message for `cf create-service-boker` to be more
     helpful when the CC API returns a `502` due to an invalid service broker
   - upgraded to Golang 1.11.4
   - added a short name `ue` for `cf unset-env`
   - updated `cf marketplace` command to include a new `broker` column to
     prepare for a upcoming services-related feature which will allow
     services to have the same name as long as they are associated with
     different service brokers


   - fix for `cf enable-service-access -p plan` whereby when we refactored
     the code in CLI `v6.41.0` it created service plan visibilities as part
     of a subsequent run of the command (the unrefactored code skipped
     creating the service plan visibilities); now the command will skip
     creating service plan visibilities as it did prior to the refactor
   - updated the `cf rename-buildpack` help text which was missing reference
     to the `-s` stack flag
   - updated help text for when users use `brew search cloudfoundry-cli`
   - now when you run `cf service service-instance` for a route service, the
     route service url appears in the key value table

   Update to version 6.41.0:


   - updated `cf --help` to include the `delete` command

   Update to version 6.40.1:

   Bug Fixes:

   - Updates the minimum version for the buildpacks-stacks association
     feature. In [CLI
     v6.39.0](, when
     the feature was released, we incorrectly set the minimum to cc api
     version as`2.114`. The minimum cc api version is now correctly set to
     .  [story](
   - Fixes a bug with inspecting a service instance `cf service
     service-instance`, now the `documentation` url displays correctly for
     services which populate that field

   Update to version 6.40.0:

   Bug Fixes:

   - Fix bug where trailing slash on cf api would break listing commands for
     older CC APIs story. For older versions of CC API, if the API URL had a
     trailing slash, some requests would fail with an "Unknown request"
     error. These requests are now handled properly.

   Update to version 6.39.0:


   - for users on cc api 3.27, cf start is enhanced to display the new cf app
     v3 output. For users on cc api 3.27 or lower, users will see the same v2
     output. Note that if you use v3 commands to create and start your app,
     if you subsequently use cf stop and cf start, the routes property in cf
     app will not populate even though the route exists story
   - for users on cc api 3.27, cf restart is enhanced to display the new cf
     app v3 output. For users on cc api 3.27 or lower, users will see the
     same v2 output. story
   - for users on cc api 3.27, cf restage is enhanced to display the new cf
     app v3 output. For users on cc api 3.27 or lower, users will see the
     same v2 output. story
   - improved help text for -d domains for cf push to include examples of
     usage story
   - cf v3-scale displays additional app information story
   - if you've created an internal domain, and it is the first domain in cc,
     the CLI will now ignore the internal domain and instead choose the next
     non-internal domain when you push an app story

   Bug Fixes:

   - Fix for users on macOS attempting to brew install cf-cli the CF CLI
     using the unreleased master branch of Homebrew story
   - Fixes an issue whereby, due to a recent cc api change, when you execute
     cf push and watch the cf app command, the app display returned a 400
     error story
   - Fixes a bug whereby if you logged in using client credentials, cf auth
     user pass --client credentials you were unable to create an org; now
     create-org will assign the role to the user id specified in your
     manifest story
   - fixes an issue introduced when we refactored cf start and as part of
     that work, we stopped blocking on the initial connection with the
     logging backend; now the CLI blocks until the NOAA connection is made,
     or the default dial timeout of five seconds is reached story

   update to version 6.38.0:


   - v3-ssh process type now defaults to web story
   - Support added for setting tags for user provided service instances story
   - Now a warning appears if you attempt to use deprecated properties and
     variable substitution story
   - Updated usage so now you can rename the cf binary use it with every
     command story
   - cf events now displays the Diego cell_id and instance guid in crash
     events story
   - Includes cf service service-instance table display improvements wherein
     the service instance information is now grouped separately from the
     binding information story
   - cf service service-instance table display information for user provided
     services changed: status has been added to the table story

   Bug Fixes:

   - the CLI now properly handles escaped commas in the X-Cf-Warnings header

   Update to version 6.37.0:


   - The api/cloudcontroller/ccv2 package has been updated with more
     functions #1343
   - Now a warning appears if you are using a API version older than 2.69.0,
     which is no longer officially supported
   - Now the CLI reads the username and password from the environment
     variables #1358

   Bug Fixes:

   - Fixes bug whereby X-Cf-Warnings were not being unescaped when displayed
     to user #1361
   - When using CF_TRACE=1, passwords are now sanitized #1375 and tracker

   Update to version 6.36.0:

   Bug Fixes:

   - int64 support for cf/flags library, #1333
   - Debian package, #1336
   - Web action flag not working on CLI 0.6.5, #1337
   - When a cf push upload fails/Consul is down, a panic occurs, #1340 and

   update to version 6.35.2:

   Bug Fixes:

   - Providing a clearer services authorization warning message when a
     service has been disabled for the organization, fixing #1344

Patch Instructions:

   To install this SUSE Security Update use the SUSE recommended installation methods
   like YaST online_update or "zypper patch".

   Alternatively you can run the command listed for your product:

   - SUSE Linux Enterprise Module for CAP 15-SP1:

      zypper in -t patch SUSE-SLE-Module-CAP-Tools-15-SP1-2019-1220=1

Package List:

   - SUSE Linux Enterprise Module for CAP 15-SP1 (x86_64):



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