SUSE-SU-2020:2485-1: important: Security update for the Linux Kernel

sle-security-updates at sle-security-updates at
Thu Sep 3 13:15:38 MDT 2020

   SUSE Security Update: Security update for the Linux Kernel

Announcement ID:    SUSE-SU-2020:2485-1
Rating:             important
References:         #1065600 #1065729 #1071995 #1085030 #1120163 
                    #1133021 #1149032 #1152472 #1152489 #1154353 
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                    #1175772 #1175774 #1175775 #1175834 #1175873 
Cross-References:   CVE-2020-14314 CVE-2020-14356 CVE-2020-16166
Affected Products:
                    SUSE Linux Enterprise Module for Public Cloud 15-SP2

   An update that solves three vulnerabilities and has 112
   fixes is now available.


   The SUSE Linux Enterprise 15 SP2 Azure kernel was updated to receive
   various security and bugfixes.

   The following security bugs were fixed:

   - CVE-2020-14314: Fixed a potential negative array index in ext4
   - CVE-2020-14356: Fixed a NULL pointer dereference in the cgroupv2
     subsystem (bsc#1175213).
   - CVE-2020-16166: Fixed an information leak in the network RNG

   The following non-security bugs were fixed:

   - 9p/trans_fd: Fix concurrency del of req_list in
     p9_fd_cancelled/p9_read_work (git-fixes).
   - ACPICA: Do not increment operation_region reference counts for field
     units (git-fixes).
   - ALSA: atmel: Remove invalid "fall through" comments (git-fixes).
   - ALSA: core: pcm_iec958: fix kernel-doc (git-fixes).
   - ALSA: echoaduio: Drop superfluous volatile modifier (git-fixes).
   - ALSA: echoaudio: Address bugs in the interrupt handling (git-fixes).
   - ALSA: echoaudio: Fix potential Oops in snd_echo_resume() (git-fixes).
   - ALSA: echoaudio: Prevent races in calls to set_audio_format()
   - ALSA: echoaudio: Prevent some noise on unloading the module (git-fixes).
   - ALSA: echoaudio: Race conditions around "opencount" (git-fixes).
   - ALSA: echoaudio: Remove redundant check (git-fixes).
   - ALSA: echoaudio: re-enable IRQs on failure path (git-fixes).
   - ALSA: firewire: fix kernel-doc (git-fixes).
   - ALSA: hda - fix the micmute led status for Lenovo ThinkCentre AIO
   - ALSA: hda - reverse the setting value in the micmute_led_set (git-fixes).
   - ALSA: hda/ca0132 - Add new quirk ID for Recon3D (git-fixes).
   - ALSA: hda/ca0132 - Fix AE-5 microphone selection commands (git-fixes).
   - ALSA: hda/ca0132 - Fix ZxR Headphone gain control get value (git-fixes).
   - ALSA: hda/hdmi: Add quirk to force connectivity (git-fixes).
   - ALSA: hda/hdmi: Fix keep_power assignment for non-component devices
   - ALSA: hda/hdmi: Use force connectivity quirk on another HP desktop
   - ALSA: hda/realtek - Fix unused variable warning (git-fixes).
   - ALSA: hda/realtek - Fixed HP right speaker no sound (git-fixes).
   - ALSA: hda/realtek: Add alc269/alc662 pin-tables for Loongson-3 laptops
   - ALSA: hda/realtek: Add model alc298-samsung-headphone (git-fixes).
   - ALSA: hda/realtek: Add quirk for Samsung Galaxy Book Ion (git-fixes).
   - ALSA: hda/realtek: Add quirk for Samsung Galaxy Flex Book (git-fixes).
   - ALSA: hda/realtek: Fix add a "ultra_low_power" function for intel
     reference board (alc256) (git-fixes).
   - ALSA: hda/realtek: Fix pin default on Intel NUC 8 Rugged (git-fixes).
   - ALSA: hda/realtek: enable headset mic of ASUS ROG Zephyrus G15(GA502)
     series with ALC289 (git-fixes).
   - ALSA: hda/realtek: typo_fix: enable headset mic of ASUS ROG Zephyrus
     G14(GA401) series with ALC289 (git-fixes).
   - ALSA: hda/tegra: Disable sync-write operation (git-fixes).
   - ALSA: hda: Add support for Loongson 7A1000 controller (git-fixes).
   - ALSA: hda: Enable sync-write operation as default for all controllers
   - ALSA: hda: Workaround for spurious wakeups on some Intel platforms
   - ALSA: hda: avoid reset of sdo_limit (git-fixes).
   - ALSA: hda: fix NULL pointer dereference during suspend (git-fixes).
   - ALSA: hda: fix snd_hda_codec_cleanup() documentation (git-fixes).
   - ALSA: isa/gus: remove 'set but not used' warning (git-fixes).
   - ALSA: isa/gus: remove -Wmissing-prototypes warnings (git-fixes).
   - ALSA: isa: fix spelling mistakes in the comments (git-fixes).
   - ALSA: line6: Use kmemdup in podhd_set_monitor_level() (git-fixes).
   - ALSA: line6: add hw monitor volume control for POD HD500 (git-fixes).
   - ALSA: pci/asihpi: fix kernel-doc (git-fixes).
   - ALSA: pci/asihpi: remove 'set but not used' warning (git-fixes).
   - ALSA: pci/asihpi: remove 'set but not used' warnings (git-fixes).
   - ALSA: pci/au88x0: remove "defined but not used" warnings (git-fixes).
   - ALSA: pci/aw2-saa7146: remove 'set but not used' warning (git-fixes).
   - ALSA: pci/ctxfi/ctatc: fix kernel-doc (git-fixes).
   - ALSA: pci/ctxfi: fix kernel-doc warnings (git-fixes).
   - ALSA: pci/echoaudio: remove 'set but not used' warning (git-fixes).
   - ALSA: pci/emu10k1: remove 'set but not used' warning (git-fixes).
   - ALSA: pci/es1938: remove 'set but not used' warning (git-fixes).
   - ALSA: pci/fm801: fix kernel-doc (git-fixes).
   - ALSA: pci/korg1212: remove 'set but not used' warnings (git-fixes).
   - ALSA: pci/oxygen/xonar_wm87x6: remove always true condition (git-fixes).
   - ALSA: pci/rme9652/hdspm: remove always true condition (git-fixes).
   - ALSA: pci/via82xx: remove 'set but not used' warnings (git-fixes).
   - ALSA: pcmcia/pdaudiocf: fix kernel-doc (git-fixes).
   - ALSA: seq: oss: Serialize ioctls (git-fixes).
   - ALSA: usb-audio: Add capture support for Saffire 6 (USB 1.1) (git-fixes).
   - ALSA: usb-audio: Add implicit feedback quirk for SSL2 (git-fixes).
   - ALSA: usb-audio: Add support for Lenovo ThinkStation P620 (git-fixes).
   - ALSA: usb-audio: Creative USB X-Fi Pro SB1095 volume knob support
   - ALSA: usb-audio: Disable Lenovo P620 Rear line-in volume control
   - ALSA: usb-audio: Fix some typos (git-fixes).
   - ALSA: usb-audio: add quirk for Pioneer DDJ-RB (git-fixes).
   - ALSA: usb-audio: add startech usb audio dock name (git-fixes).
   - ALSA: usb-audio: endpoint : remove needless check before
     usb_free_coherent() (git-fixes).
   - ALSA: usb-audio: fix overeager device match for MacroSilicon MS2109
   - ALSA: usb-audio: fix spelling mistake "buss" -> "bus" (git-fixes).
   - ALSA: usb-audio: ignore broken processing/extension unit (git-fixes).
   - ALSA: usb-audio: work around streaming quirk for MacroSilicon MS2109
   - ALSA: usb/line6: remove 'defined but not used' warning (git-fixes).
   - ALSA: vx_core: remove warning for empty loop body (git-fixes).
   - ALSA: xen: Remove superfluous fall through comments (git-fixes).
   - ALSA: xen: remove 'set but not used' warning (git-fixes).
   - ARM: percpu.h: fix build error (git-fixes).
   - ARM: spectre-v2: use arm_smccc_1_1_get_conduit() (bsc#1174906).
   - ASoC: Intel: bxt_rt298: add missing .owner field (git-fixes).
   - ASoC: SOF: nocodec: add missing .owner field (git-fixes).
   - ASoC: fsl_sai: Fix value of FSL_SAI_CR1_RFW_MASK (git-fixes).
   - ASoC: hdac_hda: fix deadlock after PCM open error (git-fixes).
   - ASoC: intel: Fix memleak in sst_media_open (git-fixes).
   - ASoC: meson: axg-tdm-interface: fix link fmt setup (git-fixes).
   - ASoC: meson: axg-tdmin: fix g12a skew (git-fixes).
   - ASoC: meson: fixes the missed kfree() for axg_card_add_tdm_loopback
   - ASoC: msm8916-wcd-analog: fix register Interrupt offset (git-fixes).
   - ASoC: q6afe-dai: mark all widgets registers as SND_SOC_NOPM (git-fixes).
   - ASoC: q6routing: add dummy register read/write function (git-fixes).
   - ASoC: wm8994: Avoid attempts to read unreadable registers (git-fixes).
   - AX.25: Fix out-of-bounds read in ax25_connect() (git-fixes).
   - AX.25: Prevent integer overflows in connect and sendmsg (git-fixes).
   - AX.25: Prevent out-of-bounds read in ax25_sendmsg() (git-fixes).
   - Bluetooth: Fix slab-out-of-bounds read in
     hci_extended_inquiry_result_evt() (git-fixes).
   - Bluetooth: Prevent out-of-bounds read in hci_inquiry_result_evt()
   - Bluetooth: Prevent out-of-bounds read in
     hci_inquiry_result_with_rssi_evt() (git-fixes).
   - Bluetooth: add a mutex lock to avoid UAF in do_enale_set (git-fixes).
   - Bluetooth: btmtksdio: fix up firmware download sequence (git-fixes).
   - Bluetooth: btusb: fix up firmware download sequence (git-fixes).
   - Bluetooth: fix kernel oops in store_pending_adv_report (git-fixes).
   - Bluetooth: hci_h5: Set HCI_UART_RESET_ON_INIT to correct flags
   - Bluetooth: hci_serdev: Only unregister device if it was registered
   - HID: alps: support devices with report id 2 (git-fixes).
   - HID: apple: Disable Fn-key key-re-mapping on clone keyboards (git-fixes).
   - HID: i2c-hid: add Mediacom FlexBook edge13 to descriptor override
   - HID: input: Fix devices that return multiple bytes in battery report
   - HID: steam: fixes race in handling device list (git-fixes).
   - IB/rdmavt: Fix RQ counting issues causing use of an invalid RWQE
   - Input: elan_i2c - only increment wakeup count on touch (git-fixes).
   - Input: psmouse - add a newline when printing 'proto' by sysfs
   - Input: sentelic - fix error return when fsp_reg_write fails (git-fixes).
   - Input: synaptics - enable InterTouch for ThinkPad X1E 1st gen
   - KVM: Allow kvm_device_ops to be const (bsc#1172197 jsc#SLE-13593).
   - KVM: Implement kvm_put_guest() (bsc#1172197 jsc#SLE-13593).
   - KVM: PPC: Book3S PR: Remove uninitialized_var() usage (bsc#1065729).
   - KVM: Play nice with read-only memslots when querying host page size
   - KVM: Reinstall old memslots if arch preparation fails (bsc#1133021).
   - KVM: arm/arm64: Correct AArch32 SPSR on exception entry (bsc#1133021).
   - KVM: arm/arm64: Correct CPSR on exception entry (bsc#1133021).
   - KVM: arm/arm64: Factor out hypercall handling from PSCI code
     (bsc#1172197 jsc#SLE-13593).
   - KVM: arm64: Annotate hyp NMI-related functions as __always_inline
   - KVM: arm64: Correct PSTATE on exception entry (bsc#1133021).
   - KVM: arm64: Document PV-time interface (bsc#1172197 jsc#SLE-13593).
   - KVM: arm64: Fix 32bit PC wrap-around (bsc#1133021).
   - KVM: arm64: Implement PV_TIME_FEATURES call (bsc#1172197 jsc#SLE-13593).
   - KVM: arm64: Make vcpu_cp1x() work on Big Endian hosts (bsc#1133021).
   - KVM: arm64: Provide VCPU attributes for stolen time (bsc#1172197
   - KVM: arm64: Select TASK_DELAY_ACCT+TASKSTATS rather than SCHEDSTATS
     (bsc#1172197 jsc#SLE-13593).
   - KVM: arm64: Stop clobbering x0 for HVC_SOFT_RESTART (bsc#1133021).
   - KVM: arm64: Stop writing aarch32's CSSELR into ACTLR (bsc#1133021).
   - KVM: arm64: Support stolen time reporting via shared structure
     (bsc#1172197 jsc#SLE-13593).
   - KVM: arm64: Use the correct timer structure to access the physical
     counter (bsc#1133021).
   - KVM: arm: vgic: Fix limit condition when writing to GICD_IACTIVER
   - KVM: s390: Remove false WARN_ON_ONCE for the PQAP instruction
   - KVM: x86: Fix APIC page invalidation race (bsc#1133021).
   - Mark the SLE15-SP2 kernel properly released. There perhaps was a typo,
     when SUSE_KERNEL_RELEASED missed the trailing "D" - this leads to our
     kernels being marked as "Unreleased kernel". SUSE_KERNEL_RELEASED is
     defined in rpm/ To fix that, it should be enough
   - PCI/ASPM: Add missing newline in sysfs 'policy' (git-fixes).
   - PCI/ASPM: Disable ASPM on ASMedia ASM1083/1085 PCIe-to-PCI bridge
   - PCI: Fix pci_cfg_wait queue locking problem (git-fixes).
   - PCI: Release IVRS table in AMD ACS quirk (git-fixes).
   - PCI: cadence: Fix updating Vendor ID and Subsystem Vendor ID register
   - PCI: hotplug: ACPI: Fix context refcounting in acpiphp_grab_context()
   - PCI: hv: Fix a timing issue which causes kdump to fail occasionally
     (bsc#1172871, git-fixes).
   - PCI: qcom: Add missing ipq806x clocks in PCIe driver (git-fixes).
   - PCI: qcom: Add missing reset for ipq806x (git-fixes).
   - PCI: qcom: Add support for tx term offset for rev 2.1.0 (git-fixes).
   - PCI: qcom: Define some PARF params needed for ipq8064 SoC (git-fixes).
   - PCI: rcar: Fix runtime PM imbalance on error (git-fixes).
   - PCI: switchtec: Add missing __iomem and __user tags to fix sparse
     warnings (git-fixes).
   - PCI: switchtec: Add missing __iomem tag to fix sparse warnings
   - PCI: tegra: Revert tegra124 raw_violation_fixup (git-fixes).
   - RDMA/mlx5: Add missing srcu_read_lock in ODP implicit flow
   - RDMA/mlx5: Fix prefetch memory leak if get_prefetchable_mr fails
   - RDMA/mlx5: Fix typo in enum name (git-fixes).
   - Revert "ALSA: hda: call runtime_allow() for all hda controllers"
   - Revert "drm/amd/display: Expose connector VRR range via debugfs"
     (bsc#1152489) 	* refreshed for context changes
   - Revert "drm/amdgpu: Fix NULL dereference in dpm sysfs handlers"
   - Revert "scsi: qla2xxx: Disable T10-DIF feature with FC-NVMe during
     probe" (bsc#1171688 bsc#1174003).
   - Revert "scsi: qla2xxx: Fix crash on qla2x00_mailbox_command"
     (bsc#1171688 bsc#1174003).
   - af_key: pfkey_dump needs parameter validation (git-fixes).
   - agp/intel: Fix a memory leak on module initialisation failure
   - appletalk: Fix atalk_proc_init() return path (git-fixes).
   - arm64: Fix PTRACE_SYSEMU semantics (bsc#1175185).
   - arm64: Make use of the SMCCC 1.1 wrapper (bsc#1174906).
   - arm64: Provide a wrapper for SMCCC 1.1 calls (bsc#1174906).
   - arm64: Retrieve stolen time as paravirtualized guest (bsc#1172197
   - arm64: armv8_deprecated: Fix undef_hook mask for thumb setend
   - arm64: cacheflush: Fix KGDB trap detection (bsc#1175188).
   - arm64: csum: Fix handling of bad packets (bsc#1175192).
   - arm64: dts: allwinner: a64: Remove unused SPDIF sound card (none
   - arm64: dts: clearfog-gt-8k: set gigabit PHY reset deassert delay
   - arm64: dts: exynos: Fix silent hang after boot on Espresso (bsc#1175346).
   - arm64: dts: imx8mm-evk: correct ldo1/ldo2 voltage range (none
   - arm64: dts: imx8qxp-mek: Remove unexisting Ethernet PHY (bsc#1175345).
   - arm64: dts: librem5-devkit: add a vbus supply to usb0 (none bsc#1175013).
   - arm64: dts: ls1028a: delete extraneous #interrupt-cells for ENETC RCIE
     (none bsc#1175012).
   - arm64: dts: qcom: msm8998-clamshell: Fix label on l15 regulator
   - arm64: dts: rockchip: Rename dwc3 device nodes on rk3399 to make dtc
     happy (none bsc#1175015).
   - arm64: dts: rockchip: Replace RK805 PMIC node name with "pmic" on rk3328
     boards (none bsc#1175014).
   - arm64: dts: rockchip: fix rk3399-puma gmac reset gpio (none bsc#1175021).
   - arm64: dts: rockchip: fix rk3399-puma vcc5v0-host gpio (none
   - arm64: dts: uDPU: fix broken ethernet (bsc#1175344).
   - arm64: dts: uniphier: Set SCSSI clock and reset IDs for each channel
     (none bsc#1175011).
   - arm64: errata: use arm_smccc_1_1_get_conduit() (bsc#1174906).
   - arm64: fix the flush_icache_range arguments in machine_kexec
   - arm64: hugetlb: avoid potential NULL dereference (bsc#1175183).
   - arm64: hw_breakpoint: Do not invoke overflow handler on uaccess
     watchpoints (bsc#1175189).
   - arm64: insn: Fix two bugs in encoding 32-bit logical immediates
   - arm64: kexec_file: print appropriate variable (bsc#1175187).
   - arm64: kgdb: Fix single-step exception handling oops (bsc#1175191).
   - arm64: smccc/psci: add arm_smccc_1_1_get_conduit() (bsc#1174906).
   - arm64: tegra: Enable I2C controller for EEPROM (none bsc#1175010).
   - arm64: tegra: Fix Tegra194 PCIe compatible string (none bsc#1175009).
   - arm64: tegra: Fix ethernet phy-mode for Jetson Xavier (none bsc#1175017).
   - arm64: tegra: Fix flag for 64-bit resources in 'ranges' property (none
   - arm64: vdso: Add -fasynchronous-unwind-tables to cflags (bsc#1175182).
   - arm64: vdso: do not free unallocated pages (bsc#1175181).
   - ath10k: Acquire tx_lock in tx error paths (git-fixes).
   - ath10k: enable transmit data ack RSSI for QCA9884 (git-fixes).
   - atm: fix atm_dev refcnt leaks in atmtcp_remove_persistent (git-fixes).
   - b43: Remove uninitialized_var() usage (git-fixes).
   - bdc: Fix bug causing crash after multiple disconnects (git-fixes).
   - bfq: fix blkio cgroup leakage v4 (bsc#1175775).
   - block: Fix the type of 'sts' in bsg_queue_rq() (git-fixes).
   - bnxt_en: fix NULL dereference in case SR-IOV configuration fails
   - bonding: fix active-backup failover for current ARP slave (bsc#1174771).
   - bpf: Fix map leak in HASH_OF_MAPS map (bsc#1155518).
   - bpf: net: Avoid copying sk_user_data of reuseport_array during sk_clone
   - bpf: net: Avoid incorrect bpf_sk_reuseport_detach call (bsc#1155518).
   - bpfilter: Initialize pos variable (bsc#1155518).
   - bpfilter: fix up a sparse annotation (bsc#1155518).
   - bpfilter: reject kernel addresses (bsc#1155518).
   - bpfilter: switch to kernel_write (bsc#1155518).
   - brcmfmac: Set timeout value when configuring power save (bsc#1173468).
   - brcmfmac: To fix Bss Info flag definition Bug (git-fixes).
   - brcmfmac: keep SDIO watchdog running when console_interval is non-zero
   - brcmfmac: set state of hanger slot to FREE when flushing PSQ (git-fixes).
   - btmrvl: Fix firmware filename for sd8977 chipset (git-fixes).
   - btmrvl: Fix firmware filename for sd8997 chipset (git-fixes).
   - btrfs: Move free_pages_out label in inline extent handling branch in
     compress_file_range (bsc#1175263).
   - btrfs: Remove delalloc_end argument from extent_clear_unlock_delalloc
   - btrfs: Remove leftover of in-band dedupe (bsc#1175149).
   - btrfs: Rename btrfs_join_transaction_nolock (bsc#1175377).
   - btrfs: add helper to get the end offset of a file extent item
   - btrfs: avoid unnecessary splits when setting bits on an extent io tree
   - btrfs: change timing for qgroup reserved space for ordered extents to
     fix reserved space leak (bsc#1172247).
   - btrfs: delete the ordered isize update code (bsc#1175377).
   - btrfs: do not set path->leave_spinning for truncate (bsc#1175377).
   - btrfs: factor out inode items copy loop from btrfs_log_inode()
   - btrfs: file: reserve qgroup space after the hole punch range is locked
   - btrfs: fix a block group ref counter leak after failure to remove block
     group (bsc#1175149).
   - btrfs: fix block group leak when removing fails (bsc#1175149).
   - btrfs: fix bytes_may_use underflow when running balance and scrub in
     parallel (bsc#1175149).
   - btrfs: fix corrupt log due to concurrent fsync of inodes with shared
     extents (bsc#1175149).
   - btrfs: fix data block group relocation failure due to concurrent scrub
   - btrfs: fix deadlock during fast fsync when logging prealloc extents
     beyond eof (bsc#1175377).
   - btrfs: fix double free on ulist after backref resolution failure
   - btrfs: fix fatal extent_buffer readahead vs releasepage race
   - btrfs: fix lost i_size update after cloning inline extent (bsc#1175377).
   - btrfs: fix memory leaks after failure to lookup checksums during inode
     logging (bsc#1175550).
   - btrfs: fix missing file extent item for hole after ranged fsync
   - btrfs: fix page leaks after failure to lock page for delalloc
   - btrfs: fix race between block group removal and block group creation
   - btrfs: fix race between shrinking truncate and fiemap (bsc#1175377).
   - btrfs: fix space_info bytes_may_use underflow after nocow buffered write
   - btrfs: fix space_info bytes_may_use underflow during space cache
     writeout (bsc#1175149).
   - btrfs: fix wrong file range cleanup after an error filling dealloc range
   - btrfs: inode: fix NULL pointer dereference if inode does not need
     compression (bsc#1174484).
   - btrfs: inode: move qgroup reserved space release to the callers of
     insert_reserved_file_extent() (bsc#1172247).
   - btrfs: inode: refactor the parameters of insert_reserved_file_extent()
   - btrfs: introduce per-inode file extent tree (bsc#1175377).
   - btrfs: make btrfs_ordered_extent naming consistent with
     btrfs_file_extent_item (bsc#1172247).
   - btrfs: make full fsyncs always operate on the entire file again
   - btrfs: make ranged full fsyncs more efficient (bsc#1175546).
   - btrfs: move extent_io_tree defs to their own header (bsc#1175377).
   - btrfs: qgroup: allow to unreserve range without releasing other ranges
   - btrfs: qgroup: fix data leak caused by race between writeback and
     truncate (bsc#1172247).
   - btrfs: qgroup: remove ASYNC_COMMIT mechanism in favor of reserve
     retry-after-EDQUOT (bsc#1120163).
   - btrfs: qgroup: try to flush qgroup space when we get -EDQUOT
   - btrfs: remove unnecessary delalloc mutex for inodes (bsc#1175377).
   - btrfs: remove useless check for copy_items() return value (bsc#1175546).
   - btrfs: replace all uses of btrfs_ordered_update_i_size (bsc#1175377).
   - btrfs: separate out the extent io init function (bsc#1175377).
   - btrfs: separate out the extent leak code (bsc#1175377).
   - btrfs: treat RWF_{,D}SYNC writes as sync for CRCs (bsc#1175493).
   - btrfs: trim: fix underflow in trim length to prevent access beyond
     device boundary (bsc#1175263).
   - btrfs: use btrfs_ordered_update_i_size in clone_finish_inode_update
   - btrfs: use the file extent tree infrastructure (bsc#1175377).
   - cfg80211: check vendor command doit pointer before use (git-fixes).
   - clk: actions: Fix h_clk for Actions S500 SoC (git-fixes).
   - clk: at91: clk-generated: check best_rate against ranges (git-fixes).
   - clk: at91: clk-generated: continue if __clk_determine_rate() returns
     error (git-fixes).
   - clk: at91: sam9x60-pll: check fcore against ranges (git-fixes).
   - clk: at91: sam9x60-pll: use logical or for range check (git-fixes).
   - clk: at91: sam9x60: fix main rc oscillator frequency (git-fixes).
   - clk: at91: sckc: register slow_rc with accuracy option (git-fixes).
   - clk: bcm2835: Do not use prediv with bcm2711's PLLs (bsc#1174865).
   - clk: bcm63xx-gate: fix last clock availability (git-fixes).
   - clk: clk-atlas6: fix return value check in atlas6_clk_init() (git-fixes).
   - clk: iproc: round clock rate to the closest (git-fixes).
   - clk: qcom: gcc-sdm660: Add missing modem reset (git-fixes).
   - clk: qcom: gcc-sdm660: Fix up gcc_mss_mnoc_bimc_axi_clk (git-fixes).
   - clk: rockchip: Revert "fix wrong mmc sample phase shift for rk3328"
   - clk: scmi: Fix min and max rate when registering clocks with discrete
     rates (git-fixes).
   - clk: spear: Remove uninitialized_var() usage (git-fixes).
   - clk: st: Remove uninitialized_var() usage (git-fixes).
   - console: newport_con: fix an issue about leak related system resources
   - cpumap: Use non-locked version __ptr_ring_consume_batched (git-fixes).
   - crc-t10dif: Fix potential crypto notify dead-lock (git-fixes).
   - crypto: aesni - Fix build with LLVM_IAS=1 (git-fixes).
   - crypto: aesni - add compatibility with IAS (git-fixes).
   - crypto: caam - Fix argument type in handle_imx6_err005766 (git-fixes).
   - crypto: ccp - Fix use of merged scatterlists (git-fixes).
   - crypto: ccree - fix resource leak on error path (git-fixes).
   - crypto: cpt - do not sleep of CRYPTO_TFM_REQ_MAY_SLEEP was not specified
   - crypto: hisilicon - do not sleep of CRYPTO_TFM_REQ_MAY_SLEEP was not
     specified (git-fixes).
   - crypto: qat - fix double free in qat_uclo_create_batch_init_list
   - devlink: ignore -EOPNOTSUPP errors on dumpit (bsc#1154353).
   - devres: keep both device name and resource name in pretty name
   - dlm: Fix kobject memleak (bsc#1175768).
   - dlm: remove BUG() before panic() (git-fixes).
   - dmaengine: fsl-edma: fix wrong tcd endianness for big-endian cpu
   - dmaengine: ioat setting ioat timeout as module parameter (git-fixes).
   - dmaengine: tegra210-adma: Fix runtime PM imbalance on error (git-fixes).
   - docs: fix memory.low description in cgroup-v2.rst (git-fixes). (SLE
     documentation might refer to cgroup-v2.rst.)
   - drbd: Remove uninitialized_var() usage (git-fixes).
   - driver core: Avoid binding drivers to dead devices (git-fixes).
   - drivers/firmware/psci: Fix memory leakage in alloc_init_cpu_groups()
   - drivers/net/wan: lapb: Corrected the usage of skb_cow (git-fixes).
   - drivers: hv: vmbus: Only notify Hyper-V for die events that are oops
   - drm/amd/display: Fix EDID parsing after resume from suspend (git-fixes).
   - drm/amd/display: fix pow() crashing when given base 0 (git-fixes).
   - drm/amd/powerplay: fix compile error with ARCH=arc (git-fixes).
   - drm/amdgpu/display bail early in dm_pp_get_static_clocks (git-fixes).
   - drm/amdgpu/display: use blanked rather than plane state for sync
     (bsc#1152489) 	* refreshed for context changes 	* protect code with
   - drm/amdgpu/gfx10: fix race condition for kiq (git-fixes).
   - drm/amdgpu: Fix NULL dereference in dpm sysfs handlers (git-fixes).
   - drm/amdgpu: Prevent kernel-infoleak in amdgpu_info_ioctl() (git-fixes).
   - drm/amdgpu: avoid dereferencing a NULL pointer (git-fixes).
   - drm/amdgpu: fix preemption unit test (git-fixes).
   - drm/arm: fix unintentional integer overflow on left shift (git-fixes).
   - drm/bridge: dw-hdmi: Do not cleanup i2c adapter and ddc ptr in
     (bsc#1152472) 	* refreshed for context changes
   - drm/bridge: sil_sii8620: initialize return of sii8620_readb (git-fixes).
   - drm/bridge: ti-sn65dsi86: Clear old error bits before AUX transfers
   - drm/bridge: ti-sn65dsi86: Do not use kernel-doc comment for local array
   - drm/bridge: ti-sn65dsi86: Fix off-by-one error in clock choice
     (bsc#1152489) 	* refreshed for context changes
   - drm/dbi: Fix SPI Type 1 (9-bit) transfer (bsc#1152472) 	* move
     drm_mipi_dbi.c -> tinydrm/mipi-dbi.c
   - drm/debugfs: fix plain echo to connector "force" attribute (git-fixes).
   - drm/etnaviv: Fix error path on failure to enable bus clk (git-fixes).
   - drm/etnaviv: fix ref count leak via pm_runtime_get_sync (git-fixes).
   - drm/gem: Fix a leak in drm_gem_objects_lookup() (git-fixes).
   - drm/i915/gt: Close race between engine_park and intel_gt_retire_requests
   - drm/i915/gt: Flush submission tasklet before waiting/retiring
   - drm/i915/gt: Move new timelines to the end of active_list (git-fixes).
   - drm/i915/gt: Unlock engine-pm after queuing the kernel context switch
   - drm/i915: Actually emit the await_start (bsc#1174737).
   - drm/i915: Copy across scheduler behaviour flags across submit fences
   - drm/i915: Do not poison on removal (bsc#1174737).
   - drm/i915: Drop no-semaphore boosting (bsc#1174737).
   - drm/i915: Eliminate the trylock for awaiting an earlier request
   - drm/i915: Flush execution tasklets before checking request status
   - drm/i915: Flush tasklet submission before sleeping on i915_request_wait
   - drm/i915: Ignore submit-fences on the same timeline (bsc#1174737).
   - drm/i915: Improve the start alignment of bonded pairs (bsc#1174737).
   - drm/i915: Keep track of request among the scheduling lists (bsc#1174737).
   - drm/i915: Lock signaler timeline while navigating (bsc#1174737).
   - drm/i915: Mark i915_request.timeline as a volatile, rcu pointer
   - drm/i915: Mark racy read of intel_engine_cs.saturated (bsc#1174737).
   - drm/i915: Mark up unlocked update of i915_request.hwsp_seqno
   - drm/i915: Peel dma-fence-chains for await (bsc#1174737).
   - drm/i915: Prevent using semaphores to chain up to external fences
   - drm/i915: Protect i915_request_await_start from early waits
   - drm/i915: Pull waiting on an external dma-fence into its routine
   - drm/i915: Rely on direct submission to the queue (bsc#1174737).
   - drm/i915: Remove wait priority boosting (bsc#1174737).
   - drm/i915: Reorder await_execution before await_request (bsc#1174737).
   - drm/i915: Return early for await_start on same timeline (bsc#1174737).
   - drm/i915: Use EAGAIN for trylock failures (bsc#1174737).
   - drm/imx: fix use after free (git-fixes).
   - drm/imx: imx-ldb: Disable both channels for split mode in enc->disable()
   - drm/imx: tve: fix regulator_disable error path (git-fixes).
   - drm/ingenic: Fix incorrect assumption about plane->index (bsc#1152489)
     * refreshed for context changes
   - drm/mipi: use dcs write for mipi_dsi_dcs_set_tear_scanline (git-fixes).
   - drm/msm: ratelimit crtc event overflow error (git-fixes).
   - drm/nouveau/fbcon: fix module unload when fbcon init has failed for some
     reason (git-fixes).
   - drm/nouveau/fbcon: zero-initialise the mode_cmd2 structure (git-fixes).
   - drm/nouveau/i2c/g94-: increase NV_PMGR_DP_AUXCTL_TRANSACTREQ timeout
   - drm/nouveau/kms/nv50-: Fix disabling dithering (git-fixes).
   - drm/nouveau: fix multiple instances of reference count leaks (git-fixes).
   - drm/nouveau: fix reference count leak in nouveau_debugfs_strap_peek
   - drm/panel: otm8009a: Drop unnessary backlight_device_unregister()
   - drm/radeon: Fix reference count leaks caused by pm_runtime_get_sync
   - drm/radeon: disable AGP by default (git-fixes).
   - drm/radeon: fix array out-of-bounds read and write issues (git-fixes).
   - drm/stm: repair runtime power management (git-fixes).
   - drm/tilcdc: fix leak & null ref in panel_connector_get_modes (git-fixes).
   - drm/ttm/nouveau: do not call tt destroy callback on alloc failure
     (git-fixes bsc#1175232).
   - drm/vgem: Replace opencoded version of drm_gem_dumb_map_offset()
     (bsc#1152489) 	* refreshed for context changes
   - drm/vmwgfx: Fix two list_for_each loop exit tests (git-fixes).
   - drm/vmwgfx: Use correct vmw_legacy_display_unit pointer (git-fixes).
   - drm: fix drm_dp_mst_port refcount leaks in drm_dp_mst_allocate_vcpi
   - drm: hold gem reference until object is no longer accessed (git-fixes).
   - drm: msm: a6xx: fix gpu failure after system resume (git-fixes).
   - drm: panel: simple: Fix bpc for LG LB070WV8 panel (git-fixes).
   - dyndbg: fix a BUG_ON in ddebug_describe_flags (git-fixes).
   - enetc: Fix tx rings bitmap iteration range, irq handling
   - ext2: fix missing percpu_counter_inc (bsc#1175774).
   - ext4: check journal inode extents more carefully (bsc#1173485).
   - ext4: do not BUG on inconsistent journal feature (bsc#1171634).
   - ext4: do not allow overlapping system zones (bsc#1173485).
   - ext4: fix checking of directory entry validity for inline directories
   - ext4: handle error of ext4_setup_system_zone() on remount (bsc#1173485).
   - fbdev: Detect integer underflow at "struct fbcon_ops"->clear_margins
   - firmware/psci: use common SMCCC_CONDUIT_* (bsc#1174906).
   - firmware: Fix a reference count leak (git-fixes).
   - firmware: arm_scmi: Fix SCMI genpd domain probing (git-fixes).
   - firmware: arm_scmi: Keep the discrete clock rates sorted (git-fixes).
   - firmware: arm_sdei: use common SMCCC_CONDUIT_* (bsc#1174906).
   - firmware: smccc: Add ARCH_SOC_ID support (bsc#1174906).
   - firmware: smccc: Add HAVE_ARM_SMCCC_DISCOVERY to identify SMCCC v1.1 and
     above (bsc#1174906).
   - firmware: smccc: Add function to fetch SMCCC version (bsc#1174906).
   - firmware: smccc: Add the definition for SMCCCv1.2 version/error codes
   - firmware: smccc: Drop smccc_version enum and use ARM_SMCCC_VERSION_1_x
     instead (bsc#1174906).
   - firmware: smccc: Refactor SMCCC specific bits into separate file
   - firmware: smccc: Update link to latest SMCCC specification (bsc#1174906).
   - firmware_loader: fix memory leak for paged buffer (bsc#1175367).
   - fuse: Fix parameter for FS_IOC_{GET,SET}FLAGS (bsc#1175176).
   - fuse: fix weird page warning (bsc#1175175).
   - genetlink: remove genl_bind (networking-stable-20_07_17).
   - genirq/affinity: Improve __irq_build_affinity_masks() (bsc#1174897
   - genirq/affinity: Remove const qualifier from node_to_cpumask argument
     (bsc#1174897 ltc#187090).
   - genirq/affinity: Spread vectors on node according to nr_cpu ratio
     (bsc#1174897 ltc#187090).
   - gfs2: Another gfs2_find_jhead fix (bsc#1174824).
   - gfs2: fix gfs2_find_jhead that returns uninitialized jhead with seq 0
   - go7007: add sanity checking for endpoints (git-fixes).
   - gpio: arizona: handle pm_runtime_get_sync failure case (git-fixes).
   - gpio: arizona: put pm_runtime in case of failure (git-fixes).
   - gpio: max77620: Fix missing release of interrupt (git-fixes).
   - gpu: host1x: debug: Fix multiple channels emitting messages
     simultaneously (git-fixes).
   - hwmon: (adm1275) Make sure we are reading enough data for different
     chips (git-fixes).
   - hwmon: (aspeed-pwm-tacho) Avoid possible buffer overflow (git-fixes).
   - hwmon: (nct6775) Accept PECI Calibration as temperature source for
     NCT6798D (git-fixes).
   - hwmon: (scmi) Fix potential buffer overflow in scmi_hwmon_probe()
   - i2c: also convert placeholder function to return errno (git-fixes).
   - i2c: i801: Add support for Intel Comet Lake PCH-V (jsc#SLE-13411).
   - i2c: i801: Add support for Intel Emmitsburg PCH (jsc#SLE-13411).
   - i2c: i801: Add support for Intel Tiger Lake PCH-H (jsc#SLE-13411).
   - i2c: iproc: fix race between client unreg and isr (git-fixes).
   - i2c: rcar: avoid race when unregistering slave (git-fixes).
   - i2c: rcar: slave: only send STOP event when we have been addressed
   - i2c: slave: add sanity check when unregistering (git-fixes).
   - i2c: slave: improve sanity check when registering (git-fixes).
   - ibmveth: Fix use of ibmveth in a bridge (bsc#1174387 ltc#187506).
   - ibmvnic fix NULL tx_pools and rx_tools issue at do_reset (bsc#1175873
   - ibmvnic: Fix IRQ mapping disposal in error path (bsc#1175112 ltc#187459).
   - ice: Clear and free XLT entries on reset (jsc#SLE-7926).
   - ice: Graceful error handling in HW table calloc failure (jsc#SLE-7926).
   - ide: Remove uninitialized_var() usage (git-fixes).
   - igc: Fix PTP initialization (bsc#1160634).
   - iio: improve IIO_CONCENTRATION channel type description (git-fixes).
   - integrity: remove redundant initialization of variable ret (git-fixes).
   - io-mapping: indicate mapping failure (git-fixes).
   - ionic: unlock queue mutex in error path (bsc#1167773).
   - ip6_gre: fix null-ptr-deref in ip6gre_init_net() (git-fixes).
   - ip6_gre: fix use-after-free in ip6gre_tunnel_lookup()
   - ip_tunnel: fix use-after-free in ip_tunnel_lookup()
   - ipv4: fill fl4_icmp_{type,code} in ping_v4_sendmsg
   - ipv6: Fix use of anycast address with loopback
   - ipv6: fib6_select_path can not use out path for nexthop objects
   - ipvs: fix the connection sync failed in some cases (bsc#1174699).
   - irqchip/gic: Atomically update affinity (bsc#1175195).
   - iwlegacy: Check the return value of pcie_capability_read_*() (git-fixes).
   - jbd2: add the missing unlock_buffer() in the error path of
     jbd2_write_superblock() (bsc#1175772).
   - kABI workaround for enum cpuhp_state (git-fixes).
   - kABI workaround for struct kvm_device (git-fixes). Just change an
     variable to "const" type in kvm_device.
   - kABI workaround for struct kvm_vcpu_arch (git-fixes). Add a struct
     variable to the end of kvm_vcpu_arch and kvm_vcpu_arch is embedded into
     kvm_vcpu at the end. It is usually used by pointer and allocated
     dynamically, so this change should be fine even for external kvm module.
   - kABI/severities: ignore KABI for NVMe, except nvme-fc (bsc#1174777)
     Exported symbols under drivers/nvme/host/ are only used by the nvme
     subsystem itself, except for the nvme-fc symbols.
   - kABI/severities: ignore qla2xxx as all symbols are internal
   - kABI: genetlink: remove genl_bind (kabi).
   - kABI: restore signature of xfrm_policy_bysel_ctx() and
     xfrm_policy_byid() (bsc#1174645).
   - kernel.h: remove duplicate include of asm/div64.h (git-fixes).
   - kernel/relay.c: fix memleak on destroy relay channel (git-fixes).
   - kernfs: do not call fsnotify() with name without a parent (bsc#1175770).
   - kobject: Avoid premature parent object freeing in kobject_cleanup()
   - l2tp: remove skb_dst_set() from l2tp_xmit_skb()
   - leds: 88pm860x: fix use-after-free on unbind (git-fixes).
   - leds: core: Flush scheduled work for system suspend (git-fixes).
   - leds: da903x: fix use-after-free on unbind (git-fixes).
   - leds: gpio: Fix semantic error (git-fixes).
   - leds: lm3533: fix use-after-free on unbind (git-fixes).
   - leds: lm355x: avoid enum conversion warning (git-fixes).
   - leds: lm36274: fix use-after-free on unbind (git-fixes).
   - leds: wm831x-status: fix use-after-free on unbind (git-fixes).
   - libbpf: Wrap source argument of BPF_CORE_READ macro in parentheses
   - liquidio: Fix wrong return value in cn23xx_get_pf_num() (git-fixes).
   - llc: make sure applications use ARPHRD_ETHER
   - locktorture: Print ratio of acquisitions, not failures (bsc#1149032).
   - mac80211: allow rx of mesh eapol frames with default rx key (git-fixes).
   - mac80211: fix misplaced while instead of if (git-fixes).
   - mac80211: mesh: Free ie data when leaving mesh (git-fixes).
   - mac80211: mesh: Free pending skb when destroying a mpath (git-fixes).
   - md-cluster: Fix potential error pointer dereference in resize_bitmaps()
   - md/raid5: Fix Force reconstruct-write io stuck in degraded raid5
   - media: budget-core: Improve exception handling in budget_register()
   - media: camss: fix memory leaks on error handling paths in probe
   - media: cxusb-analog: fix V4L2 dependency (git-fixes).
   - media: exynos4-is: Add missed check for pinctrl_lookup_state()
   - media: firewire: Using uninitialized values in node_probe() (git-fixes).
   - media: marvell-ccic: Add missed v4l2_async_notifier_cleanup()
   - media: media-request: Fix crash if memory allocation fails (git-fixes).
   - media: nuvoton-cir: remove setting tx carrier functions (git-fixes).
   - media: omap3isp: Add missed v4l2_ctrl_handler_free() for
     preview_init_entities() (git-fixes).
   - media: rockchip: rga: Introduce color fmt macros and refactor CSC mode
     logic (git-fixes).
   - media: rockchip: rga: Only set output CSC mode for RGB input (git-fixes).
   - media: sur40: Remove uninitialized_var() usage (git-fixes).
   - media: vpss: clean up resources in init (git-fixes).
   - media: vsp1: dl: Fix NULL pointer dereference on unbind (git-fixes).
   - mfd: arizona: Ensure 32k clock is put on driver unbind and error
   - mfd: dln2: Run event handler loop under spinlock (git-fixes).
   - mfd: intel-lpss: Add Intel Tiger Lake PCH-H PCI IDs (jsc#SLE-13411).
   - mld: fix memory leak in ipv6_mc_destroy_dev()
   - mlxsw: pci: Fix use-after-free in case of failed devlink reload
   - mlxsw: spectrum_router: Remove inappropriate usage of WARN_ON()
   - mm, vmstat: reduce zone->lock holding time by /proc/pagetypeinfo
   - mm/vunmap: add cond_resched() in vunmap_pmd_range (bsc#1175654
   - mm: Fix protection usage propagation (bsc#1174002).
   - mm: filemap: clear idle flag for writes (bsc#1175769).
   - mmc: sdhci-cadence: do not use hardware tuning for SD mode (git-fixes).
   - mmc: sdhci-pci-o2micro: Bug fix for O2 host controller Seabird1
   - mtd: properly check all write ioctls for permissions (git-fixes).
   - mtd: rawnand: fsl_upm: Remove unused mtd var (git-fixes).
   - mtd: rawnand: qcom: avoid write to unavailable register (git-fixes).
   - mvpp2: ethtool rxtx stats fix (networking-stable-20_06_28).
   - mwifiex: Fix firmware filename for sd8977 chipset (git-fixes).
   - mwifiex: Fix firmware filename for sd8997 chipset (git-fixes).
   - mwifiex: Prevent memory corruption handling keys (git-fixes).
   - ndctl/papr_scm,uapi: Add support for PAPR nvdimm specific methods
     (bsc#1175052 jsc#SLE-13823 bsc#1174969 jsc#SLE-12769).
   - net, sk_msg: Clear sk_user_data pointer on clone if tagged (bsc#1155518).
   - net, sk_msg: Do not use RCU_INIT_POINTER on sk_user_data (bsc#1155518).
   - net/bpfilter: Initialize pos in __bpfilter_process_sockopt (bsc#1155518).
   - net/bpfilter: split __bpfilter_process_sockopt (bsc#1155518).
   - net/ena: Fix build warning in ena_xdp_set() (bsc#1174852).
   - net/mlx5: DR, Change push vlan action sequence (jsc#SLE-8464).
   - net/mlx5: E-switch, Destroy TSAR when fail to enable the mode
   - net/mlx5: Fix eeprom support for SFP module (networking-stable-20_07_17).
   - net/mlx5e: Fix 50G per lane indication (networking-stable-20_07_17).
   - net/mlx5e: Fix kernel crash when setting vf VLANID on a VF dev
   - net: Added pointer check for dst->ops->neigh_lookup in
     dst_neigh_lookup_skb (networking-stable-20_07_17).
   - net: Do not clear the sock TX queue in sk_set_socket()
   - net: Fix a documentation bug wrt. ip_unprivileged_port_start
     (git-fixes). (SLES tuning guide refers to ip-sysctl.txt.)
   - net: Fix the arp error in some cases (networking-stable-20_06_28).
   - net: bridge: enfore alignment for ethernet address
   - net: core: reduce recursion limit value (networking-stable-20_06_28).
   - net: dsa: microchip: set the correct number of ports
   - net: ena: Change WARN_ON expression in ena_del_napi_in_range()
   - net: ena: Fix using plain integer as NULL pointer in
     ena_init_napi_in_range (bsc#1174852).
   - net: ena: Make missed_tx stat incremental (git-fixes).
   - net: ena: Make some functions static (bsc#1174852).
   - net: ena: Prevent reset after device destruction (git-fixes).
   - net: ena: add reserved PCI device ID (bsc#1174852).
   - net: ena: add support for reporting of packet drops (bsc#1174852).
   - net: ena: add support for the rx offset feature (bsc#1174852).
   - net: ena: add support for traffic mirroring (bsc#1174852).
   - net: ena: add unmask interrupts statistics to ethtool (bsc#1174852).
   - net: ena: allow setting the hash function without changing the key
   - net: ena: avoid memory access violation by validating req_id properly
   - net: ena: avoid unnecessary admin command when RSS function set fails
   - net: ena: avoid unnecessary rearming of interrupt vector when
     busy-polling (bsc#1174852).
   - net: ena: change default RSS hash function to Toeplitz (bsc#1174852).
   - net: ena: changes to RSS hash key allocation (bsc#1174852).
   - net: ena: cosmetic: change ena_com_stats_admin stats to u64
   - net: ena: cosmetic: code reorderings (bsc#1174852).
   - net: ena: cosmetic: extract code to ena_indirection_table_set()
   - net: ena: cosmetic: fix line break issues (bsc#1174852).
   - net: ena: cosmetic: fix spacing issues (bsc#1174852).
   - net: ena: cosmetic: fix spelling and grammar mistakes in comments
   - net: ena: cosmetic: minor code changes (bsc#1174852).
   - net: ena: cosmetic: remove unnecessary code (bsc#1174852).
   - net: ena: cosmetic: remove unnecessary spaces and tabs in ena_com.h
     macros (bsc#1174852).
   - net: ena: cosmetic: rename ena_update_tx/rx_rings_intr_moderation()
   - net: ena: cosmetic: satisfy gcc warning (bsc#1174852).
   - net: ena: cosmetic: set queue sizes to u32 for consistency (bsc#1174852).
   - net: ena: drop superfluous prototype (bsc#1174852).
   - net: ena: enable support of rss hash key and function changes
   - net: ena: ethtool: clean up minor indentation issue (bsc#1174852).
   - net: ena: ethtool: remove redundant non-zero check on rc (bsc#1174852).
   - net: ena: fix continuous keep-alive resets (bsc#1174852).
   - net: ena: fix ena_com_comp_status_to_errno() return value (bsc#1174852).
   - net: ena: fix error returning in ena_com_get_hash_function()
   - net: ena: fix request of incorrect number of IRQ vectors (bsc#1174852).
   - net: ena: move llq configuration from ena_probe to ena_device_init()
   - net: ena: reduce driver load time (bsc#1174852).
   - net: ena: remove code that does nothing (bsc#1174852).
   - net: ena: remove set but not used variable 'hash_key' (bsc#1174852).
   - net: ena: rename ena_com_free_desc to make API more uniform
   - net: ena: simplify ena_com_update_intr_delay_resolution() (bsc#1174852).
   - net: ena: support new LLQ acceleration mode (bsc#1174852).
   - net: ena: use SHUTDOWN as reset reason when closing interface
   - net: ena: use explicit variable size for clarity (bsc#1174852).
   - net: fix memleak in register_netdevice() (networking-stable-20_06_28).
   - net: increment xmit_recursion level in dev_direct_xmit()
   - net: lan78xx: add missing endpoint sanity check (git-fixes).
   - net: lan78xx: fix transfer-buffer memory leak (git-fixes).
   - net: lan78xx: replace bogus endpoint lookup (git-fixes).
   - net: mvneta: fix use of state->speed (networking-stable-20_07_17).
   - net: phy: Check harder for errors in get_phy_id() (git-fixes).
   - net: phy: fix memory leak in device-create error path (git-fixes).
   - net: qrtr: Fix an out of bounds read qrtr_endpoint_post()
   - net: usb: ax88179_178a: fix packet alignment padding
   - net: usb: qmi_wwan: add support for Quectel EG95 LTE modem
   - net_sched: fix a memory leak in atm_tc_init()
   - nfc: s3fwrn5: add missing release on skb in s3fwrn5_recv_frame
   - nvme-multipath: do not fall back to __nvme_find_path() for non-optimized
     paths (bsc#1172108).
   - nvme-multipath: fix logic for non-optimized paths (bsc#1172108).
   - nvme-multipath: round-robin: eliminate "fallback" variable (bsc#1172108).
   - nvme-multipath: set bdi capabilities once (bsc#1159058).
   - nvme-pci: Re-order nvme_pci_free_ctrl (bsc#1159058).
   - nvme-rdma: Add warning on state change failure at (bsc#1159058).
   - nvme-tcp: Add warning on state change failure at (bsc#1159058).
   - nvme-tcp: fix possible crash in write_zeroes processing (bsc#1159058).
   - nvme: Fix controller creation races with teardown flow (bsc#1159058).
   - nvme: Fix ctrl use-after-free during sysfs deletion (bsc#1159058).
   - nvme: Make nvme_uninit_ctrl symmetric to nvme_init_ctrl (bsc#1159058).
   - nvme: Remove unused return code from nvme_delete_ctrl_sync (bsc#1159058).
   - nvme: add a Identify Namespace Identification Descriptor list quirk
   - nvme: always search for namespace head (bsc#1159058).
   - nvme: avoid an Identify Controller command for each namespace
   - nvme: check namespace head shared property (bsc#1159058).
   - nvme: clean up nvme_scan_work (bsc#1159058).
   - nvme: cleanup namespace identifier reporting in (bsc#1159058).
   - nvme: consolidate chunk_sectors settings (bsc#1159058).
   - nvme: consolodate io settings (bsc#1159058).
   - nvme: expose hostid via sysfs for fabrics controllers (bsc#1159058).
   - nvme: expose hostnqn via sysfs for fabrics controllers (bsc#1159058).
   - nvme: factor out a nvme_ns_remove_by_nsid helper (bsc#1159058).
   - nvme: fix a crash in nvme_mpath_add_disk (git-fixes, bsc#1159058).
   - nvme: fix identify error status silent ignore (git-fixes, bsc#1159058).
   - nvme: fix possible hang when ns scanning fails during error
   - nvme: kABI fixes for nvme_ctrl (bsc#1159058).
   - nvme: multipath: round-robin: fix single non-optimized path case
   - nvme: prevent double free in nvme_alloc_ns() error handling
   - nvme: provide num dword helper (bsc#1159058).
   - nvme: refactor nvme_identify_ns_descs error handling (bsc#1159058).
   - nvme: refine the Qemu Identify CNS quirk (bsc#1159058).
   - nvme: release ida resources (bsc#1159058).
   - nvme: release namespace head reference on error (bsc#1159058).
   - nvme: remove the magic 1024 constant in nvme_scan_ns_list (bsc#1159058).
   - nvme: remove unused parameter (bsc#1159058).
   - nvme: rename __nvme_find_ns_head to nvme_find_ns_head (bsc#1159058).
   - nvme: revalidate after verifying identifiers (bsc#1159058).
   - nvme: revalidate namespace stream parameters (bsc#1159058).
   - nvme: unlink head after removing last namespace (bsc#1159058).
   - ocfs2: avoid inode removal while nfsd is accessing it (bsc#1172963).
   - ocfs2: fix panic on nfs server over ocfs2 (bsc#1172963).
   - ocfs2: fix remounting needed after setfacl command (bsc#1173954).
   - ocfs2: load global_inode_alloc (bsc#1172963).
   - omapfb: dss: Fix max fclk divider for omap36xx (git-fixes).
   - openvswitch: take into account de-fragmentation/gso_size in
     execute_check_pkt_len (networking-stable-20_06_28).
   - phy: armada-38x: fix NETA lockup when repeatedly switching speeds
   - phy: exynos5-usbdrd: Calibrating makes sense only for USB2.0 PHY
   - phy: renesas: rcar-gen3-usb2: move irq registration to init (git-fixes).
   - pinctrl-single: fix pcs_parse_pinconf() return value (git-fixes).
   - pinctrl: amd: fix npins for uart0 in kerncz_groups (git-fixes).
   - pinctrl: ingenic: Enhance support for IRQ_TYPE_EDGE_BOTH (git-fixes).
   - pinctrl: single: fix function name in documentation (git-fixes).
   - platform/chrome: cros_ec_ishtp: Fix a double-unlock issue (git-fixes).
   - platform/x86: ISST: Add new PCI device ids (git-fixes).
   - platform/x86: asus-nb-wmi: add support for ASUS ROG Zephyrus G14 and G15
   - platform/x86: intel-hid: Fix return value check in check_acpi_dev()
   - platform/x86: intel-vbtn: Fix return value check in check_acpi_dev()
   - power: supply: check if calc_soc succeeded in pm860x_init_battery
   - powerpc/64s: Do not init FSCR_DSCR in __init_FSCR() (bsc#1065729).
   - powerpc/64s: Fix early_init_mmu section mismatch (bsc#1065729).
   - powerpc/book3s64/pkeys: Use PVR check instead of cpu feature
   - powerpc/boot: Fix CONFIG_PPC_MPC52XX references (bsc#1065729).
   - powerpc/eeh: Fix pseries_eeh_configure_bridge() (bsc#1174689).
   - powerpc/fadump: Fix build error with CONFIG_PRESERVE_FA_DUMP=y
   - powerpc/iommu: Allow bypass-only for DMA (bsc#1156395).
   - powerpc/nvdimm: Use HCALL error as the return value (bsc#1175284).
   - powerpc/nvdimm: use H_SCM_QUERY hcall on H_OVERLAP error (bsc#1175284).
   - powerpc/papr_scm: Add support for fetching nvdimm 'fuel-gauge' metric
     (bsc#1175052 jsc#SLE-13823 bsc#1174969 jsc#SLE-12769).
   - powerpc/papr_scm: Fetch nvdimm health information from PHYP (bsc#1175052
     jsc#SLE-13823 bsc#1174969 jsc#SLE-12769).
   - powerpc/papr_scm: Fetch nvdimm performance stats from PHYP (bsc#1175052
     jsc#SLE-13823 bsc#1174969 jsc#SLE-12769).
   - powerpc/papr_scm: Implement support for PAPR_PDSM_HEALTH (bsc#1175052
     jsc#SLE-13823 bsc#1174969 jsc#SLE-12769).
   - powerpc/papr_scm: Improve error logging and handling papr_scm_ndctl()
     (bsc#1175052 jsc#SLE-13823 bsc#1174969 jsc#SLE-12769).
   - powerpc/papr_scm: Mark papr_scm_ndctl() as static (bsc#1175052
     jsc#SLE-13823 bsc#1174969 jsc#SLE-12769).
   - powerpc/perf: Fix missing is_sier_aviable() during build (bsc#1065729).
   - powerpc/pseries/hotplug-cpu: Remove double free in error path
   - powerpc/pseries/hotplug-cpu: wait indefinitely for vCPU death
     (bsc#1085030 ltC#165630).
   - powerpc/pseries: Do not initiate shutdown when system is running on UPS
     (bsc#1175440 ltc#187574).
   - powerpc/pseries: PCIE PHB reset (bsc#1174689).
   - powerpc/pseries: remove cede offline state for CPUs (bsc#1065729).
   - powerpc/rtas: do not online CPUs for partition suspend (bsc#1065729).
   - powerpc/vdso: Fix vdso cpu truncation (bsc#1065729).
   - powerpc: Allow 4224 bytes of stack expansion for the signal frame
   - powerpc: Document details on H_SCM_HEALTH hcall (bsc#1175052
     jsc#SLE-13823 bsc#1174969 jsc#SLE-12769).
   - pseries: Fix 64 bit logical memory block panic (bsc#1065729).
   - pwm: bcm-iproc: handle clk_get_rate() return (git-fixes).
   - r8169: fix jumbo configuration for RTL8168evl (bsc#1175296).
   - r8169: fix jumbo packet handling on resume from suspend (bsc#1175296).
   - r8169: fix resume on cable plug-in (bsc#1175296).
   - r8169: fix rtl_hw_jumbo_disable for RTL8168evl (bsc#1175296).
   - r8169: move disabling interrupt coalescing to RTL8169/RTL8168 init
   - r8169: read common register for PCI commit (bsc#1175296).
   - random32: move the pseudo-random 32-bit definitions to prandom.h
   - random32: remove net_rand_state from the latent entropy gcc plugin
   - random: fix circular include dependency on arm64 after addition of
     percpu.h (git-fixes).
   - regmap: debugfs: check count when read regmap file (git-fixes).
   - regmap: dev_get_regmap_match(): fix string comparison (git-fixes).
   - regulator: gpio: Honor regulator-boot-on property (git-fixes).
   - remoteproc: qcom_q6v5_mss: Validate MBA firmware size before load
   - remoteproc: qcom_q6v5_mss: Validate modem blob firmware size before load
   - rhashtable: Document the right function parameters (bsc#1174880).
   - rhashtable: Drop raw RCU deref in nested_table_free (bsc#1174880).
   - rhashtable: Fix unprotected RCU dereference in __rht_ptr (bsc#1174880).
   - rhashtable: Restore RCU marking on rhash_lock_head (bsc#1174880).
   - rhashtable: drop duplicated word in <linux/rhashtable.h> (bsc#1174880).
   - rocker: fix incorrect error handling in dma_rings_init
   - rpm/modules.fips: * add ecdh_generic (boo#1173813)
   - rtc: goldfish: Enable interrupt in set_alarm() when necessary
   - rtlwifi: rtl8192cu: Remove uninitialized_var() usage (git-fixes).
   - rtw88: fix LDPC field for RA info (git-fixes).
   - rtw88: fix short GI capability based on current bandwidth (git-fixes).
   - sch_cake: do not call diffserv parsing code when it is not needed
   - sch_cake: do not try to reallocate or unshare skb unconditionally
   - sched: consistently handle layer3 header accesses in the presence of
     VLANs (networking-stable-20_07_17).
   - scsi/fc: kABI fixes for new ELS_RPD definition (bsc#1171688 bsc#1174003).
   - scsi: Fix trivial spelling (bsc#1171688 bsc#1174003).
   - scsi: dh: Add Fujitsu device to devinfo and dh lists (bsc#1174026).
   - scsi: ipr: Fix softlockup when rescanning devices in petitboot
   - scsi: ipr: Use scnprintf() for avoiding potential buffer overflow
   - scsi: ipr: remove unneeded semicolon (jsc#SLE-13654).
   - scsi: qla2xxx: Add more BUILD_BUG_ON() statements (bsc#1171688
   - scsi: qla2xxx: Address a set of sparse warnings (bsc#1171688
   - scsi: qla2xxx: Allow ql2xextended_error_logging special value 1 to be
     set anytime (bsc#1171688 bsc#1174003).
   - scsi: qla2xxx: Cast explicitly to uint16_t / uint32_t (bsc#1171688
   - scsi: qla2xxx: Change in PUREX to handle FPIN ELS requests (bsc#1171688
   - scsi: qla2xxx: Change two hardcoded constants into offsetof() / sizeof()
     expressions (bsc#1171688 bsc#1174003).
   - scsi: qla2xxx: Change {RD,WRT}_REG_*() function names from upper case
     into lower case (bsc#1171688 bsc#1174003).
   - scsi: qla2xxx: Check if FW supports MQ before enabling (bsc#1171688
   - scsi: qla2xxx: Check the size of struct fcp_hdr at compile time
     (bsc#1171688 bsc#1174003).
   - scsi: qla2xxx: Fix MPI failure AEN (8200) handling (bsc#1171688
   - scsi: qla2xxx: Fix WARN_ON in qla_nvme_register_hba (bsc#1171688
   - scsi: qla2xxx: Fix a Coverity complaint in qla2100_fw_dump()
     (bsc#1171688 bsc#1174003).
   - scsi: qla2xxx: Fix a condition in qla2x00_find_all_fabric_devs()
     (bsc#1171688 bsc#1174003).
   - scsi: qla2xxx: Fix endianness annotations in header files (bsc#1171688
   - scsi: qla2xxx: Fix endianness annotations in source files (bsc#1171688
   - scsi: qla2xxx: Fix failure message in qlt_disable_vha() (bsc#1171688
   - scsi: qla2xxx: Fix issue with adapter's stopping state (bsc#1171688
   - scsi: qla2xxx: Fix login timeout (bsc#1171688 bsc#1174003).
   - scsi: qla2xxx: Fix null pointer access during disconnect from subsystem
     (bsc#1171688 bsc#1174003).
   - scsi: qla2xxx: Fix spelling of a variable name (bsc#1171688 bsc#1174003).
   - scsi: qla2xxx: Fix the code that reads from mailbox registers
     (bsc#1171688 bsc#1174003).
   - scsi: qla2xxx: Fix warning after FC target reset (bsc#1171688
   - scsi: qla2xxx: Flush I/O on zone disable (bsc#1171688 bsc#1174003).
   - scsi: qla2xxx: Flush all sessions on zone disable (bsc#1171688
   - scsi: qla2xxx: Increase the size of struct qla_fcp_prio_cfg to
     FCP_PRIO_CFG_SIZE (bsc#1171688 bsc#1174003).
   - scsi: qla2xxx: Indicate correct supported speeds for Mezz card
     (bsc#1171688 bsc#1174003).
   - scsi: qla2xxx: Initialize 'n' before using it (bsc#1171688 bsc#1174003).
   - scsi: qla2xxx: Introduce a function for computing the debug message
     prefix (bsc#1171688 bsc#1174003).
   - scsi: qla2xxx: Keep initiator ports after RSCN (bsc#1171688 bsc#1174003).
   - scsi: qla2xxx: Make __qla2x00_alloc_iocbs() initialize 32 bits of
     request_t.handle (bsc#1171688 bsc#1174003).
   - scsi: qla2xxx: Make a gap in struct qla2xxx_offld_chain explicit
     (bsc#1171688 bsc#1174003).
   - scsi: qla2xxx: Make qla2x00_restart_isp() easier to read (bsc#1171688
   - scsi: qla2xxx: Make qla82xx_flash_wait_write_finish() easier to read
     (bsc#1171688 bsc#1174003).
   - scsi: qla2xxx: Make qla_set_ini_mode() return void (bsc#1171688
   - scsi: qla2xxx: Make qlafx00_process_aen() return void (bsc#1171688
   - scsi: qla2xxx: Reduce noisy debug message (bsc#1171688 bsc#1174003).
   - scsi: qla2xxx: Remove a superfluous cast (bsc#1171688 bsc#1174003).
   - scsi: qla2xxx: Remove an unused function (bsc#1171688 bsc#1174003).
   - scsi: qla2xxx: Remove return value from qla_nvme_ls() (bsc#1171688
   - scsi: qla2xxx: Remove the __packed annotation from struct fcp_hdr and
     fcp_hdr_le (bsc#1171688 bsc#1174003).
   - scsi: qla2xxx: SAN congestion management implementation (bsc#1171688
   - scsi: qla2xxx: Simplify the functions for dumping firmware (bsc#1171688
   - scsi: qla2xxx: Sort BUILD_BUG_ON() statements alphabetically
     (bsc#1171688 bsc#1174003).
   - scsi: qla2xxx: Split qla2x00_configure_local_loop() (bsc#1171688
   - scsi: qla2xxx: Use ARRAY_SIZE() instead of open-coding it (bsc#1171688
   - scsi: qla2xxx: Use MBX_TOV_SECONDS for mailbox command timeout values
     (bsc#1171688 bsc#1174003).
   - scsi: qla2xxx: Use make_handle() instead of open-coding it (bsc#1171688
   - scsi: qla2xxx: Use register names instead of register offsets
     (bsc#1171688 bsc#1174003).
   - scsi: qla2xxx: Use true, false for ha->fw_dumped (bsc#1171688
   - scsi: qla2xxx: Use true, false for need_mpi_reset (bsc#1171688
   - scsi: qla2xxx: make 1-bit bit-fields unsigned int (bsc#1171688
   - scsi: smartpqi: Identify physical devices without issuing INQUIRY
   - scsi: smartpqi: Use scnprintf() for avoiding potential buffer overflow
   - scsi: smartpqi: add RAID bypass counter (bsc#1172418).
   - scsi: smartpqi: add id support for SmartRAID 3152-8i (bsc#1172418).
   - scsi: smartpqi: avoid crashing kernel for controller issues
   - scsi: smartpqi: bump version to 1.2.16-010 (bsc#1172418).
   - scsi: smartpqi: support device deletion via sysfs (bsc#1172418).
   - scsi: smartpqi: update logical volume size after expansion (bsc#1172418).
   - scsi: target/iblock: fix WRITE SAME zeroing (bsc#1169790).
   - sctp: Do not advertise IPv4 addresses if ipv6only is set on the socket
   - selftests/livepatch: fix mem leaks in test-klp-shadow-vars (bsc#1071995).
   - selftests/livepatch: more verification in test-klp-shadow-vars
   - selftests/livepatch: rework test-klp-shadow-vars (bsc#1071995).
   - selftests/livepatch: simplify test-klp-callbacks busy target tests
   - seq_buf: Export seq_buf_printf (bsc#1175052 jsc#SLE-13823 bsc#1174969
   - serial: 8250: change lock order in serial8250_do_startup() (git-fixes).
   - serial: 8250: fix null-ptr-deref in serial8250_start_tx() (git-fixes).
   - serial: 8250_mtk: Fix high-speed baud rates clamping (git-fixes).
   - serial: 8250_pci: Move Pericom IDs to pci_ids.h (git-fixes).
   - serial: amba-pl011: Make sure we initialize the port.lock spinlock
   - serial: exar: Fix GPIO configuration for Sealevel cards based on
     XR17V35X (git-fixes).
   - serial: mxs-auart: add missed iounmap() in probe failure and remove
   - serial: pl011: Do not leak amba_ports entry on driver register error
   - serial: pl011: Fix oops on -EPROBE_DEFER (git-fixes).
   - serial: tegra: fix CREAD handling for PIO (git-fixes).
   - soc/tegra: pmc: Enable PMIC wake event on Tegra194 (bsc#1175834).
   - soc/tegra: pmc: Enable PMIC wake event on Tegra210 (bsc#1175116).
   - soc: qcom: rpmh-rsc: Set suppress_bind_attrs flag (git-fixes).
   - spi: davinci: Remove uninitialized_var() usage (git-fixes).
   - spi: lantiq-ssc: Fix warning by using WQ_MEM_RECLAIM (git-fixes).
   - spi: lantiq: fix: Rx overflow error in full duplex mode (git-fixes).
   - spi: mediatek: use correct SPI_CFG2_REG MACRO (git-fixes).
   - spi: pxa2xx: Add support for Intel Tiger Lake PCH-H (jsc#SLE-13411).
   - spi: rockchip: Fix error in SPI slave pio read (git-fixes).
   - spi: spi-geni-qcom: Actually use our FIFO (git-fixes).
   - spi: spidev: Align buffers for DMA (git-fixes).
   - spi: stm32: fixes suspend/resume management (git-fixes).
   - staging: rtl8188eu: rtw_mlme: Fix uninitialized variable authmode
   - staging: rtl8192u: fix a dubious looking mask before a shift (git-fixes).
   - staging: rtl8712: handle firmware load failure (git-fixes).
   - staging: vchiq_arm: Add a matching unregister call (git-fixes).
   - staging: wlan-ng: properly check endpoint types (git-fixes).
   - tcp: do not ignore ECN CWR on pure ACK (networking-stable-20_06_28).
   - tcp: fix SO_RCVLOWAT possible hangs under high mem pressure
   - tcp: grow window for OOO packets only for SACK flows
   - tcp: make sure listeners do not initialize congestion-control state
   - tcp: md5: add missing memory barriers in
     tcp_md5_do_add()/tcp_md5_hash_key() (networking-stable-20_07_17).
   - tcp: md5: do not send silly options in SYNCOOKIES
   - tcp: md5: refine tcp_md5_do_add()/tcp_md5_hash_key() barriers
   - tcp_cubic: fix spurious HYSTART_DELAY exit upon drop in min RTT
   - thermal: ti-soc-thermal: Fix reversed condition in
     ti_thermal_expose_sensor() (git-fixes).
   - tpm: Require that all digests are present in TCG_PCR_EVENT2 structures
   - tracepoint: Mark __tracepoint_string's __used (git-fixes).
   - tracing: Use trace_sched_process_free() instead of exit() for pid
     tracing (git-fixes).
   - ubsan: check panic_on_warn (bsc#1174805).
   - uio_pdrv_genirq: Remove warning when irq is not specified (bsc#1174762).
   - update upstream reference
   - usb: bdc: Halt controller on suspend (git-fixes).
   - usb: core: fix quirks_param_set() writing to a const pointer (git-fixes).
   - usb: dwc2: gadget: Make use of GINTMSK2 (git-fixes).
   - usb: dwc3: pci: add support for the Intel Jasper Lake (git-fixes).
   - usb: dwc3: pci: add support for the Intel Tiger Lake PCH -H variant
   - usb: gadget: f_uac2: fix AC Interface Header Descriptor wTotalLength
   - usb: gadget: net2280: fix memory leak on probe error handling paths
   - usb: gadget: udc: gr_udc: fix memleak on error handling path in
     gr_ep_init() (git-fixes).
   - usb: hso: Fix debug compile warning on sparc32 (git-fixes).
   - usb: hso: check for return value in hso_serial_common_create()
   - usb: iowarrior: fix up report size handling for some devices (git-fixes).
   - usb: mtu3: clear dual mode of u3port when disable device (git-fixes).
   - usb: serial: cp210x: enable usb generic throttle/unthrottle (git-fixes).
   - usb: serial: cp210x: re-enable auto-RTS on open (git-fixes).
   - usb: serial: iuu_phoenix: fix led-activity helpers (git-fixes).
   - usb: serial: qcserial: add EM7305 QDL product ID (git-fixes).
   - usb: xhci: Fix ASM2142/ASM3142 DMA addressing (git-fixes).
   - usb: xhci: Fix ASMedia ASM1142 DMA addressing (git-fixes).
   - usb: xhci: define IDs for various ASMedia host controllers (git-fixes).
   - usbip: tools: fix module name in man page (git-fixes).
   - video: fbdev: neofb: fix memory leak in neo_scan_monitor() (git-fixes).
   - video: fbdev: savage: fix memory leak on error handling path in probe
   - video: fbdev: sm712fb: fix an issue about iounmap for a wrong address
   - video: pxafb: Fix the function used to balance a 'dma_alloc_coherent()'
     call (git-fixes).
   - vlan: consolidate VLAN parsing code and limit max parsing depth
   - vmxnet3: use correct tcp hdr length when packet is encapsulated
   - vt: Reject zero-sized screen buffer size (git-fixes).
   - watchdog: f71808e_wdt: clear watchdog timeout occurred flag (git-fixes).
   - watchdog: f71808e_wdt: indicate WDIOF_CARDRESET support in
     watchdog_info.options (git-fixes).
   - watchdog: f71808e_wdt: remove use of wrong watchdog_info option
   - watchdog: initialize device before misc_register (git-fixes).
   - wireless: Use linux/stddef.h instead of stddef.h (git-fixes).
   - wireless: Use offsetof instead of custom macro (git-fixes).
   - wl1251: fix always return 0 error (git-fixes).
   - x86/bugs/multihit: Fix mitigation reporting when VMX is not in use
   - xen/pvcalls-back: test for errors when calling backend_connect()
   - xfrm: policy: match with both mark and mask on user interfaces
   - xfs: do not eat an EIO/ENOSPC writeback error when scrubbing data fork
   - xfs: fix inode allocation block res calculation precedence (git-fixes).
   - xfs: fix reflink quota reservation accounting error (git-fixes).
   - xfs: preserve rmapbt swapext block reservation from freed blocks

Special Instructions and Notes:

   Please reboot the system after installing this update.

Patch Instructions:

   To install this SUSE Security Update use the SUSE recommended installation methods
   like YaST online_update or "zypper patch".

   Alternatively you can run the command listed for your product:

   - SUSE Linux Enterprise Module for Public Cloud 15-SP2:

      zypper in -t patch SUSE-SLE-Module-Public-Cloud-15-SP2-2020-2485=1

Package List:

   - SUSE Linux Enterprise Module for Public Cloud 15-SP2 (x86_64):


   - SUSE Linux Enterprise Module for Public Cloud 15-SP2 (noarch):



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