SUSE-CU-2022:878-1: Security update of ses/7/ceph/grafana

sle-security-updates at sle-security-updates at
Fri May 6 07:20:46 UTC 2022

SUSE Container Update Advisory: ses/7/ceph/grafana
Container Advisory ID : SUSE-CU-2022:878-1
Container Tags        : ses/7/ceph/grafana:8.3.5 , ses/7/ceph/grafana: , ses/7/ceph/grafana:latest , ses/7/ceph/grafana:sle15.2.octopus
Container Release     : 3.778
Severity              : important
Type                  : security
References            : 1172427 1179557 1183533 1184501 1187748 1188911 1191157 1192838
                        1193489 1194642 1194848 1194873 1194883 1195628 1195726 1195727
                        1195728 1195999 1196046 1196061 1196107 1196317 1196368 1196514
                        1196733 1196925 1196938 1196939 1197004 1197134 1197188 1198062
                        CVE-2021-28153 CVE-2021-36222 CVE-2021-3711 CVE-2021-39226 CVE-2021-41174
                        CVE-2021-41244 CVE-2021-43798 CVE-2021-43813 CVE-2021-43815 CVE-2022-1271
                        CVE-2022-21673 CVE-2022-21702 CVE-2022-21703 CVE-2022-21713 

The container ses/7/ceph/grafana was updated. The following patches have been included in this update:

Advisory ID: SUSE-RU-2022:1099-1
Released:    Mon Apr  4 12:53:05 2022
Summary:     Recommended update for aaa_base
Type:        recommended
Severity:    moderate
References:  1194883
This update for aaa_base fixes the following issues:

- Set net.ipv4.ping_group_range to allow ICMP ping (bsc#1194883)
- Include all fixes and changes for systemwide inputrc to remove the 8 bit escape sequence which interfere with UTF-8
  multi byte characters as well as support the vi mode of readline library

Advisory ID: SUSE-RU-2022:1109-1
Released:    Mon Apr  4 17:50:01 2022
Summary:     Recommended update for util-linux
Type:        recommended
Severity:    important
References:  1172427,1194642
This update for util-linux fixes the following issues:

- Improve throughput and reduce clock sequence increments for high load situation with time based 
  version 1 uuids. (bsc#1194642)
- Prevent root owning of `/var/lib/libuuid/clock.txt`. (bsc#1194642)
- Warn if uuidd lock state is not usable. (bsc#1194642)
- Fix 'su -s' bash completion. (bsc#1172427)

Advisory ID: SUSE-SU-2022:1157-1
Released:    Tue Apr 12 13:26:19 2022
Summary:     Security update for libsolv, libzypp, zypper
Type:        security
Severity:    important
References:  1184501,1194848,1195999,1196061,1196317,1196368,1196514,1196925,1197134
This update for libsolv, libzypp, zypper fixes the following issues:

Security relevant fix:

- Harden package signature checks (bsc#1184501).

libsolv update to 0.7.22:

- reworked choice rule generation to cover more usecases
- support SOLVABLE_PREREQ_IGNOREINST in the ordering code (bsc#1196514)
- support parsing of Debian's Multi-Arch indicator
- fix segfault on conflict resolution when using bindings
- fix split provides not working if the update includes a forbidden vendor change
- support strict repository priorities
- support zstd compressed control files in debian packages
- add an ifdef allowing to rename Solvable dependency members ('requires' is a keyword in C++20)
- support setting/reading userdata in solv files
  new functions: repowriter_set_userdata, solv_read_userdata
- support queying of the custom vendor check function
  new function: pool_get_custom_vendorcheck
- support solv files with an idarray block
- allow accessing the toolversion at runtime

libzypp update to 17.30.0:

- ZConfig: Update solver settings if target changes (bsc#1196368)
- Fix possible hang in singletrans mode (bsc#1197134)
- Do 2 retries if mount is still busy.
- Fix package signature check (bsc#1184501)
  Pay attention that header and payload are secured by a valid
  signature and report more detailed which signature is missing.
- Retry umount if device is busy (bsc#1196061, closes #381)
  A previously released ISO image may need a bit more time to
  release it's loop device. So we wait a bit and retry.
- Fix serializing/deserializing type mismatch in zypp-rpm protocol (bsc#1196925)
- Fix handling of ISO media in releaseAll (bsc#1196061)
- Hint on common ptf resolver conflicts (bsc#1194848)
- Hint on ptf<>patch resolver conflicts (bsc#1194848)

zypper update to 1.14.52:

- info: print the packages upstream URL if available (fixes #426)
- info: Fix SEGV with not installed PTFs (bsc#1196317)
- Don't prevent less restrictive umasks (bsc#1195999)

Advisory ID: SUSE-SU-2022:1158-1
Released:    Tue Apr 12 14:44:43 2022
Summary:     Security update for xz
Type:        security
Severity:    important
References:  1198062,CVE-2022-1271
This update for xz fixes the following issues:

- CVE-2022-1271: Fixed an incorrect escaping of malicious filenames (ZDI-CAN-16587). (bsc#1198062)

Advisory ID: SUSE-RU-2022:1302-1
Released:    Fri Apr 22 10:04:46 2022
Summary:     Recommended update for e2fsprogs
Type:        recommended
Severity:    moderate
References:  1196939
This update for e2fsprogs fixes the following issues:

- Add support for 'libreadline7' for Leap. (bsc#1196939)

Advisory ID: SUSE-RU-2022:1374-1
Released:    Mon Apr 25 15:02:13 2022
Summary:     Recommended update for openldap2
Type:        recommended
Severity:    moderate
References:  1191157,1197004
This update for openldap2 fixes the following issues:

- allow specification of max/min TLS version with TLS1.3 (bsc#1191157)
- libldap was able to be out of step with openldap in some cases which could cause incorrect installations and symbol
  resolution failures. openldap2 and libldap now are locked to their related release versions. (bsc#1197004)
- restore CLDAP functionality in CLI tools (jsc#PM-3288)

Advisory ID: SUSE-RU-2022:1409-1
Released:    Tue Apr 26 12:54:57 2022
Summary:     Recommended update for gcc11
Type:        recommended
Severity:    moderate
References:  1195628,1196107
This update for gcc11 fixes the following issues:

- Add a list of Obsoletes to libstdc++6-pp-gcc11 so updates from
  packages provided by older GCC work.  Add a requires from that
  package to the corresponding libstc++6 package to keep those
  at the same version.  [bsc#1196107]
- Fixed memory corruption when creating dependences with the D language frontend.
- Add gcc11-PIE, similar to gcc-PIE but affecting gcc11 [bsc#1195628]
- Put libstdc++6-pp Requires on the shared library and drop
  to Recommends.

Advisory ID: SUSE-feature-2022:1419-1
Released:    Wed Apr 27 09:20:06 2022
Summary:     Feature update for grafana
Type:        feature
Severity:    moderate
References:  1194873,1195726,1195727,1195728,CVE-2021-36222,CVE-2021-3711,CVE-2021-39226,CVE-2021-41174,CVE-2021-41244,CVE-2021-43798,CVE-2021-43813,CVE-2021-43815,CVE-2022-21673,CVE-2022-21702,CVE-2022-21703,CVE-2022-21713
This update for grafana fixes the following issues:

Update from version 7.5.12 to version 8.3.5 (jsc#SLE-23422)

- Security:

    * CVE-2022-21702: XSS vulnerability in handling data sources (bsc#1195726)
    * CVE-2022-21703: cross-origin request forgery vulnerability (bsc#1195727)
    * CVE-2022-21713: Insecure Direct Object Reference vulnerability in Teams API (bsc#1195728)
    * CVE-2022-21673: GetUserInfo: return an error if no user was found (bsc#1194873)
    * CVE-2021-43813, CVE-2021-43815, CVE-2021-41244, CVE-2021-41174, CVE-2021-43798, CVE-2021-39226.
    * Upgrade Docker base image to Alpine 3.14.3.
    * CVE-2021-3711: Docker: Force use of libcrypto1.1 and libssl1.1 versions
    * Update dependencies to fix CVE-2021-36222.
    * Upgrade Go to 1.17.2.
    * Fix stylesheet injection vulnerability.
    * Fix short URL vulnerability.

- License update:
    * AGPL License: Update license from Apache 2.0 to the GNU Affero General Public License (AGPL).

- Breaking changes:
    * Grafana 8 Alerting enabled by default for installations that do not use legacy alerting.
    * Keep Last State for 'If execution error or timeout' when upgrading to Grafana 8 alerting.
    * Fix No Data behaviour in Legacy Alerting.
    * The following endpoints were deprecated for Grafana v5.0 and
      support for them has now been removed:
      * `GET /dashboards/db/:slug`
      * `GET /dashboard-solo/db/:slug`
      * `GET /api/dashboard/db/:slug`
      * `DELETE /api/dashboards/db/:slug`
    * The default HTTP method for Prometheus data source is now POST.
    * Removes the never refresh option for Query variables.
    * Removes the experimental Tags feature for Variables.

- Deprecations:
    * The InfoBox & FeatureInfoBox are now deprecated please use
      the Alert component instead with severity info.

- Bug fixes:
    * Azure Monitor: Bug fix for variable interpolations in metrics dropdowns.
    * Azure Monitor: Improved error messages for variable queries.
    * CloudMonitoring: Fixes broken variable queries that use group bys.
    * Configuration: You can now see your expired API keys if you have no active ones.
    * Elasticsearch: Fix handling multiple datalinks for a single field.
    * Export: Fix error when exporting dashboards using query variables that reference the default datasource.
    * ImportDashboard: Fixes issue with importing dashboard and name ending up in uid.
    * Login: Page no longer overflows on mobile.
    * Plugins: Set backend metadata property for core plugins.
    * Prometheus: Fill missing steps with null values.
    * Prometheus: Fix interpolation of `$__rate_interval` variable.
    * Prometheus: Interpolate variables with curly brackets syntax.
    * Prometheus: Respect the http-method data source setting.
    * Table: Fixes issue with field config applied to wrong fields when hiding columns.
    * Toolkit: Fix bug with rootUrls not being properly parsed when signing a private plugin.
    * Variables: Fix so data source variables are added to adhoc configuration.
    * AnnoListPanel: Fix interpolation of variables in tags.
    * CloudWatch: Allow queries to have no dimensions specified.
    * CloudWatch: Fix broken queries for users migrating from 8.2.4/8.2.5 to 8.3.0.
    * CloudWatch: Make sure MatchExact flag gets the right value.
    * Dashboards: Fix so that empty folders can be deleted from the manage dashboards/folders page.
    * InfluxDB: Improve handling of metadata query errors in InfluxQL.
    * Loki: Fix adding of ad hoc filters for queries with parser and line_format expressions.
    * Prometheus: Fix running of exemplar queries for non-histogram metrics.
    * Prometheus: Interpolate template variables in interval.
    * StateTimeline: Fix toolitp not showing when for frames with multiple fields.
    * TraceView: Fix virtualized scrolling when trace view is opened in right pane in Explore.
    * Variables: Fix repeating panels for on time range changed variables.
    * Variables: Fix so queryparam option works for scoped variables.
    * Alerting: Clear alerting rule evaluation errors after intermittent failures.
    * Alerting: Fix refresh on legacy Alert List panel.
    * Dashboard: Fix queries for panels with non-integer widths.
    * Explore: Fix url update inconsistency.
    * Prometheus: Fix range variables interpolation for time ranges smaller than 1 second.
    * ValueMappings: Fixes issue with regex value mapping that only sets color.
    * AccessControl: Renamed orgs roles, removed fixed:orgs:reader introduced in beta1.
    * Azure Monitor: Add trap focus for modals in grafana/ui and other small a11y fixes for Azure Monitor.
    * CodeEditor: Prevent suggestions from being clipped.
    * Dashboard: Fix cache timeout persistence.
    * Datasource: Fix stable sort order of query responses.
    * Explore: Fix error in query history when removing last item.
    * Logs: Fix requesting of older logs when flipped order.
    * Prometheus: Fix running of health check query based on access mode.
    * TextPanel: Fix suggestions for existing panels.
    * Tracing: Fix incorrect indentations due to reoccurring spanIDs.
    * Tracing: Show start time of trace with milliseconds precision.
    * Variables: Make renamed or missing variable section expandable.
    * API: Fix dashboard quota limit for imports.
    * Alerting: Fix rule editor issues with Azure Monitor data source.
    * Azure monitor: Make sure alert rule editor is not enabled when template variables are being used.
    * CloudMonitoring: Fix annotation queries.
    * CodeEditor: Trigger the latest getSuggestions() passed to CodeEditor.
    * Dashboard: Remove the current panel from the list of options in the Dashboard datasource.
    * Encryption: Fix decrypting secrets in alerting migration.
    * InfluxDB: Fix corner case where index is too large in ALIAS field.
    * NavBar: Order App plugins alphabetically.
    * NodeGraph: Fix zooming sensitivity on touchpads.
    * Plugins: Add OAuth pass-through logic to api/ds/query endpoint.
    * Snapshots: Fix panel inspector for snapshot data.
    * Tempo: Fix basic auth password reset on adding tag.
    * ValueMapping: Fixes issue with regex mappings.
    * TimeSeries: Fix fillBelowTo wrongly affecting fills of unrelated series.
    * Alerting: Fix a bug where the metric in the evaluation string was not correctly populated.
    * Alerting: Fix no data behaviour in Legacy Alerting for alert rules using the AND operator.
    * CloudMonitoring: Ignore min and max aggregation in MQL queries.
    * Dashboards: 'Copy' is no longer added to new dashboard titles.
    * DataProxy: Fix overriding response body when response is a WebSocket upgrade.
    * Elasticsearch: Use field configured in query editor as field for date_histogram aggregations.
    * Explore: Fix running queries without a datasource property set.
    * InfluxDB: Fix numeric aliases in queries.
    * Plugins: Ensure consistent plugin settings list response.
    * Tempo: Fix validation of float durations.
    * Tracing: Correct tags for each span are shown.
    * Alerting: Fix panic when Slack's API sends unexpected response.
    * Alerting: The Create Alert button now appears on the dashboard panel when you are working with a default 
    * Explore: We fixed the problem where the Explore log panel disappears when an Elasticsearch logs query returns no 
    * Graph: You can now see annotation descriptions on hover.
    * Logs: The system now uses the JSON parser only if the line is parsed to an object.
    * Prometheus: the system did not reuse TCP connections when querying from Grafana alerting.
    * Prometheus: error when a user created a query with a `$__interval` min step.
    * RowsToFields: the system was not properly interpreting number values.
    * Scale: We fixed how the system handles NaN percent when data min = data max.
    * Table panel: You can now create a filter that includes special characters.
    * Dashboard: Fix rendering of repeating panels.
    * Datasources: Fix deletion of data source if plugin is not found.
    * Packaging: Remove systemcallfilters sections from systemd unit files.
    * Prometheus: Add Headers to HTTP client options.
    * CodeEditor: Ensure that we trigger the latest onSave callback provided to the component.
    * DashboardList/AlertList: Fix for missing All folder value.
    * Alerting: Fixed an issue where the edit page crashes if you tried to preview an alert without a condition set.
    * Alerting: Fixed rules migration to keep existing Grafana 8 alert rules.
    * Alerting: Fixed the silence file content generated during migration.
    * Analytics: Fixed an issue related to interaction event propagation in Azure Application Insights.
    * BarGauge: Fixed an issue where the cell color was lit even though there was no data.
    * BarGauge: Improved handling of streaming data.
    * CloudMonitoring: Fixed INT64 label unmarshal error.
    * ConfirmModal: Fixes confirm button focus on modal open.
    * Dashboard: Add option to generate short URL for variables with values containing spaces.
    * Explore: No longer hides errors containing refId property.
    * Fixed an issue that produced State timeline panel tooltip error when data was not in sync.
    * InfluxDB: InfluxQL query editor is set to always use resultFormat.
    * Loki: Fixed creating context query for logs with parsed labels.
    * PageToolbar: Fixed alignment of titles.
    * Plugins Catalog: Update to the list of available panels after an install, update or uninstall.
    * TimeSeries: Fixed an issue where the shared cursor was not showing when hovering over in old Graph panel.
    * Variables: Fixed issues related to change of focus or refresh pages when pressing enter in a text box variable 
    * Variables: Panel no longer crash when using the adhoc variable in data links.
    * Admin: Prevent user from deleting user's current/active organization.
    * LibraryPanels: Fix library panel getting saved in the dashboard's folder.
    * OAuth: Make generic teams URL and JMES path configurable.
    * QueryEditor: Fix broken copy-paste for mouse middle-click
    * Thresholds: Fix undefined color in 'Add threshold'.
    * Timeseries: Add wide-to-long, and fix multi-frame output.
    * TooltipPlugin: Fix behavior of Shared Crosshair when Tooltip is set to All.
    * Alerting: Fix alerts with evaluation interval more than 30
      seconds resolving before notification.
    * Elasticsearch/Prometheus: Fix usage of proper SigV4 service
    * BarChart: Fixes panel error that happens on second refresh.
    * Alerting: Fix notification channel migration.
    * Annotations: Fix blank panels for queries with unknown data
    * BarChart: Fix stale values and x axis labels.
    * Graph: Make old graph panel thresholds work even if ngalert
      is enabled.
    * InfluxDB: Fix regex to identify / as separator.
    * LibraryPanels: Fix update issues related to library panels in
    * Variables: Fix variables not updating inside a Panel when the
      preceding Row uses 'Repeat For'.
    * Alerting: Fix alert flapping in the internal alertmanager.
    * Alerting: Fix request handler failed to convert dataframe
      'results' to plugins.DataTimeSeriesSlice: input frame is not
      recognized as a time series.
    * Dashboard: Fix UIDs are not preserved when importing/creating
      dashboards thru importing .json file.
    * Dashboard: Forces panel re-render when exiting panel edit.
    * Dashboard: Prevent folder from changing when navigating to
      general settings.
    * Elasticsearch: Fix metric names for alert queries.
    * Elasticsearch: Limit Histogram field parameter to numeric values.
    * Elasticsearch: Prevent pipeline aggregations to show up in
      terms order by options.
    * LibraryPanels: Prevent duplicate repeated panels from being created.
    * Loki: Fix ad-hoc filter in dashboard when used with parser.
    * Plugins: Track signed files + add warn log for plugin assets
      which are not signed.
    * Postgres/MySQL/MSSQL: Fix region annotations not displayed correctly.
    * Prometheus: Fix validate selector in metrics browser.
    * Alerting: Fix saving LINE contact point.
    * Annotations: Fix alerting annotation coloring.
    * Annotations: Alert annotations are now visible in the correct
    * Auth: Hide SigV4 config UI and disable middleware when its
      config flag is disabled.
    * Dashboard: Prevent incorrect panel layout by comparing window
      width against theme breakpoints.
    * Elasticsearch: Fix metric names for alert queries.
    * Explore: Fix showing of full log context.
    * PanelEdit: Fix 'Actual' size by passing the correct panel
      size to Dashboard.
    * Plugins: Fix TLS datasource settings.
    * Variables: Fix issue with empty drop downs on navigation.
    * Variables: Fix URL util converting false into true.
    * CloudWatch Logs: Fix crash when no region is selected.
    * Annotations: Correct annotations that are displayed upon page refresh.
    * Annotations: Fix Enabled button that disappeared from Grafana v8.0.6.
    * Annotations: Fix data source template variable that was not available for annotations.
    * AzureMonitor: Fix annotations query editor that does not load.
    * Geomap: Fix scale calculations.
    * GraphNG: Fix y-axis autosizing.
    * Live: Display stream rate and fix duplicate channels in list response.
    * Loki: Update labels in log browser when time range changes in dashboard.
    * NGAlert: Send resolve signal to alertmanager on alerting -> Normal.
    * PasswordField: Prevent a password from being displayed when you click the Enter button.
    * Renderer: Remove debug.log file when Grafana is stopped.
    * Docker: Fix builds by delaying go mod verify until all required files are copied over.
    * Exemplars: Fix disable exemplars only on the query that failed.
    * SQL: Fix SQL dataframe resampling (fill mode + time intervals).
    * Alerting: Handle marshaling Inf values.
    * AzureMonitor: Fix macro resolution for template variables.
    * AzureMonitor: Fix queries with Microsoft.NetApp/../../volumes
    * AzureMonitor: Request and concat subsequent resource pages.
    * Bug: Fix parse duration for day.
    * Datasources: Improve error handling for error messages.
    * Explore: Correct the functionality of shift-enter shortcut
      across all uses.
    * Explore: Show all dataFrames in data tab in Inspector.
    * GraphNG: Fix Tooltip mode 'All' for XYChart.
    * Loki: Fix highlight of logs when using filter expressions
      with backticks.
    * Modal: Force modal content to overflow with scroll.
    * Plugins: Ignore symlinked folders when verifying plugin
    * Alerting: Fix improper alert by changing the handling of
      empty labels.
    * CloudWatch/Logs: Reestablish Cloud Watch alert behavior.
    * Dashboard: Avoid migration breaking on fieldConfig without
      defaults field in folded panel.
    * DashboardList: Fix issue not re-fetching dashboard list after
      variable change.
    * Database: Fix incorrect format of isolation level
      configuration parameter for MySQL.
    * InfluxDB: Correct tag filtering on InfluxDB data.
    * Links: Fix links that caused a full page reload.
    * Live: Fix HTTP error when InfluxDB metrics have an incomplete
      or asymmetrical field set.
    * Postgres/MySQL/MSSQL: Change time field to 'Time' for time
      series queries.
    * Postgres: Fix the handling of a null return value in query
    * Tempo: Show hex strings instead of uints for IDs.
    * TimeSeries: Improve tooltip positioning when tooltip
    * Transformations: Add 'prepare time series' transformer.
    * AzureMonitor: Fix issue where resource group name is missing
      on the resource picker button.
    * Chore: Fix AWS auth assuming role with workspace IAM.
    * DashboardQueryRunner: Fixes unrestrained subscriptions being
    * DateFormats: Fix reading correct setting key for
    * Links: Fix links to other apps outside Grafana when under sub
    * Snapshots: Fix snapshot absolute time range issue.
    * Table: Fix data link color.
    * Time Series: Fix X-axis time format when tick increment is
      larger than a year.
    * Tooltip Plugin: Prevent tooltip render if field is undefined.
    * Elasticsearch: Allow case sensitive custom options in
      date_histogram interval.
    * Elasticsearch: Restore previous field naming strategy when
      using variables.
    * Explore: Fix import of queries between SQL data sources.
    * InfluxDB: InfluxQL query editor: fix retention policy
    * Loki: Send correct time range in template variable queries.
    * TimeSeries: Preserve RegExp series overrides when migrating
      from old graph panel.
    * Annotations: Fix annotation line and marker colors.
    * AzureMonitor: Fix KQL template variable queries without
      default workspace.
    * CloudWatch/Logs: Fix missing response data for log queries.
    * Elasticsearch: Restore previous field naming strategy when
      using variables.
    * LibraryPanels: Fix crash in library panels list when panel
      plugin is not found.
    * LogsPanel: Fix performance drop when moving logs panel in
    * Loki: Parse log levels when ANSI coloring is enabled.
    * MSSQL: Fix issue with hidden queries still being executed.
    * PanelEdit: Display the VisualizationPicker that was not
      displayed if a panel has an unknown panel plugin.
    * Plugins: Fix loading symbolically linked plugins.
    * Prometheus: Fix issue where legend name was replaced with
      name Value in stat and gauge panels.
    * State Timeline: Fix crash when hovering over panel.
    * Configuration: Fix changing org preferences in FireFox.
    * PieChart: Fix legend dimension limits.
    * Postgres/MySQL/MSSQL: Fix panic in concurrent map writes.
    * Variables: Hide default data source if missing from regex.
    * Alerting/SSE: Fix 'count_non_null' reducer validation.
    * Cloudwatch: Fix duplicated time series.
    * Cloudwatch: Fix missing defaultRegion.
    * Dashboard: Fix Dashboard init failed error on dashboards with
      old singlestat panels in collapsed rows.
    * Datasource: Fix storing timeout option as numeric.
    * Postgres/MySQL/MSSQL: Fix annotation parsing for empty
    * Postgres/MySQL/MSSQL: Numeric/non-string values are now
      returned from query variables.
    * Postgres: Fix an error that was thrown when the annotation
      query did not return any results.
    * StatPanel: Fix an issue with the appearance of the graph when
      switching color mode.
    * Visualizations: Fix an issue in the
      Stat/BarGauge/Gauge/PieChart panels where all values mode
      were showing the same name if they had the same value.
    * AzureMonitor: Fix Azure Resource Graph queries in Azure
    * Checkbox: Fix vertical layout issue with checkboxes due to
      fixed height.
    * Dashboard: Fix Table view when editing causes the panel data
      to not update.
    * Dashboard: Fix issues where unsaved-changes warning is not
    * Login: Fixes Unauthorized message showing when on login page
      or snapshot page.
    * NodeGraph: Fix sorting markers in grid view.
    * Short URL: Include orgId in generated short URLs.
    * Variables: Support raw values of boolean type.
    * Admin: Fix infinite loading edit on the profile page.
    * Color: Fix issues with random colors in string and date
    * Dashboard: Fix issue with title or folder change has no
      effect after exiting settings view.
    * DataLinks: Fix an issue is not working in data
    * Datasource: Fix dataproxy timeout should always be applied
      for outgoing data source HTTP requests.
    * Elasticsearch: Fix NewClient not passing httpClientProvider
      to client impl.
    * Explore: Fix Browser title not updated on Navigation to
    * GraphNG: Remove fieldName and hideInLegend properties from
    * OAuth: Fix fallback to auto_assign_org_role setting for Azure
      AD OAuth when no role claims exists.
    * PanelChrome: Fix issue with empty panel after adding a non
      data panel and coming back from panel edit.
    * StatPanel: Fix data link tooltip not showing for single
    * Table: Fix sorting for number fields.
    * Table: Have text underline for datalink, and add support for
      image datalink.
    * Time series panel: Position tooltip correctly when window is
      scrolled or resized.
    * Transformations: Prevent FilterByValue transform from
      crashing panel edit.
    * Annotations panel: Remove subpath from dashboard links.
    * Content Security Policy: Allow all image sources by default.
    * Content Security Policy: Relax default template wrt. loading
      of scripts, due to nonces not working.
    * Datasource: Fix tracing propagation for alert execution by
      introducing HTTP client outgoing tracing middleware.
    * InfluxDB: InfluxQL always apply time interval end.
    * Library Panels: Fixes 'error while loading library panels'.
    * NewsPanel: Fixes rendering issue in Safari.
    * PanelChrome: Fix queries being issued again when scrolling in
      and out of view.
    * Plugins: Fix Azure token provider cache panic and auth param
      nil value.
    * Snapshots: Fix key and deleteKey being ignored when creating
      an external snapshot.
    * Table: Fix issue with cell border not showing with colored
      background cells.
    * Table: Makes tooltip scrollable for long JSON values.
    * TimeSeries: Fix for Connected null values threshold toggle
      during panel editing.
    * Variables: Fixes inconsistent selected states on dashboard
    * Variables: Refreshes all panels even if panel is full screen.
    * APIKeys: Fixes issue with adding first api key.
    * Alerting: Add checks for non supported units - disable
      defaulting to seconds.
    * Alerting: Fix issue where Slack notifications won't link to
      user IDs.
    * Alerting: Omit empty message in PagerDuty notifier.
    * AzureMonitor: Fix migration error from older versions of App
      Insights queries.
    * CloudWatch: Fix AWS/Connect dimensions.
    * CloudWatch: Fix broken AWS/MediaTailor dimension name.
    * Dashboards: Allow string manipulation as advanced variable
      format option.
    * DataLinks: Includes harmless extended characters like
      Cyrillic characters.
    * Drawer: Fixes title overflowing its container.
    * Explore: Fix issue when some query errors were not shown.
    * Generic OAuth: Prevent adding duplicated users.
    * Graphite: Handle invalid annotations.
    * Graphite: Fix autocomplete when tags are not available.
    * InfluxDB: Fix Cannot read property 'length' of undefined in
      when parsing response.
    * Instrumentation: Enable tracing when Jaeger host and port are
    * Instrumentation: Prefix metrics with grafana.
    * MSSQL: By default let driver choose port.
    * OAuth: Add optional strict parsing of role_attribute_path.
    * Panel: Fixes description markdown with inline code being
      rendered on newlines and full width.
    * PanelChrome: Ignore data updates & errors for non data
    * Permissions: Fix inherited folder permissions can prevent new
      permissions being added to a dashboard.
    * Plugins: Remove pre-existing plugin installs when installing
      with grafana-cli.
    * Plugins: Support installing to folders with whitespace and
      fix pluginUrl trailing and leading whitespace failures.
    * Postgres/MySQL/MSSQL: Don't return connection failure details
      to the client.
    * Postgres: Fix ms precision of interval in time group macro
      when TimescaleDB is enabled.
    * Provisioning: Use dashboard checksum field as change
    * SQL: Fix so that all captured errors are returned from sql
    * Shortcuts: Fixes panel shortcuts so they always work.
    * Table: Fixes so border is visible for cells with links.
    * Variables: Clear query when data source type changes.
    * Variables: Filters out builtin variables from unknown list.
    * Variables: Refreshes all panels even if panel is full screen.
    * Alerting: Fix NoDataFound for alert rules using AND operator.

- Features and enhancements:
    * Alerting: Allow configuration of non-ready alertmanagers.
    * Alerting: Allow customization of Google chat message.
    * AppPlugins: Support app plugins with only default nav.
    * InfluxDB: query editor: skip fields in metadata queries.
    * Postgres/MySQL/MSSQL: Cancel in-flight SQL query if user cancels query in grafana.
    * Prometheus: Forward oauth tokens after prometheus datasource  migration.
    * BarChart: Use new data error view component to show actions in panel edit.
    * CloudMonitor: Iterate over pageToken for resources.
    * Macaron: Prevent WriteHeader invalid HTTP status code panic
    * Alerting: Prevent folders from being deleted when they  contain alerts.
    * Alerting: Show full preview value in tooltip.
    * BarGauge: Limit title width when name is really long.
    * CloudMonitoring: Avoid to escape regexps in filters.
    * CloudWatch: Add support for AWS Metric Insights.
    * TooltipPlugin: Remove other panels' shared tooltip in edit panel.
    * Visualizations: Limit y label width to 40% of visualization width.
    * Alerting: Create DatasourceError alert if evaluation returns error.
    * Alerting: Make Unified Alerting enabled by default for those who do not use legacy alerting.
    * Alerting: Support mute timings configuration through the api for the embedded alert manager.
    * CloudWatch: Add missing AWS/Events metrics.
    * Docs: Add easier to find deprecation notices to certain data sources and to the changelog.
    * Plugins Catalog: Enable install controls based on the pluginAdminEnabled flag.
    * Table: Add space between values for the DefaultCell and JSONViewCell.
    * Tracing: Make query editors available in dashboard for Tempo and Zipkin.
    * Alerting: Add UI for contact point testing with custom annotations and labels.
    * Alerting: Make alert state indicator in panel header work with Grafana 8 alerts.
    * Alerting: Option for Discord notifier to use webhook name.
    * Annotations: Deprecate AnnotationsSrv.
    * Auth: Omit all base64 paddings in JWT tokens for the JWT auth.
    * Azure Monitor: Clean up fields when editing Metrics.
    * AzureMonitor: Add new starter dashboards.
    * AzureMonitor: Add starter dashboard for app monitoring with Application Insights.
    * Barchart/Time series: Allow x axis label.
    * CLI: Improve error handling for installing plugins.
    * CloudMonitoring: Migrate to use backend plugin SDK contracts.
    * CloudWatch Logs: Add retry strategy for hitting max concurrent queries.
    * CloudWatch: Add AWS RoboMaker metrics and dimension.
    * CloudWatch: Add AWS Transfer metrics and dimension.
    * Dashboard: replace datasource name with a reference object.
    * Dashboards: Show logs on time series when hovering.
    * Elasticsearch: Add support for Elasticsearch 8.0 (Beta).
    * Elasticsearch: Add time zone setting to Date Histogram aggregation.
    * Elasticsearch: Enable full range log volume histogram.
    * Elasticsearch: Full range logs volume.
    * Explore: Allow changing the graph type.
    * Explore: Show ANSI colors when highlighting matched words in the logs panel.
    * Graph(old) panel: Listen to events from Time series panel.
    * Import: Load gcom dashboards from URL.
    * LibraryPanels: Improves export and import of library panels between orgs.
    * OAuth: Support PKCE.
    * Panel edit: Overrides now highlight correctly when searching.
    * PanelEdit: Display drag indicators on draggable sections.
    * Plugins: Refactor Plugin Management.
    * Prometheus: Add custom query parameters when creating PromLink url.
    * Prometheus: Remove limits on metrics, labels, and values in Metrics Browser.
    * StateTimeline: Share cursor with rest of the panels.
    * Tempo: Add error details when json upload fails.
    * Tempo: Add filtering for service graph query.
    * Tempo: Add links to nodes in Service Graph pointing to Prometheus metrics.
    * Time series/Bar chart panel: Add ability to sort series via legend.
    * TimeSeries: Allow multiple axes for the same unit.
    * TraceView: Allow span links defined on dataFrame.
    * Transformations: Support a rows mode in labels to fields.
    * ValueMappings: Don't apply field config defaults to time fields.
    * Variables: Only update panels that are impacted by variable change.
    * Annotations: We have improved tag search performance.
    * Application: You can now configure an error-template title.
    * AzureMonitor: We removed a restriction from the resource filter query.
    * Packaging: We removed the ProcSubset option in systemd. This option prevented Grafana from starting in 
      LXC environments.
    * Prometheus: We removed the autocomplete limit for metrics.
    * Table: We improved the styling of the type icons to make them more distinct from column / field name.
    * ValueMappings: You can now use value mapping in stat, gauge, bar gauge, and pie chart visualizations.
    * AWS: Updated AWS authentication documentation.
    * Alerting: Added support Alertmanager data source for upstream Prometheus AM implementation.
    * Alerting: Allows more characters in label names so notifications are sent.
    * Alerting: Get alert rules for a dashboard or a panel using `/api/v1/rules` endpoints.
    * Annotations: Improved rendering performance of event markers.
    * CloudWatch Logs: Skip caching for log queries.
    * Explore: Added an opt-in configuration for Node Graph in Jaeger, Zipkin, and Tempo.
    * Packaging: Add stricter systemd unit options.
    * Prometheus: Metrics browser can now handle label values with special characters.
    * AccessControl: Document new permissions restricting data source access.
    * TimePicker: Add fiscal years and search to time picker.
    * Alerting: Added support for Unified Alerting with Grafana HA.
    * Alerting: Added support for tune rule evaluation using configuration options.
    * Alerting: Cleanups alertmanager namespace from key-value store when disabling Grafana 8 alerts.
    * Alerting: Remove ngalert feature toggle and introduce two new settings for enabling Grafana 8 alerts and 
      disabling them for specific organisations.
    * CloudWatch: Introduced new math expression where it is necessary to specify the period field.
    * InfluxDB: Added support for `$__interval` and `$__interval_ms` inFlux queries for alerting.
    * InfluxDB: Flux queries can use more precise start and end timestamps with nanosecond-precision.
    * Plugins Catalog: Make the catalog the default way to interact with plugins.
    * Prometheus: Removed autocomplete limit for metrics.
    * AccessControl: Introduce new permissions to restrict access for reloading provisioning configuration.
    * Alerting: Add UI to edit Cortex/Loki namespace, group names, and group evaluation interval.
    * Alerting: Add a Test button to test contact point.
    * Alerting: Allow creating/editing recording rules for Loki and Cortex.
    * Alerting: Metrics should have the label org instead of user.
    * Alerting: Sort notification channels by name to make them easier to locate.
    * Alerting: Support org level isolation of notification configuration.
    * AzureMonitor: Add data links to deep link to Azure Portal Azure Resource Graph.
    * AzureMonitor: Add support for annotations from Azure Monitor Metrics and Azure Resource Graph services.
    * AzureMonitor: Show error message when subscriptions request fails in ConfigEditor.
    * CloudWatch Logs: Add link to X-Ray data source for trace IDs in logs.
    * CloudWatch Logs: Disable query path using websockets (Live) feature.
    * CloudWatch/Logs: Don't group dataframes for non time series queries.
    * Cloudwatch: Migrate queries that use multiple stats to one query per stat.
    * Dashboard: Keep live timeseries moving left (v2).
    * Datasources: Introduce response_limit for datasource responses.
    * Explore: Add filter by trace or span ID to trace to logs feature.
    * Explore: Download traces as JSON in Explore Inspector.
    * Explore: Reuse Dashboard's QueryRows component.
    * Explore: Support custom display label for derived fields buttons for Loki datasource.
    * Grafana UI: Update monaco-related dependencies.
    * Graphite: Deprecate browser access mode.
    * InfluxDB: Improve handling of intervals in alerting.
    * InfluxDB: InfluxQL query editor: Handle unusual characters in tag values better.
    * Jaeger: Add ability to upload JSON file for trace data.
    * LibraryElements: Enable specifying UID for new and existing library elements.
    * LibraryPanels: Remove library panel icon from the panel header so you can no longer tell that a panel is a 
      library panel from the dashboard view.
    * Logs panel: Scroll to the bottom on page refresh when sorting in ascending order.
    * Loki: Add fuzzy search to label browser.
    * Navigation: Implement active state for items in the Sidemenu.
    * Packaging: Add stricter systemd unit options.
    * Packaging: Update PID file location from /var/run to /run.
    * Plugins: Add Hide OAuth Forward config option.
    * Postgres/MySQL/MSSQL: Add setting to limit the maximum number of rows processed.
    * Prometheus: Add browser access mode deprecation warning.
    * Prometheus: Add interpolation for built-in-time variables to backend.
    * Tempo: Add ability to upload trace data in JSON format.
    * TimeSeries/XYChart: Allow grid lines visibility control in XYChart and TimeSeries panels.
    * Transformations: Convert field types to time string number or boolean.
    * Value mappings: Add regular-expression based value mapping.
    * Zipkin: Add ability to upload trace JSON.
    * Explore: Ensure logs volume bar colors match legend colors.
    * LDAP: Search all DNs for users.
    * AzureMonitor: Add support for PostgreSQL and MySQL Flexible Servers.
    * Datasource: Change HTTP status code for failed datasource
      health check to 400.
    * Explore: Add span duration to left panel in trace viewer.
    * Plugins: Use file extension allowlist when serving plugin
      assets instead of checking for UNIX executable.
    * Profiling: Add support for binding pprof server to custom
      network interfaces.
    * Search: Make search icon keyboard navigable.
    * Template variables: Keyboard navigation improvements.
    * Tooltip: Display ms within minute time range.
    * Alerting: Deduplicate receivers during migration.
    * ColorPicker: Display colors as RGBA.
    * Select: Make portalling the menu opt-in, but opt-in everywhere.
    * TimeRangePicker: Improve accessibility.
    * Alerting: Support label matcher syntax in alert rule list filter.
    * IconButton: Put tooltip text as aria-label.
    * Live: Experimental HA with Redis.
    * UI: FileDropzone component.
    * CloudWatch: Add AWS LookoutMetrics.
    * Alerting: Expand the value string in alert annotations and labels.
    * Auth: Add Azure HTTP authentication middleware.
    * Auth: Auth: Pass user role when using the authentication proxy.
    * Gazetteer: Update countries.json file to allow for linking to 3-letter country codes.
    * Alerting: Add Alertmanager notifications tab.
    * Alerting: Add button to deactivate current Alertmanager
    * Alerting: Add toggle in Loki/Prometheus data source
      configuration to opt out of alerting UI.
    * Alerting: Allow any 'evaluate for' value >=0 in the alert
      rule form.
    * Alerting: Load default configuration from status endpoint, if
      Cortex Alertmanager returns empty user configuration. 
    * Alerting: view to display alert rule and its underlying data.
    * Annotation panel: Release the annotation panel.
    * Annotations: Add typeahead support for tags in built-in
    * AzureMonitor: Add curated dashboards for Azure services.
    * AzureMonitor: Add support for deep links to Microsoft Azure
      portal for Metrics.
    * AzureMonitor: Remove support for different credentials for
      Azure Monitor Logs.
    * AzureMonitor: Support querying any Resource for Logs queries.
    * Elasticsearch: Add frozen indices search support.
    * Elasticsearch: Name fields after template variables values
      instead of their name.
    * Elasticsearch: add rate aggregation.
    * Email: Allow configuration of content types for email
    * Explore: Add more meta information when line limit is hit.
    * Explore: UI improvements to trace view.
    * FieldOverrides: Added support to change display name in an
      override field and have it be matched by a later rule.
    * HTTP Client: Introduce dataproxy_max_idle_connections config
    * InfluxDB: InfluxQL: adds tags to timeseries data.
    * InfluxDB: InfluxQL: make measurement search case insensitive.
      Legacy Alerting: Replace simplejson with a struct in webhook
      notification channel.
    * Legend: Updates display name for Last (not null) to just
    * Logs panel: Add option to show common labels.
    * Loki: Add $__range variable.
    * Loki: Add support for 'label_values(log stream selector,
      label)' in templating.
    * Loki: Add support for ad-hoc filtering in dashboard.
    * MySQL Datasource: Add timezone parameter.
    * NodeGraph: Show gradient fields in legend.
    * PanelOptions: Don't mutate panel options/field config object
      when updating.
    * PieChart: Make pie gradient more subtle to match other
    * Prometheus: Update PromQL typeahead and highlighting.
    * Prometheus: interpolate variable for step field.
    * Provisioning: Improve validation by validating across all
      dashboard providers.
    * SQL Datasources: Allow multiple string/labels columns with
      time series.
    * Select: Portal select menu to document.body.
    * Team Sync: Add group mapping to support team sync in the
      Generic OAuth provider.
    * Tooltip: Make active series more noticeable.
    * Tracing: Add support to configure trace to logs start and end
    * Transformations: Skip merge when there is only a single data
    * ValueMapping: Added support for mapping text to color,
      boolean values, NaN and Null. Improved UI for value mapping.
    * Visualizations: Dynamically set any config (min, max, unit,
      color, thresholds) from query results.
    * live: Add support to handle origin without a value for the
      port when matching with root_url.
    * Alerting: Add annotation upon alert state change.
    * Alerting: Allow space in label and annotation names.
    * InfluxDB: Improve legend labels for InfluxDB query results.
    * Cloudwatch Logs: Send error down to client.
    * Folders: Return 409 Conflict status when folder already
    * TimeSeries: Do not show series in tooltip if it's hidden in
      the viz.
    * Live: Rely on app url for origin check.
    * PieChart: Sort legend descending, update placeholder.
    * TimeSeries panel: Do not reinitialize plot when thresholds
      mode change.
    * Alerting: Increase alertmanager_conf column if MySQL.
    * Time series/Bar chart panel: Handle infinite numbers as nulls
      when converting to plot array.
    * TimeSeries: Ensure series overrides that contain color are
      migrated, and migrate the previous fieldConfig when changing
      the panel type.
    * ValueMappings: Improve singlestat value mappings migration.
    * Datasource: Add support for max_conns_per_host in dataproxy
    * AzureMonitor: Require default subscription for workspaces()
      template variable query.
    * AzureMonitor: Use resource type display names in the UI.
    * Dashboard: Remove support for loading and deleting dashboard
      by slug.
    * InfluxDB: Deprecate direct browser access in data source.
    * VizLegend: Add a read-only property.
    * API: Support folder UID in dashboards API.
    * Alerting: Add support for configuring avatar URL for the
      Discord notifier.
    * Alerting: Clarify that Threema Gateway Alerts support only
      Basic IDs.
    * Azure: Expose Azure settings to external plugins.
    * AzureMonitor: Deprecate using separate credentials for Azure
      Monitor Logs.
    * AzureMonitor: Display variables in resource picker for Azure
      Monitor Logs.
    * AzureMonitor: Hide application insights for data sources not
      using it.
    * AzureMonitor: Support querying subscriptions and resource
      groups in Azure Monitor Logs.
    * AzureMonitor: remove requirement for default subscription.
    * CloudWatch: Add Lambda at Edge Amazon CloudFront metrics.
    * CloudWatch: Add missing AWS AppSync metrics.
    * ConfirmModal: Auto focus delete button.
    * Explore: Add caching for queries that are run from logs
    * Loki: Add formatting for annotations.
    * Loki: Bring back processed bytes as meta information.
    * NodeGraph: Display node graph collapsed by default with trace
    * Overrides: Include a manual override option to hide something
      from visualization.
    * PieChart: Support row data in pie charts.
    * Prometheus: Update default HTTP method to POST for existing
      data sources.
    * Time series panel: Position tooltip correctly when window is
      scrolled or resized.
    * AppPlugins: Expose react-router to apps.
    * AzureMonitor: Add Azure Resource Graph.
    * AzureMonitor: Managed Identity configuration UI.
    * AzureMonitor: Token provider with support for Managed
    * AzureMonitor: Update Logs workspace() template variable query
      to return resource URIs.
    * BarChart: Value label sizing.
    * CloudMonitoring: Add support for preprocessing.
    * CloudWatch: Add AWS/EFS StorageBytes metric.
    * CloudWatch: Allow use of missing AWS namespaces using custom
    * Datasource: Shared HTTP client provider for core backend data
      sources and any data source using the data source proxy.
    * InfluxDB: InfluxQL: allow empty tag values in the query
    * Instrumentation: Instrument incoming HTTP request with
      histograms by default.
    * Library Panels: Add name endpoint & unique name validation to
    * Logs panel: Support details view.
    * PieChart: Always show the calculation options dropdown in the
    * PieChart: Remove beta flag.
    * Plugins: Enforce signing for all plugins.
    * Plugins: Remove support for deprecated backend plugin
      protocol version.
    * Tempo/Jaeger: Add better display name to legend.
    * Timeline: Add time range zoom.
    * Timeline: Adds opacity & line width option.
    * Timeline: Value text alignment option.
    * ValueMappings: Add duplicate action, and disable dismiss on
      backdrop click.
    * Zipkin: Add node graph view to trace response.
    * API: Add org users with pagination.
    * API: Return 404 when deleting nonexistent API key.
    * API: Return query results as JSON rather than base64 encoded
    * Alerting: Allow sending notification tags to Opsgenie as
      extra properties.
    * Alerts: Replaces all uses of InfoBox & FeatureInfoBox with
    * Auth: Add support for JWT Authentication.
    * AzureMonitor: Add support for
      Microsoft.SignalRService/SignalR metrics.
    * AzureMonitor: Azure settings in Grafana server config.
    * AzureMonitor: Migrate Metrics query editor to React.
    * BarChart panel: enable series toggling via legend.
    * BarChart panel: Adds support for Tooltip in BarChartPanel.
    * PieChart panel: Change look of highlighted pie slices.
    * CloudMonitoring: Migrate config editor from angular to react.
    * CloudWatch: Add Amplify Console metrics and dimensions.
    * CloudWatch: Add missing Redshift metrics to CloudWatch data
    * CloudWatch: Add metrics for managed RabbitMQ service.
    * DashboardList: Enable templating on search tag input.
    * Datasource config: correctly remove single custom http
    * Elasticsearch: Add generic support for template variables.
    * Elasticsearch: Allow omitting field when metric supports
      inline script.
    * Elasticsearch: Allow setting a custom limit for log queries.
    * Elasticsearch: Guess field type from first non-empty value.
    * Elasticsearch: Use application/x-ndjson content type for
      multisearch requests.
    * Elasticsearch: Use semver strings to identify ES version.
    * Explore: Add logs navigation to request more logs.
    * Explore: Map Graphite queries to Loki.
    * Explore: Scroll split panes in Explore independently.
    * Explore: Wrap each panel in separate error boundary.
    * FieldDisplay: Smarter naming of stat values when visualising
      row values (all values) in stat panels.
    * Graphite: Expand metric names for variables.
    * Graphite: Handle unknown Graphite functions without breaking
      the visual editor.
    * Graphite: Show graphite functions descriptions.
    * Graphite: Support request cancellation properly (Uses new
      backendSrv.fetch Observable request API).
    * InfluxDB: Flux: Improve handling of complex
    * InfluxDB: Support region annotations.
    * Inspector: Download logs for manual processing.
    * Jaeger: Add node graph view for trace.
    * Jaeger: Search traces.
    * Loki: Use data source settings for alerting queries.
    * NodeGraph: Exploration mode.
    * OAuth: Add support for empty scopes.
    * PanelChrome: New logic-less emotion based component with no
      dependency on PanelModel or DashboardModel.
    * PanelEdit: Adds a table view toggle to quickly view data in
      table form.
    * PanelEdit: Highlight matched words when searching options.
    * PanelEdit: UX improvements.
    * Plugins: PanelRenderer and simplified QueryRunner to be used
      from plugins.
    * Plugins: AuthType in route configuration and params
    * Plugins: Enable plugin runtime install/uninstall
    * Plugins: Support set body content in plugin routes.
    * Plugins: Introduce marketplace app.
    * Plugins: Moving the DataSourcePicker to grafana/runtime so it
      can be reused in plugins.
    * Prometheus: Add custom query params for alert and exemplars
    * Prometheus: Use fuzzy string matching to autocomplete metric
      names and label.
    * Routing: Replace Angular routing with react-router.
    * Slack: Use chat.postMessage API by default.
    * Tempo: Search for Traces by querying Loki directly from
    * Tempo: Show graph view of the trace.
    * Themes: Switch theme without reload using global shortcut.
    * TimeSeries panel: Add support for shared cursor.
    * TimeSeries panel: Do not crash the panel if there is no time
      series data in the response.
    * Variables: Do not save repeated panels, rows and scopedVars.
    * Variables: Removes experimental Tags feature.
    * Variables: Removes the never refresh option.
    * Visualizations: Unify tooltip options across visualizations.
    * Visualizations: Refactor and unify option creation between
      new visualizations.
    * Visualizations: Remove singlestat panel.

- Plugin development fixes & changes:
    * Toolkit: Revert build config so tslib is bundled with plugins to prevent plugins from crashing.
    * Select: Select menus now properly scroll during keyboard navigation.
    * grafana/ui: Enable slider marks display.
    * Plugins: Create a mock icon component to prevent console errors.
    * Grafana UI: Fix TS error property css is missing in type.
    * Toolkit: Fix matchMedia not found error.
    * Toolkit: Improve error messages when tasks fail.
    * Toolkit: Resolve external fonts when Grafana is served from a
      sub path.
    * QueryField: Remove carriage return character from pasted text.
    * Button: Introduce buttonStyle prop.
    * DataQueryRequest: Remove deprecated props showingGraph and showingTabel and exploreMode.
    * grafana/ui: Update React Hook Form to v7.
    * IconButton: Introduce variant for red and blue icon buttons.
    * Plugins: Expose the getTimeZone function to be able to get the current selected timeZone.
    * TagsInput: Add className to TagsInput.
    * VizLegend: Move onSeriesColorChanged to PanelContext (breaking change).

- Other changes:

    * Update to Go 1.17.
    * Add build-time dependency on `wire`.

Advisory ID: SUSE-RU-2022:1424-1
Released:    Wed Apr 27 09:49:39 2022
Summary:     Recommended update for ceph-salt
Type:        recommended
Severity:    moderate
References:  1179557,1187748,1188911,1192838,1196046,1196733,1196938,1197188
This update for ceph-salt fixes the following issues:

- Update to 15.2.18+1648116143.g2de2e6c:
  + Add OS and Ceph version info to ceph-salt status output (#480)
  + ceph-salt-formula: Add hosts with admin label (#480)
  + Add the orchestrator _admin host label during ceph-salt update
    (#477, bsc#1197188)
  + Config the ssh key after package install/upgrade (#474, bsc#1196938)

- Update to 15.2.17+1646036007.g71de5d9:
  + Use ipaddress module to determine loopback interfaces (#472)

This update for ceph, ceph-iscsi fixes the following issues:

- Update to v15.2.16-99-g96ce9b152f5 
  + (bsc#1196733) remove build directory during %clean

- Update to v15.2.16-97-ge5eb7a74fdf
  + (pr#464) ses7: mgr/cephadm: try to get FQDN for configuration files 
  + (pr#466) cephadm: infer the default container image during pull
  + (pr#444) [SES7] Notify user that there is a SES7.1 upgrade available

- Update to v15.2.16-93-gafbeee1955c
  + (bsc#1196046) mgr/cephadm: try to get FQDN for configuration files

- Update to v15.2.16
  + rebase on top of Ceph v15.2.16 tag v15.2.16
  + (bsc#1192838) cephadm: Fix iscsi client caps (allow mgr service status calls)
  + (bsc#1187748) When an RBD is mapped, it is attempted to be deployed as an OSD.
  + (bsc#1188911) OSD marked down causes wrong backfill_toofull

- Update to v15.2.16-99-g96ce9b152f5 
  + (bsc#1196733) remove build directory during %clean

- Update to v15.2.16-97-ge5eb7a74fdf
  + (pr#464) ses7: mgr/cephadm: try to get FQDN for configuration files 
  + (pr#466) cephadm: infer the default container image during pull
  + (pr#444) [SES7] Notify user that there is a SES7.1 upgrade available

- Update to v15.2.16-93-gafbeee1955c
  + (bsc#1196046) mgr/cephadm: try to get FQDN for configuration files

- Update to 3.5+1647618797.gb7bc626.
  + ceph_iscsi_config: disable emulate_legacy_capacity (bsc#1179557)

Advisory ID: SUSE-RU-2022:1452-1
Released:    Thu Apr 28 10:48:06 2022
Summary:     Recommended update for perl
Type:        recommended
Severity:    moderate
References:  1193489
This update for perl fixes the following issues:

- Fix Socket::VERSION evaluation and stabilize Socket:VERSION comparisons (bsc#1193489)

Advisory ID: SUSE-SU-2022:1455-1
Released:    Thu Apr 28 11:31:51 2022
Summary:     Security update for glib2
Type:        security
Severity:    low
References:  1183533,CVE-2021-28153
This update for glib2 fixes the following issues:

- CVE-2021-28153: Fixed an issue where symlink targets would be incorrectly created as empty files (bsc#1183533).

The following package changes have been done:

- aaa_base-84.87+git20180409.04c9dae-3.57.1 updated
- ceph-grafana-dashboards- updated
- grafana-8.3.5-150200.3.21.1 updated
- libblkid1-2.33.2-150100.4.21.1 updated
- libcom_err2-1.43.8-150000.4.29.1 updated
- libfdisk1-2.33.2-150100.4.21.1 updated
- libgcc_s1-11.2.1+git610-150000.1.6.6 updated
- libglib-2_0-0-2.62.6-150200.3.9.1 updated
- libldap-2_4-2-2.4.46-150200.14.5.1 updated
- libldap-data-2.4.46-150200.14.5.1 updated
- liblzma5-5.2.3-150000.4.7.1 updated
- libmount1-2.33.2-150100.4.21.1 updated
- libsmartcols1-2.33.2-150100.4.21.1 updated
- libsolv-tools-0.7.22-150200.12.1 updated
- libstdc++6-11.2.1+git610-150000.1.6.6 updated
- libuuid1-2.33.2-150100.4.21.1 updated
- libzypp-17.30.0-150200.36.1 updated
- perl-base-5.26.1-150000.7.15.1 updated
- util-linux-2.33.2-150100.4.21.1 updated
- zypper-1.14.52-150200.30.2 updated
- container:sles15-image-15.0.0-9.5.130 updated

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