SUSE-IU-2022:633-1: Security update of sles-15-sp3-chost-byos-v20220510-x86-64

sle-security-updates at sle-security-updates at
Mon May 16 09:18:39 UTC 2022

SUSE Image Update Advisory: sles-15-sp3-chost-byos-v20220510-x86-64
Image Advisory ID : SUSE-IU-2022:633-1
Image Tags        : sles-15-sp3-chost-byos-v20220510-x86-64:20220510
Image Release     : 
Severity          : important
Type              : security
References        : 1029961 1065729 1120610 1130496 1156395 1175667 1177028 1178134
                        1179639 1179981 1180153 1181131 1183533 1184501 1188160 1188161
                        1189562 1190375 1191157 1191502 1191974 1192622 1193035 1193086
                        1193489 1194649 1194848 1195011 1195204 1195231 1195247 1195251
                        1195437 1195438 1195508 1195529 1195628 1195640 1195784 1195899
                        1195926 1195999 1196018 1196061 1196107 1196196 1196317 1196368
                        1196478 1196514 1196567 1196647 1196761 1196823 1196925 1196939
                        1197004 1197134 1197216 1197227 1197243 1197293 1197300 1197302
                        1197331 1197343 1197366 1197389 1197423 1197425 1197426 1197462
                        1197501 1197534 1197661 1197675 1197702 1197811 1197812 1197815
                        1197817 1197819 1197820 1197888 1197889 1197894 1197914 1197967
                        1198027 1198028 1198029 1198030 1198031 1198032 1198033 1198062
                        1198062 1198090 1198114 1198397 1198441 1198922 1199061 CVE-2018-20482
                        CVE-2019-9923 CVE-2021-20193 CVE-2021-28153 CVE-2021-31799 CVE-2021-31810
                        CVE-2021-32066 CVE-2021-3670 CVE-2021-41817 CVE-2021-45868 CVE-2022-0850
                        CVE-2022-0854 CVE-2022-1011 CVE-2022-1016 CVE-2022-1048 CVE-2022-1055
                        CVE-2022-1195 CVE-2022-1198 CVE-2022-1199 CVE-2022-1205 CVE-2022-1271
                        CVE-2022-1271 CVE-2022-24903 CVE-2022-26356 CVE-2022-26357 CVE-2022-26358
                        CVE-2022-26359 CVE-2022-26360 CVE-2022-26361 CVE-2022-27239 CVE-2022-27666
                        CVE-2022-28388 CVE-2022-28389 CVE-2022-28390 CVE-2022-28739 

The container sles-15-sp3-chost-byos-v20220510-x86-64 was updated. The following patches have been included in this update:

Advisory ID: SUSE-RU-2022:1147-1
Released:    Mon Apr 11 15:49:43 2022
Summary:     Recommended update for containerd
Type:        recommended
Severity:    moderate
References:  1195784

This update of containerd fixes the following issue:

- container-ctr is shipped to the PackageHub repos.

Advisory ID: SUSE-RU-2022:1150-1
Released:    Mon Apr 11 17:34:19 2022
Summary:     Recommended update for suse-build-key
Type:        recommended
Severity:    moderate
References:  1197293
This update for suse-build-key fixes the following issues:

No longer install 1024bit keys by default. (bsc#1197293)

- The SLE11 key has been moved to documentation directory, and is obsoleted / removed by the package.
- The old PTF (pre March 2022) key moved to documentation directory.

Advisory ID: SUSE-SU-2022:1157-1
Released:    Tue Apr 12 13:26:19 2022
Summary:     Security update for libsolv, libzypp, zypper
Type:        security
Severity:    important
References:  1184501,1194848,1195999,1196061,1196317,1196368,1196514,1196925,1197134
This update for libsolv, libzypp, zypper fixes the following issues:

Security relevant fix:

- Harden package signature checks (bsc#1184501).

libsolv update to 0.7.22:

- reworked choice rule generation to cover more usecases
- support SOLVABLE_PREREQ_IGNOREINST in the ordering code (bsc#1196514)
- support parsing of Debian's Multi-Arch indicator
- fix segfault on conflict resolution when using bindings
- fix split provides not working if the update includes a forbidden vendor change
- support strict repository priorities
- support zstd compressed control files in debian packages
- add an ifdef allowing to rename Solvable dependency members ('requires' is a keyword in C++20)
- support setting/reading userdata in solv files
  new functions: repowriter_set_userdata, solv_read_userdata
- support queying of the custom vendor check function
  new function: pool_get_custom_vendorcheck
- support solv files with an idarray block
- allow accessing the toolversion at runtime

libzypp update to 17.30.0:

- ZConfig: Update solver settings if target changes (bsc#1196368)
- Fix possible hang in singletrans mode (bsc#1197134)
- Do 2 retries if mount is still busy.
- Fix package signature check (bsc#1184501)
  Pay attention that header and payload are secured by a valid
  signature and report more detailed which signature is missing.
- Retry umount if device is busy (bsc#1196061, closes #381)
  A previously released ISO image may need a bit more time to
  release it's loop device. So we wait a bit and retry.
- Fix serializing/deserializing type mismatch in zypp-rpm protocol (bsc#1196925)
- Fix handling of ISO media in releaseAll (bsc#1196061)
- Hint on common ptf resolver conflicts (bsc#1194848)
- Hint on ptf<>patch resolver conflicts (bsc#1194848)

zypper update to 1.14.52:

- info: print the packages upstream URL if available (fixes #426)
- info: Fix SEGV with not installed PTFs (bsc#1196317)
- Don't prevent less restrictive umasks (bsc#1195999)

Advisory ID: SUSE-SU-2022:1158-1
Released:    Tue Apr 12 14:44:43 2022
Summary:     Security update for xz
Type:        security
Severity:    important
References:  1198062,CVE-2022-1271
This update for xz fixes the following issues:

- CVE-2022-1271: Fixed an incorrect escaping of malicious filenames (ZDI-CAN-16587). (bsc#1198062)

Advisory ID: SUSE-RU-2022:1170-1
Released:    Tue Apr 12 18:20:07 2022
Summary:     Recommended update for systemd
Type:        recommended
Severity:    moderate
References:  1191502,1193086,1195247,1195529,1195899,1196567
This update for systemd fixes the following issues:

- Fix the default target when it's been incorrectly set to one of the runlevel targets (bsc#1196567)
- When migrating from sysvinit to systemd (it probably won't happen anymore),
  let's use the default systemd target, which is the one.
- Don't open /var journals in volatile mode when runtime_journal==NULL
- udev: 60-persistent-storage-tape.rules: handle duplicate device ID (bsc#1195529)
- man: tweak description of auto/noauto (bsc#1191502)
- shared/install: ignore failures for auxiliary files
- install: make UnitFileChangeType enum anonymous
- shared/install: reduce scope of iterator variables
- systemd-coredump: allow setting external core size to infinity (bsc#1195899 jsc#SLE-23867)
- Update s390 udev rules conversion script to include the case when the legacy rule was also 41-* (bsc#1195247)
- Drop or soften some of the deprecation warnings (bsc#1193086)

Advisory ID: SUSE-SU-2022:1183-1
Released:    Wed Apr 13 16:58:27 2022
Summary:     Security update for the Linux Kernel
Type:        security
Severity:    important
References:  1065729,1156395,1175667,1177028,1178134,1179639,1180153,1189562,1194649,1195640,1195926,1196018,1196196,1196478,1196761,1196823,1197227,1197243,1197300,1197302,1197331,1197343,1197366,1197389,1197462,1197501,1197534,1197661,1197675,1197702,1197811,1197812,1197815,1197817,1197819,1197820,1197888,1197889,1197894,1197914,1198027,1198028,1198029,1198030,1198031,1198032,1198033,CVE-2021-45868,CVE-2022-0850,CVE-2022-0854,CVE-2022-1011,CVE-2022-1016,CVE-2022-1048,CVE-2022-1055,CVE-2022-1195,CVE-2022-1198,CVE-2022-1199,CVE-2022-1205,CVE-2022-27666,CVE-2022-28388,CVE-2022-28389,CVE-2022-28390

The SUSE Linux Enterprise 15 SP3 kernel was updated.

The following security bugs were fixed:

- CVE-2022-0854: Fixed a memory leak flaw was found in the Linux kernels DMA subsystem. This flaw allowed a local user to read random memory from the kernel space. (bnc#1196823)
- CVE-2022-1016: Fixed a vulnerability in the nf_tables component of the netfilter subsystem. This vulnerability gives an attacker a powerful primitive that can be used to both read from and write to relative stack data, which can lead to arbitrary code execution. (bsc#1197227)
- CVE-2022-28390: Fixed a double free in drivers/net/can/usb/ems_usb.c vulnerability in the Linux kernel. (bnc#1198031)
- CVE-2022-28388: Fixed a double free in drivers/net/can/usb/usb_8dev.c vulnerability in the Linux kernel. (bnc#1198032)
- CVE-2022-28389: Fixed a double free in drivers/net/can/usb/mcba_usb.c vulnerability in the Linux kernel. (bnc#1198033)
- CVE-2022-1055: Fixed a use-after-free in tc_new_tfilter that could allow a local attacker to gain privilege escalation. (bnc#1197702)
- CVE-2022-1048: Fixed a race Condition in snd_pcm_hw_free leading to use-after-free due to the AB/BA lock with buffer_mutex and mmap_lock. (bsc#1197331)
- CVE-2021-45868: Fixed a wrong validation check in fs/quota/quota_tree.c which could lead to an use-after-free if there is a corrupted quota file. (bnc#1197366)
- CVE-2022-27666: Fixed a buffer overflow vulnerability in IPsec ESP transformation code. This flaw allowed a local attacker with a normal user privilege to overwrite kernel heap objects and may cause a local privilege escalation. (bnc#1197462)
- CVE-2022-0850: Fixed a kernel information leak vulnerability in iov_iter.c. (bsc#1196761)
- CVE-2022-1199: Fixed null-ptr-deref and use-after-free vulnerabilities that allow an attacker to crash the linux kernel by simulating Amateur Radio. (bsc#1198028)
- CVE-2022-1205: Fixed null pointer dereference and use-after-free vulnerabilities that allow an attacker to crash the linux kernel by simulating Amateur Radio. (bsc#1198027)
- CVE-2022-1198: Fixed an use-after-free vulnerability that allow an attacker to crash the linux kernel by simulating Amateur Radio (bsc#1198030).
- CVE-2022-1195: Fixed an use-after-free vulnerability which could allow a local attacker with a user privilege to execute a denial of service. (bsc#1198029)
- CVE-2022-1011: Fixed an use-after-free vulnerability which could allow a local attacker to retireve (partial) /etc/shadow hashes or any other data from filesystem when he can mount a FUSE filesystems. (bnc#1197343)

The following non-security bugs were fixed:

- ACPI / x86: Work around broken XSDT on Advantech DAC-BJ01 board (git-fixes).
- ACPI: APEI: fix return value of __setup handlers (git-fixes).
- ACPI: battery: Add device HID and quirk for Microsoft Surface Go 3 (git-fixes).
- ACPI: CPPC: Avoid out of bounds access when parsing _CPC data (git-fixes).
- ACPI: docs: enumeration: Discourage to use custom _DSM methods (git-fixes).
- ACPI: docs: enumeration: Remove redundant .owner assignment (git-fixes).
- ACPI: docs: enumeration: Update UART serial bus resource documentation (git-fixes).
- ACPI: properties: Consistently return -ENOENT if there are no more references (git-fixes).
- ACPI: video: Force backlight native for Clevo NL5xRU and NL5xNU (git-fixes).
- ALSA: cmipci: Restore aux vol on suspend/resume (git-fixes).
- ALSA: firewire-lib: fix uninitialized flag for AV/C deferred transaction (git-fixes).
- ALSA: hda/realtek - Fix headset mic problem for a HP machine with alc671 (git-fixes).
- ALSA: hda/realtek: Add quirk for ASUS GA402 (git-fixes).
- ALSA: oss: Fix PCM OSS buffer allocation overflow (git-fixes).
- ALSA: pci: fix reading of swapped values from pcmreg in AC97 codec (git-fixes).
- ALSA: pcm: Add stream lock during PCM reset ioctl operations (git-fixes).
- ALSA: spi: Add check for clk_enable() (git-fixes).
- ALSA: usb-audio: Add mute TLV for playback volumes on RODE NT-USB (git-fixes).
- ASoC: atmel_ssc_dai: Handle errors for clk_enable (git-fixes).
- ASoC: atmel: Add missing of_node_put() in at91sam9g20ek_audio_probe (git-fixes).
- ASoC: codecs: wcd934x: Add missing of_node_put() in wcd934x_codec_parse_data (git-fixes).
- ASoC: codecs: wcd934x: fix return value of wcd934x_rx_hph_mode_put (git-fixes).
- ASoC: dmaengine: do not use a NULL prepare_slave_config() callback (git-fixes).
- ASoC: dwc-i2s: Handle errors for clk_enable (git-fixes).
- ASoC: fsi: Add check for clk_enable (git-fixes).
- ASoC: fsl_spdif: Disable TX clock when stop (git-fixes).
- ASoC: imx-es8328: Fix error return code in imx_es8328_probe() (git-fixes).
- ASoC: msm8916-wcd-analog: Fix error handling in pm8916_wcd_analog_spmi_probe (git-fixes).
- ASoC: msm8916-wcd-digital: Fix missing clk_disable_unprepare() in msm8916_wcd_digital_probe (git-fixes).
- ASoC: mxs-saif: Handle errors for clk_enable (git-fixes).
- ASoC: mxs: Fix error handling in mxs_sgtl5000_probe (git-fixes).
- ASoC: rt5663: check the return value of devm_kzalloc() in rt5663_parse_dp() (git-fixes).
- ASoC: SOF: Add missing of_node_put() in imx8m_probe (git-fixes).
- ASoC: SOF: topology: remove redundant code (git-fixes).
- ASoC: sti: Fix deadlock via snd_pcm_stop_xrun() call (git-fixes).
- ASoC: ti: davinci-i2s: Add check for clk_enable() (git-fixes).
- ASoC: topology: Allow TLV control to be either read or write (git-fixes).
- ASoC: topology: Optimize soc_tplg_dapm_graph_elems_load behavior (git-fixes).
- ASoC: wm8350: Handle error for wm8350_register_irq (git-fixes).
- ASoC: xilinx: xlnx_formatter_pcm: Handle sysclk setting (git-fixes).
- ax88179_178a: Merge memcpy + le32_to_cpus to get_unaligned_le32 (bsc#1196018).
- block: update io_ticks when io hang (bsc#1197817).
- block/wbt: fix negative inflight counter when remove scsi device (bsc#1197819).
- bpf: Fix comment for helper bpf_current_task_under_cgroup() (git-fixes).
- bpf: Remove config check to enable bpf support for branch records (git-fixes bsc#1177028).
- btrfs: avoid unnecessary lock and leaf splits when updating inode in the log (bsc#1194649).
- btrfs: avoid unnecessary log mutex contention when syncing log (bsc#1194649).
- btrfs: avoid unnecessary logging of xattrs during fast fsyncs (bsc#1194649).
- btrfs: check error value from btrfs_update_inode in tree log (bsc#1194649).
- btrfs: check if a log root exists before locking the log_mutex on unlink (bsc#1194649).
- btrfs: check if a log tree exists at inode_logged() (bsc#1194649).
- btrfs: do not commit delayed inode when logging a file in full sync mode (bsc#1194649).
- btrfs: do not log new dentries when logging that a new name exists (bsc#1194649).
- btrfs: eliminate some false positives when checking if inode was logged (bsc#1194649).
- btrfs: fix race leading to unnecessary transaction commit when logging inode (bsc#1194649).
- btrfs: fix race that causes unnecessary logging of ancestor inodes (bsc#1194649).
- btrfs: fix race that makes inode logging fallback to transaction commit (bsc#1194649).
- btrfs: fix race that results in logging old extents during a fast fsync (bsc#1194649).
- btrfs: fixup error handling in fixup_inode_link_counts (bsc#1194649).
- btrfs: remove no longer needed full sync flag check at inode_logged() (bsc#1194649).
- btrfs: Remove unnecessary check from join_running_log_trans (bsc#1194649).
- btrfs: remove unnecessary directory inode item update when deleting dir entry (bsc#1194649).
- btrfs: remove unnecessary list head initialization when syncing log (bsc#1194649).
- btrfs: skip unnecessary searches for xattrs when logging an inode (bsc#1194649).
- can: ems_usb: ems_usb_start_xmit(): fix double dev_kfree_skb() in error path (git-fixes).
- can: mcba_usb: mcba_usb_start_xmit(): fix double dev_kfree_skb in error path (git-fixes).
- can: mcba_usb: properly check endpoint type (git-fixes).
- can: rcar_canfd: rcar_canfd_channel_probe(): register the CAN device when fully ready (git-fixes).
- cifs: use the correct max-length for dentry_path_raw() (bsc1196196).
- clk: actions: Terminate clk_div_table with sentinel element (git-fixes).
- clk: bcm2835: Remove unused variable (git-fixes).
- clk: clps711x: Terminate clk_div_table with sentinel element (git-fixes).
- clk: imx7d: Remove audio_mclk_root_clk (git-fixes).
- clk: Initialize orphan req_rate (git-fixes).
- clk: loongson1: Terminate clk_div_table with sentinel element (git-fixes).
- clk: nxp: Remove unused variable (git-fixes).
- clk: qcom: clk-rcg2: Update logic to calculate D value for RCG (git-fixes).
- clk: qcom: clk-rcg2: Update the frac table for pixel clock (git-fixes).
- clk: qcom: gcc-msm8994: Fix gpll4 width (git-fixes).
- clk: qcom: ipq8074: Use floor ops for SDCC1 clock (git-fixes).
- clk: tegra: tegra124-emc: Fix missing put_device() call in emc_ensure_emc_driver (git-fixes).
- clk: uniphier: Fix fixed-rate initialization (git-fixes).
- clocksource: acpi_pm: fix return value of __setup handler (git-fixes).
- clocksource/drivers/timer-of: Check return value of of_iomap in timer_of_base_init() (git-fixes).
- cpufreq: schedutil: Destroy mutex before kobject_put() frees (git-fixes)
- crypto: authenc - Fix sleep in atomic context in decrypt_tail (git-fixes).
- crypto: cavium/nitrox - do not cast parameter in bit operations (git-fixes).
- crypto: ccp - ccp_dmaengine_unregister release dma channels (git-fixes).
- crypto: ccree - do not attempt 0 len DMA mappings (git-fixes).
- crypto: mxs-dcp - Fix scatterlist processing (git-fixes).
- crypto: qat - do not cast parameter in bit operations (git-fixes).
- crypto: rsa-pkcs1pad - correctly get hash from source scatterlist (git-fixes).
- crypto: rsa-pkcs1pad - fix buffer overread in pkcs1pad_verify_complete() (git-fixes).
- crypto: rsa-pkcs1pad - restore signature length check (git-fixes).
- crypto: vmx - add missing dependencies (git-fixes).
- dma/pool: create dma atomic pool only if dma zone has managed pages (bsc#1197501).
- driver core: dd: fix return value of __setup handler (git-fixes).
- drm: add a locked version of drm_is_current_master (bsc#1197914).
- drm: bridge: adv7511: Fix ADV7535 HPD enablement (git-fixes).
- drm: drm_file struct kABI compatibility workaround (bsc#1197914).
- drm: protect drm_master pointers in drm_lease.c (bsc#1197914).
- drm: serialize drm_file.master with a new spinlock (bsc#1197914).
- drm: use the lookup lock in drm_is_current_master (bsc#1197914).
- drm/amd/display: Add affected crtcs to atomic state for dsc mst unplug (git-fixes).
- drm/amd/pm: return -ENOTSUPP if there is no get_dpm_ultimate_freq function (git-fixes).
- drm/bridge: dw-hdmi: use safe format when first in bridge chain (git-fixes).
- drm/bridge: nwl-dsi: Fix PM disable depth imbalance in nwl_dsi_probe (git-fixes).
- drm/doc: overview before functions for drm_writeback.c (git-fixes).
- drm/i915: Fix dbuf slice config lookup (git-fixes).
- drm/i915/gem: add missing boundary check in vm_access (git-fixes).
- drm/imx: parallel-display: Remove bus flags check in imx_pd_bridge_atomic_check() (git-fixes).
- drm/meson: Fix error handling when afbcd.ops->init fails (git-fixes).
- drm/meson: osd_afbcd: Add an exit callback to struct meson_afbcd_ops (git-fixes).
- drm/msm/dpu: add DSPP blocks teardown (git-fixes).
- drm/nouveau/acr: Fix undefined behavior in nvkm_acr_hsfw_load_bl() (git-fixes).
- drm/panel: simple: Fix Innolux G070Y2-L01 BPP settings (git-fixes).
- drm/vc4: crtc: Fix runtime_pm reference counting (git-fixes).
- drm/vc4: crtc: Make sure the HDMI controller is powered when disabling (git-fixes).
- drm/vrr: Set VRR capable prop only if it is attached to connector (git-fixes).
- ecryptfs: fix kernel panic with null dev_name (bsc#1197812).
- ecryptfs: Fix typo in message (bsc#1197811).
- ext2: correct max file size computing (bsc#1197820).
- firmware: google: Properly state IOMEM dependency (git-fixes).
- firmware: qcom: scm: Remove reassignment to desc following initializer (git-fixes).
- fscrypt: do not ignore minor_hash when hash is 0 (bsc#1197815).
- HID: multitouch: fix Dell Precision 7550 and 7750 button type (bsc#1197243).
- hwmon: (pmbus) Add mutex to regulator ops (git-fixes).
- hwmon: (pmbus) Add Vin unit off handling (git-fixes).
- hwmon: (sch56xx-common) Replace WDOG_ACTIVE with WDOG_HW_RUNNING (git-fixes).
- hwrng: atmel - disable trng on failure path (git-fixes).
- i915_vma: Rename vma_lookup to i915_vma_lookup (git-fixes).
- ibmvnic: fix race between xmit and reset (bsc#1197302 ltc#197259).
- iio: accel: mma8452: use the correct logic to get mma8452_data (git-fixes).
- iio: adc: Add check for devm_request_threaded_irq (git-fixes).
- iio: afe: rescale: use s64 for temporary scale calculations (git-fixes).
- iio: inkern: apply consumer scale on IIO_VAL_INT cases (git-fixes).
- iio: inkern: apply consumer scale when no channel scale is available (git-fixes).
- iio: inkern: make a best effort on offset calculation (git-fixes).
- Input: aiptek - properly check endpoint type (git-fixes).
- iwlwifi: do not advertise TWT support (git-fixes).
- KVM: SVM: Do not flush cache if hardware enforces cache coherency across encryption domains (bsc#1178134).
- llc: fix netdevice reference leaks in llc_ui_bind() (git-fixes).
- mac80211: fix potential double free on mesh join (git-fixes).
- mac80211: refuse aggregations sessions before authorized (git-fixes).
- media: aspeed: Correct value for h-total-pixels (git-fixes).
- media: bttv: fix WARNING regression on tunerless devices (git-fixes).
- media: coda: Fix missing put_device() call in coda_get_vdoa_data (git-fixes).
- media: davinci: vpif: fix unbalanced runtime PM get (git-fixes).
- media: em28xx: initialize refcount before kref_get (git-fixes).
- media: hantro: Fix overfill bottom register field name (git-fixes).
- media: Revert 'media: em28xx: add missing em28xx_close_extension' (git-fixes).
- media: stk1160: If start stream fails, return buffers with VB2_BUF_STATE_QUEUED (git-fixes).
- media: usb: go7007: s2250-board: fix leak in probe() (git-fixes).
- media: video/hdmi: handle short reads of hdmi info frame (git-fixes).
- membarrier: Execute SYNC_CORE on the calling thread (git-fixes)
- membarrier: Explicitly sync remote cores when SYNC_CORE is (git-fixes)
- memory: emif: Add check for setup_interrupts (git-fixes).
- memory: emif: check the pointer temp in get_device_details() (git-fixes).
- misc: alcor_pci: Fix an error handling path (git-fixes).
- misc: sgi-gru: Do not cast parameter in bit operations (git-fixes).
- mm_zone: add function to check if managed dma zone exists (bsc#1197501).
- mm: add vma_lookup(), update find_vma_intersection() comments (git-fixes).
- mm/page_alloc.c: do not warn allocation failure on zone DMA if no managed pages (bsc#1197501).
- mmc: davinci_mmc: Handle error for clk_enable (git-fixes).
- net: dsa: mv88e6xxx: override existent unicast portvec in port_fdb_add (git-fixes).
- net: enetc: initialize the RFS and RSS memories (git-fixes).
- net: hns3: add a check for tqp_index in hclge_get_ring_chain_from_mbx() (git-fixes).
- net: phy: broadcom: Fix brcm_fet_config_init() (git-fixes).
- net: phy: marvell: Fix invalid comparison in the resume and suspend functions (git-fixes).
- net: stmmac: set TxQ mode back to DCB after disabling CBS (git-fixes).
- net: usb: ax88179_178a: Fix out-of-bounds accesses in RX fixup (bsc#1196018).
- net: watchdog: hold device global xmit lock during tx disable (git-fixes).
- net/smc: Fix loop in smc_listen (git-fixes).
- net/smc: fix using of uninitialized completions (git-fixes).
- net/smc: fix wrong list_del in smc_lgr_cleanup_early (git-fixes).
- net/smc: Make sure the link_id is unique (git-fixes).
- net/smc: Reset conn->lgr when link group registration fails (git-fixes).
- netfilter: conntrack: do not refresh sctp entries in closed state (bsc#1197389).
- netxen_nic: fix MSI/MSI-x interrupts (git-fixes).
- NFS: Avoid duplicate uncached readdir calls on eof (git-fixes).
- NFS: Do not report writeback errors in nfs_getattr() (git-fixes).
- NFS: Do not skip directory entries when doing uncached readdir (git-fixes).
- NFS: Ensure the server had an up to date ctime before hardlinking (git-fixes).
- NFS: Fix initialisation of nfs_client cl_flags field (git-fixes).
- NFS: LOOKUP_DIRECTORY is also ok with symlinks (git-fixes).
- NFS: Return valid errors from nfs2/3_decode_dirent() (git-fixes).
- NFS: Use of mapping_set_error() results in spurious errors (git-fixes).
- NFS: nfsd4_setclientid_confirm mistakenly expires confirmed client (git-fixes).
- NFS: do not retry BIND_CONN_TO_SESSION on session error (git-fixes).
- NFS: Fix another issue with a list iterator pointing to the head (git-fixes).
- nl80211: Update bss channel on channel switch for P2P_CLIENT (git-fixes).
- pinctrl: mediatek: Fix missing of_node_put() in mtk_pctrl_init (git-fixes).
- pinctrl: mediatek: paris: Fix 'argument' argument type for mtk_pinconf_get() (git-fixes).
- pinctrl: mediatek: paris: Fix pingroup pin config state readback (git-fixes).
- pinctrl: nomadik: Add missing of_node_put() in nmk_pinctrl_probe (git-fixes).
- pinctrl: nuvoton: npcm7xx: Rename DS() macro to DSTR() (git-fixes).
- pinctrl: nuvoton: npcm7xx: Use %zu printk format for ARRAY_SIZE() (git-fixes).
- pinctrl: pinconf-generic: Print arguments for bias-pull-* (git-fixes).
- pinctrl: samsung: drop pin banks references on error paths (git-fixes).
- pinctrl/rockchip: Add missing of_node_put() in rockchip_pinctrl_probe (git-fixes).
- PM: hibernate: fix __setup handler error handling (git-fixes).
- PM: suspend: fix return value of __setup handler (git-fixes).
- powerpc/lib/sstep: Fix 'sthcx' instruction (bsc#1156395).
- powerpc/mm: Fix verification of MMU_FTR_TYPE_44x (bsc#1156395).
- powerpc/mm/numa: skip NUMA_NO_NODE onlining in parse_numa_properties() (bsc#1179639 ltc#189002 git-fixes).
- powerpc/perf: Do not use perf_hw_context for trace IMC PMU (bsc#1156395).
- powerpc/pseries: Fix use after free in remove_phb_dynamic() (bsc#1065729).
- powerpc/sysdev: fix incorrect use to determine if list is empty (bsc#1065729).
- powerpc/tm: Fix more userspace r13 corruption (bsc#1065729).
- powerpc/xive: fix return value of __setup handler (bsc#1065729).
- printk: Add panic_in_progress helper (bsc#1197894).
- printk: disable optimistic spin during panic (bsc#1197894).
- pwm: lpc18xx-sct: Initialize driver data and hardware before pwmchip_add() (git-fixes).
- regulator: qcom_smd: fix for_each_child.cocci warnings (git-fixes).
- remoteproc: qcom_wcnss: Add missing of_node_put() in wcnss_alloc_memory_region (git-fixes).
- remoteproc: qcom: Fix missing of_node_put in adsp_alloc_memory_region (git-fixes).
- s390/bpf: Perform r1 range checking before accessing jit->seen_reg (git-fixes).
- s390/gmap: do not unconditionally call pte_unmap_unlock() in __gmap_zap() (git-fixes).
- s390/gmap: validate VMA in __gmap_zap() (git-fixes).
- s390/hypfs: include z/VM guests with access control group set (bsc#1195640 LTC#196352).
- s390/kexec_file: fix error handling when applying relocations (git-fixes).
- s390/kexec: fix memory leak of ipl report buffer (git-fixes).
- s390/kexec: fix return code handling (git-fixes).
- s390/mm: fix VMA and page table handling code in storage key handling functions (git-fixes).
- s390/mm: validate VMA in PGSTE manipulation functions (git-fixes).
- s390/module: fix loading modules with a lot of relocations (git-fixes).
- s390/pci_mmio: fully validate the VMA before calling follow_pte() (git-fixes).
- scsi: lpfc: Copyright updates for patches (bsc#1197675).
- scsi: lpfc: Drop lpfc_no_handler() (bsc#1197675).
- scsi: lpfc: Fix broken SLI4 abort path (bsc#1197675).
- scsi: lpfc: Fix locking for lpfc_sli_iocbq_lookup() (bsc#1197675).
- scsi: lpfc: Fix queue failures when recovering from PCI parity error (bsc#1197675 bsc#1196478).
- scsi: lpfc: Fix typos in comments (bsc#1197675).
- scsi: lpfc: Fix unload hang after back to back PCI EEH faults (bsc#1197675 bsc#1196478).
- scsi: lpfc: Improve PCI EEH Error and Recovery Handling (bsc#1197675 bsc#1196478).
- scsi: lpfc: Kill lpfc_bus_reset_handler() (bsc#1197675).
- scsi: lpfc: Reduce log messages seen after firmware download (bsc#1197675).
- scsi: lpfc: Remove failing soft_wwn support (bsc#1197675).
- scsi: lpfc: Remove NVMe support if kernel has NVME_FC disabled (bsc#1197675).
- scsi: lpfc: Remove redundant flush_workqueue() call (bsc#1197675).
- scsi: lpfc: SLI path split: Introduce lpfc_prep_wqe (bsc#1197675).
- scsi: lpfc: SLI path split: Refactor Abort paths (bsc#1197675).
- scsi: lpfc: SLI path split: Refactor base ELS paths and the FLOGI path (bsc#1197675).
- scsi: lpfc: SLI path split: Refactor BSG paths (bsc#1197675).
- scsi: lpfc: SLI path split: Refactor CT paths (bsc#1197675).
- scsi: lpfc: SLI path split: Refactor fast and slow paths to native SLI4 (bsc#1197675).
- scsi: lpfc: SLI path split: Refactor FDISC paths (bsc#1197675).
- scsi: lpfc: SLI path split: Refactor lpfc_iocbq (bsc#1197675).
- scsi: lpfc: SLI path split: Refactor LS_ACC paths (bsc#1197675).
- scsi: lpfc: SLI path split: Refactor LS_RJT paths (bsc#1197675).
- scsi: lpfc: SLI path split: Refactor misc ELS paths (bsc#1197675).
- scsi: lpfc: SLI path split: Refactor PLOGI/PRLI/ADISC/LOGO paths (bsc#1197675).
- scsi: lpfc: SLI path split: Refactor SCSI paths (bsc#1197675).
- scsi: lpfc: SLI path split: Refactor the RSCN/SCR/RDF/EDC/FARPR paths (bsc#1197675).
- scsi: lpfc: SLI path split: Refactor VMID paths (bsc#1197675).
- scsi: lpfc: Update lpfc version to (bsc#1197675).
- scsi: lpfc: Update lpfc version to (bsc#1197675).
- scsi: lpfc: Use fc_block_rport() (bsc#1197675).
- scsi: lpfc: Use kcalloc() (bsc#1197675).
- scsi: lpfc: Use rport as argument for lpfc_chk_tgt_mapped() (bsc#1197675).
- scsi: lpfc: Use rport as argument for lpfc_send_taskmgmt() (bsc#1197675).
- scsi: qla2xxx: Fix crash during module load unload test (bsc#1197661).
- scsi: qla2xxx: Fix disk failure to rediscover (bsc#1197661).
- scsi: qla2xxx: Fix hang due to session stuck (bsc#1197661).
- scsi: qla2xxx: Fix incorrect reporting of task management failure (bsc#1197661).
- scsi: qla2xxx: Fix laggy FC remote port session recovery (bsc#1197661).
- scsi: qla2xxx: Fix loss of NVMe namespaces after driver reload test (bsc#1197661).
- scsi: qla2xxx: Fix missed DMA unmap for NVMe ls requests (bsc#1197661).
- scsi: qla2xxx: Fix N2N inconsistent PLOGI (bsc#1197661).
- scsi: qla2xxx: Fix stuck session of PRLI reject (bsc#1197661).
- scsi: qla2xxx: Fix typos in comments (bsc#1197661).
- scsi: qla2xxx: Increase max limit of ql2xnvme_queues (bsc#1197661).
- scsi: qla2xxx: Reduce false trigger to login (bsc#1197661).
- scsi: qla2xxx: Stop using the SCSI pointer (bsc#1197661).
- scsi: qla2xxx: Update version to (bsc#1197661).
- scsi: qla2xxx: Use correct feature type field during RFF_ID processing (bsc#1197661).
- scsi: qla2xxx: Use named initializers for port_state_str (bsc#1197661).
- scsi: qla2xxx: Use named initializers for q_dev_state (bsc#1197661).
- serial: 8250_lpss: Balance reference count for PCI DMA device (git-fixes).
- serial: 8250_mid: Balance reference count for PCI DMA device (git-fixes).
- serial: 8250: Fix race condition in RTS-after-send handling (git-fixes).
- serial: core: Fix the definition name in the comment of UPF_* flags (git-fixes).
- soc: qcom: aoss: remove spurious IRQF_ONESHOT flags (git-fixes).
- soc: qcom: rpmpd: Check for null return of devm_kcalloc (git-fixes).
- soc: ti: wkup_m3_ipc: Fix IRQ check in wkup_m3_ipc_probe (git-fixes).
- soundwire: intel: fix wrong register name in intel_shim_wake (git-fixes).
- spi: pxa2xx-pci: Balance reference count for PCI DMA device (git-fixes).
- spi: tegra114: Add missing IRQ check in tegra_spi_probe (git-fixes).
- staging:iio:adc:ad7280a: Fix handing of device address bit reversing (git-fixes).
- tcp: add some entropy in __inet_hash_connect() (bsc#1180153).
- tcp: change source port randomizarion at connect() time (bsc#1180153).
- thermal: int340x: Check for NULL after calling kmemdup() (git-fixes).
- thermal: int340x: Increase bitmap size (git-fixes).
- udp_tunnel: Fix end of loop test in udp_tunnel_nic_unregister() (git-fixes).
- Update config files (bsc#1195926 bsc#1175667). VIRTIO_PCI=m -> VIRTIO_PCI=y
- usb: bdc: Adb shows offline after resuming from S2 (git-fixes).
- usb: bdc: Fix a resource leak in the error handling path of 'bdc_probe()' (git-fixes).
- usb: bdc: Fix unused assignment in bdc_probe() (git-fixes).
- usb: bdc: remove duplicated error message (git-fixes).
- usb: bdc: Use devm_clk_get_optional() (git-fixes).
- usb: bdc: use devm_platform_ioremap_resource() to simplify code (git-fixes).
- usb: dwc3: gadget: Use list_replace_init() before traversing lists (git-fixes).
- usb: dwc3: qcom: add IRQ check (git-fixes).
- usb: gadget: bdc: use readl_poll_timeout() to simplify code (git-fixes).
- usb: gadget: Fix use-after-free bug by not setting udc->dev.driver (git-fixes).
- usb: gadget: rndis: prevent integer overflow in rndis_set_response() (git-fixes).
- usb: usbtmc: Fix bug in pipe direction for control transfers (git-fixes).
- VFS: filename_create(): fix incorrect intent (bsc#1197534).
- video: fbdev: atmel_lcdfb: fix an error code in atmel_lcdfb_probe() (git-fixes).
- video: fbdev: controlfb: Fix COMPILE_TEST build (git-fixes).
- video: fbdev: fbcvt.c: fix printing in fb_cvt_print_name() (git-fixes).
- video: fbdev: matroxfb: set maxvram of vbG200eW to the same as vbG200 to avoid black screen (git-fixes).
- video: fbdev: matroxfb: set maxvram of vbG200eW to the same as vbG200 to avoid black screen (git-fixes).
- video: fbdev: omapfb: Add missing of_node_put() in dvic_probe_of (git-fixes).
- video: fbdev: smscufx: Fix null-ptr-deref in ufx_usb_probe() (git-fixes).
- VMCI: Fix the description of vmci_check_host_caps() (git-fixes).
- vsprintf: Fix %pK with kptr_restrict == 0 (bsc#1197889).
- wireguard: queueing: use CFI-safe ptr_ring cleanup function (git-fixes).
- wireguard: selftests: rename DEBUG_PI_LIST to DEBUG_PLIST (git-fixes).
- wireguard: socket: free skb in send6 when ipv6 is disabled (git-fixes).
- wireguard: socket: ignore v6 endpoints when ipv6 is disabled (git-fixes).
- x86/cpu: Add hardware-enforced cache coherency as a CPUID feature (bsc#1178134).
- x86/mm/pat: Do not flush cache if hardware enforces cache coherency across encryption domnains (bsc#1178134).
- x86/speculation: Warn about eIBRS + LFENCE + Unprivileged eBPF + SMT (bsc#1178134).
- x86/speculation: Warn about Spectre v2 LFENCE mitigation (bsc#1178134).
- xhci: fix garbage USBSTS being logged in some cases (git-fixes).

Advisory ID: SUSE-RU-2022:1201-1
Released:    Thu Apr 14 11:40:33 2022
Summary:     Recommended update for grub2
Type:        recommended
Severity:    moderate
References:  1179981,1191974,1192622,1195204
This update for grub2 fixes the following issues:

- Fix grub-install error when efi system partition is created as mdadm software raid1 device. (bsc#1179981, bsc#1195204)
- Fix error in grub-install when linux root device is on lvm thin volume. (bsc#1192622, bsc#1191974)

Advisory ID: SUSE-RU-2022:1203-1
Released:    Thu Apr 14 11:43:28 2022
Summary:     Recommended update for lvm2
Type:        recommended
Severity:    moderate
References:  1195231
This update for lvm2 fixes the following issues:

- udev: create symlinks and watch even in suspended state (bsc#1195231)

Advisory ID: SUSE-RU-2022:1281-1
Released:    Wed Apr 20 12:26:38 2022
Summary:     Recommended update for libtirpc
Type:        recommended
Severity:    moderate
References:  1196647
This update for libtirpc fixes the following issues:

- Add option to enforce connection via protocol version 2 first (bsc#1196647)

Advisory ID: SUSE-RU-2022:1302-1
Released:    Fri Apr 22 10:04:46 2022
Summary:     Recommended update for e2fsprogs
Type:        recommended
Severity:    moderate
References:  1196939
This update for e2fsprogs fixes the following issues:

- Add support for 'libreadline7' for Leap. (bsc#1196939)

Advisory ID: SUSE-RU-2022:1374-1
Released:    Mon Apr 25 15:02:13 2022
Summary:     Recommended update for openldap2
Type:        recommended
Severity:    moderate
References:  1191157,1197004
This update for openldap2 fixes the following issues:

- allow specification of max/min TLS version with TLS1.3 (bsc#1191157)
- libldap was able to be out of step with openldap in some cases which could cause incorrect installations and symbol
  resolution failures. openldap2 and libldap now are locked to their related release versions. (bsc#1197004)
- restore CLDAP functionality in CLI tools (jsc#PM-3288)

Advisory ID: SUSE-RU-2022:1409-1
Released:    Tue Apr 26 12:54:57 2022
Summary:     Recommended update for gcc11
Type:        recommended
Severity:    moderate
References:  1195628,1196107
This update for gcc11 fixes the following issues:

- Add a list of Obsoletes to libstdc++6-pp-gcc11 so updates from
  packages provided by older GCC work.  Add a requires from that
  package to the corresponding libstc++6 package to keep those
  at the same version.  [bsc#1196107]
- Fixed memory corruption when creating dependences with the D language frontend.
- Add gcc11-PIE, similar to gcc-PIE but affecting gcc11 [bsc#1195628]
- Put libstdc++6-pp Requires on the shared library and drop
  to Recommends.

Advisory ID: SUSE-SU-2022:1430-1
Released:    Wed Apr 27 10:01:43 2022
Summary:     Security update for cifs-utils
Type:        security
Severity:    important
References:  1197216,CVE-2022-27239
This update for cifs-utils fixes the following issues:

- CVE-2022-27239: Fixed a buffer overflow in the command line ip option (bsc#1197216).

Advisory ID: SUSE-RU-2022:1438-1
Released:    Wed Apr 27 15:27:19 2022
Summary:     Recommended update for systemd-presets-common-SUSE
Type:        recommended
Severity:    low
References:  1195251
This update for systemd-presets-common-SUSE fixes the following issue:

- enable vgauthd service for VMWare by default (bsc#1195251)

Advisory ID: SUSE-RU-2022:1451-1
Released:    Thu Apr 28 10:47:22 2022
Summary:     Recommended update for perl
Type:        recommended
Severity:    moderate
References:  1193489
This update for perl fixes the following issues:

- Fix Socket::VERSION evaluation and stabilize Socket:VERSION comparisons (bsc#1193489)

Advisory ID: SUSE-SU-2022:1455-1
Released:    Thu Apr 28 11:31:51 2022
Summary:     Security update for glib2
Type:        security
Severity:    low
References:  1183533,CVE-2021-28153
This update for glib2 fixes the following issues:

- CVE-2021-28153: Fixed an issue where symlink targets would be incorrectly created as empty files (bsc#1183533).

Advisory ID: SUSE-RU-2022:1460-1
Released:    Thu Apr 28 16:21:58 2022
Summary:     Recommended update for google-guest-agent, google-guest-configs, google-guest-oslogin, google-osconfig-agent
Type:        recommended
Severity:    moderate
References:  1195437,1195438
This update for google-guest-agent, google-guest-configs, google-guest-oslogin, google-osconfig-agent fixes the following issues:

- Update to version 20220204.00. (bsc#1195437, bsc#1195438)
  * remove han from owners (#154)
  * Remove extra slash from metadata URL. (#151)
- from version 20220104.00
  * List IPv6 routes (#150)
- from version 20211228.00
  * add add or remove route integration test, utils (#147)
- from version 20211214.00
  * add malformed ssh key unit test  (#142)

- Update to version 20220211.00. (bsc#1195437, bsc#1195438)
  * Set NVMe-PD IO timeout to 4294967295. (#32)

- Update to version 20220205.00. (bsc#1195437, bsc#1195438)
  * Fix build for EL9. (#82)
- from version 20211213.00
  * Reauth error (#81)
- Rename Source0 field to Source
- Update URL in Source field to point to upstream tarball

- Update to version 20220209.00 (bsc#1195437, bsc#1195438)
  * Update licences, remove deprecated centos-8 tests (#414)

- Update to version 20220204.00
  * Add DisableLocalLogging option (#413)
- from version 20220107.00
  * OS assignment example: Copy file from bucket

Advisory ID: SUSE-SU-2022:1506-1
Released:    Tue May  3 16:08:08 2022
Summary:     Security update for xen
Type:        security
Severity:    moderate
References:  1197423,1197425,1197426,CVE-2022-26356,CVE-2022-26357,CVE-2022-26358,CVE-2022-26359,CVE-2022-26360,CVE-2022-26361
This update for xen fixes the following issues:

- CVE-2022-26356: Fixed potential race conditions in dirty memory tracking that
  could cause a denial of service in the host (bsc#1197423).
- CVE-2022-26357: Fixed a potential race condition in memory cleanup for hosts
  using VT-d IOMMU hardware, which could lead to a denial of service in the host
- CVE-2022-26358,CVE-2022-26359,CVE-2022-26360,CVE-2022-26361: Fixed various memory
  corruption issues for hosts using VT-d or AMD-Vi IOMMU hardware. These could be
  leveraged by an attacker to cause a denial of service in the host (bsc#1197426).

Advisory ID: SUSE-SU-2022:1512-1
Released:    Tue May  3 16:11:28 2022
Summary:     Security update for ruby2.5
Type:        security
Severity:    important
References:  1188160,1188161,1190375,1193035,1198441,CVE-2021-31799,CVE-2021-31810,CVE-2021-32066,CVE-2021-41817,CVE-2022-28739
This update for ruby2.5 fixes the following issues:

- CVE-2022-28739: Fixed a buffer overrun in String-to-Float conversion (bsc#1198441).
- CVE-2021-41817: Fixed a regular expression denial of service in Date Parsing Methods (bsc#1193035).
- CVE-2021-32066: Fixed a StartTLS stripping vulnerability in Net:IMAP (bsc#1188160).
- CVE-2021-31810: Fixed a trusting FTP PASV responses vulnerability in Net:FTP (bsc#1188161).
- CVE-2021-31799: Fixed a command injection vulnerability in RDoc (bsc#1190375). 

Advisory ID: SUSE-RU-2022:1544-1
Released:    Thu May  5 11:52:22 2022
Summary:     Recommended update for dracut
Type:        recommended
Severity:    moderate
References:  1195011,1195508,1197967
This update for dracut fixes the following issues:

- fix(dracut-install): copy files preserving ownership attributes (bsc#1197967)
- fix(dracut-systemd): do not require vconsole-setup.service (bsc#1195508)
- fix( ip route parsing (bsc#1195011)

Advisory ID: SUSE-SU-2022:1548-1
Released:    Thu May  5 16:45:28 2022
Summary:     Security update for tar
Type:        security
Severity:    moderate
References:  1029961,1120610,1130496,1181131,CVE-2018-20482,CVE-2019-9923,CVE-2021-20193
This update for tar fixes the following issues:

- CVE-2021-20193: Fixed a memory leak in read_header() in list.c (bsc#1181131).
- CVE-2019-9923: Fixed a null-pointer dereference in pax_decode_header in sparse.c (bsc#1130496).
- CVE-2018-20482: Fixed infinite read loop in sparse_dump_region in sparse.c (bsc#1120610).

- Update to GNU tar 1.34:
  * Fix extraction over pipe
  * Fix memory leak in read_header (CVE-2021-20193) (bsc#1181131)
  * Fix extraction when . and .. are unreadable
  * Gracefully handle duplicate symlinks when extracting
  * Re-initialize supplementary groups when switching to user

- Update to GNU tar 1.33:
  * POSIX extended format headers do not include PID by default
  * --delay-directory-restore works for archives with reversed
    member ordering
  * Fix extraction of a symbolic link hardlinked to another
    symbolic link
  * Wildcards in exclude-vcs-ignore mode don't match slash
  * Fix the --no-overwrite-dir option
  * Fix handling of chained renames in incremental backups
  * Link counting works for file names supplied with -T
  * Accept only position-sensitive (file-selection) options in file
    list files

- prepare usrmerge (bsc#1029961)

- Update to GNU 1.32
  * Fix the use of --checkpoint without explicit --checkpoint-action
  * Fix extraction with the -U option
  * Fix iconv usage on BSD-based systems
  * Fix possible NULL dereference (savannah bug #55369)
    [bsc#1130496] [CVE-2019-9923]
  * Improve the testsuite

- Update to GNU 1.31
  * Fix heap-buffer-overrun with --one-top-level, bug introduced
    with the addition of that option in 1.28
  * Support for zstd compression
  * New option '--zstd' instructs tar to use zstd as compression
    program. When listing, extractng and comparing, zstd compressed
    archives are recognized automatically. When '-a' option is in
    effect, zstd compression is selected if the destination archive
    name ends in '.zst' or '.tzst'.
  * The -K option interacts properly with member names given in the
    command line. Names of members to extract can be specified along
    with the '-K NAME' option. In this case, tar will extract NAME
    and those of named members that appear in the archive after it,
    which is consistent with the semantics of the option. Previous
    versions of tar extracted NAME, those of named members that
    appeared before it, and everything after it.
  * Fix CVE-2018-20482 - When creating archives with the --sparse
    option, previous versions of tar would loop endlessly if a
    sparse file had been truncated while being archived.

Advisory ID: SUSE-SU-2022:1576-1
Released:    Mon May  9 13:44:45 2022
Summary:     Security update for ldb
Type:        security
Severity:    low
References:  1198397,CVE-2021-3670
This update for ldb fixes the following issues:

- Update to version 2.4.2
  - CVE-2021-3670: Fixed an issue where the LDAP server MaxQueryDuration value
    would not be honoured (bsc#1198397).

Advisory ID: SUSE-SU-2022:1583-1
Released:    Mon May  9 17:42:50 2022
Summary:     Security update for rsyslog
Type:        security
Severity:    important
References:  1199061,CVE-2022-24903
This update for rsyslog fixes the following issues:

- CVE-2022-24903: Fixed potential heap buffer overflow in modules for TCP syslog reception (bsc#1199061).

Advisory ID: SUSE-SU-2022:1617-1
Released:    Tue May 10 14:40:12 2022
Summary:     Security update for gzip
Type:        security
Severity:    important
References:  1198062,1198922,CVE-2022-1271
This update for gzip fixes the following issues:

- CVE-2022-1271: Fix escaping of malicious filenames. (bsc#1198062)

Advisory ID: SUSE-RU-2022:1626-1
Released:    Tue May 10 15:55:13 2022
Summary:     Recommended update for systemd
Type:        recommended
Severity:    moderate
References:  1198090,1198114
This update for systemd fixes the following issues:

- tmpfiles.d: only 'w+' can have multiple lines for the same path (bsc#1198090)
- journald: make sure journal_file_open() doesn't leave a corrupted file around after failing (bsc#1198114)
- tmpfiles: constify item_compatible() parameters
- test tmpfiles: add a test for 'w+'
- test: add test checking tmpfiles conf file precedence
- journald: make use of CLAMP() in cache_space_refresh()
- journal-file: port journal_file_open() to openat_report_new()
- fs-util: make sure openat_report_new() initializes return param also on shortcut
- fs-util: fix typos in comments
- fs-util: add openat_report_new() wrapper around openat()

The following package changes have been done:

- cifs-utils-6.9-150100.5.15.1 updated
- containerd-ctr-1.4.12-150000.65.1 updated
- containerd-1.4.12-150000.65.1 updated
- dracut-049.1+suse.234.g902e489c-150200.3.57.1 updated
- e2fsprogs-1.43.8-150000.4.29.1 updated
- google-guest-agent-20220204.00-150000.1.26.1 updated
- google-guest-configs-20220211.00-150000.1.19.1 updated
- google-guest-oslogin-20220205.00-150000.1.27.1 updated
- google-osconfig-agent-20220209.00-150000.1.17.1 updated
- grub2-i386-pc-2.04-150300.22.15.2 updated
- grub2-x86_64-efi-2.04-150300.22.15.2 updated
- grub2-2.04-150300.22.15.2 updated
- gzip-1.10-150200.10.1 updated
- kernel-default-5.3.18-150300.59.63.1 updated
- libcom_err2-1.43.8-150000.4.29.1 updated
- libdevmapper1_03-1.02.163-8.42.1 updated
- libext2fs2-1.43.8-150000.4.29.1 updated
- libgcc_s1-11.2.1+git610-150000.1.6.6 updated
- libglib-2_0-0-2.62.6-150200.3.9.1 updated
- libldap-2_4-2-2.4.46-150200.14.5.1 updated
- libldap-data-2.4.46-150200.14.5.1 updated
- libldb2-2.4.2-150300.3.15.1 updated
- liblzma5-5.2.3-150000.4.7.1 updated
- libruby2_5-2_5-2.5.9-150000.4.23.1 updated
- libsolv-tools-0.7.22-150200.12.1 updated
- libstdc++6-11.2.1+git610-150000.1.6.6 updated
- libsystemd0-246.16-150300.7.45.1 updated
- libtirpc-netconfig-1.2.6-150300.3.3.1 updated
- libtirpc3-1.2.6-150300.3.3.1 updated
- libudev1-246.16-150300.7.45.1 updated
- libzypp-17.30.0-150200.36.1 updated
- perl-base-5.26.1-150300.17.3.1 updated
- perl-5.26.1-150300.17.3.1 updated
- rsyslog-8.2106.0-150200.4.26.1 updated
- ruby2.5-stdlib-2.5.9-150000.4.23.1 updated
- ruby2.5-2.5.9-150000.4.23.1 updated
- suse-build-key-12.0-150000.8.22.1 updated
- systemd-presets-common-SUSE-15-150100.8.12.1 updated
- systemd-sysvinit-246.16-150300.7.45.1 updated
- systemd-246.16-150300.7.45.1 updated
- tar-1.34-150000.3.12.1 updated
- udev-246.16-150300.7.45.1 updated
- xen-libs-4.14.4_04-150300.3.24.1 updated
- xz-5.2.3-150000.4.7.1 updated
- zypper-1.14.52-150200.30.2 updated

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