SUSE-CU-2022:2959-1: Security update of suse/manager/4.3/proxy-squid

sle-security-updates at sle-security-updates at
Fri Nov 11 13:55:08 UTC 2022

SUSE Container Update Advisory: suse/manager/4.3/proxy-squid
Container Advisory ID : SUSE-CU-2022:2959-1
Container Tags        : suse/manager/4.3/proxy-squid:4.3.2 , suse/manager/4.3/proxy-squid: , suse/manager/4.3/proxy-squid:latest
Container Release     : 9.9.8
Severity              : important
Type                  : security
References            : 1190651 1194047 1202148 1203911 1204383 1204386 CVE-2022-32221

The container suse/manager/4.3/proxy-squid was updated. The following patches have been included in this update:

Advisory ID: SUSE-SU-2022:3785-1
Released:    Wed Oct 26 20:20:19 2022
Summary:     Security update for curl
Type:        security
Severity:    important
References:  1204383,1204386,CVE-2022-32221,CVE-2022-42916
This update for curl fixes the following issues:

  - CVE-2022-32221: Fixed POST following PUT confusion (bsc#1204383).
  - CVE-2022-42916: Fixed HSTS bypass via IDN (bsc#1204386).

Advisory ID: SUSE-RU-2022:3787-1
Released:    Thu Oct 27 04:41:09 2022
Summary:     Recommended update for permissions
Type:        recommended
Severity:    important
References:  1194047,1203911
This update for permissions fixes the following issues:

- Fix regression introduced by backport of security fix (bsc#1203911)
- Add permissions for enlightenment helper on 32bit arches (bsc#1194047)

Advisory ID: SUSE-RU-2022:3870-1
Released:    Fri Nov  4 11:12:08 2022
Summary:     Recommended update for openssl-1_1
Type:        recommended
Severity:    moderate
References:  1190651,1202148
This update for openssl-1_1 fixes the following issues:

- FIPS: Add a missing dependency on jitterentropy-devel for libopenssl-1_1-devel (bsc#1202148)
- FIPS: OpenSSL service-level indicator:  Allow AES XTS 256 (bsc#1190651)

The following package changes have been done:

- libopenssl1_1-1.1.1l-150400.7.13.1 updated
- libopenssl1_1-hmac-1.1.1l-150400.7.13.1 updated
- libcurl4-7.79.1-150400.5.9.1 updated
- permissions-20201225-150400.5.16.1 updated

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