SUSE-CU-2023:2480-1: Security update of bci/openjdk

sle-security-updates at sle-security-updates at
Tue Aug 1 11:26:09 UTC 2023

SUSE Container Update Advisory: bci/openjdk
Container Advisory ID : SUSE-CU-2023:2480-1
Container Tags        : bci/openjdk:17 , bci/openjdk:17-10.18 , bci/openjdk:latest
Container Release     : 10.18
Severity              : important
Type                  : security
References            : 1207922 1213473 1213474 1213475 1213479 1213481 1213482 CVE-2023-22006
                        CVE-2023-22036 CVE-2023-22041 CVE-2023-22044 CVE-2023-22045 CVE-2023-22049

The container bci/openjdk was updated. The following patches have been included in this update:

Advisory ID: SUSE-SU-2023:3023-1
Released:    Fri Jul 28 21:59:48 2023
Summary:     Security update for java-17-openjdk
Type:        security
Severity:    important
References:  1207922,1213473,1213474,1213475,1213479,1213481,1213482,CVE-2023-22006,CVE-2023-22036,CVE-2023-22041,CVE-2023-22044,CVE-2023-22045,CVE-2023-22049,CVE-2023-25193
This update for java-17-openjdk fixes the following issues:

  Updated to version jdk-17.0.8+7 (July 2023 CPU):

  - CVE-2023-22006: Fixed vulnerability in the network component (bsc#1213473).
  - CVE-2023-22036: Fixed vulnerability in the utility component (bsc#1213474).
  - CVE-2023-22041: Fixed vulnerability in the hotspot component (bsc#1213475).
  - CVE-2023-22044: Fixed vulnerability in the hotspot component (bsc#1213479).
  - CVE-2023-22045: Fixed vulnerability in the hotspot component (bsc#1213481).
  - CVE-2023-22049: Fixed vulnerability in the libraries component (bsc#1213482).
  - CVE-2023-25193: Fixed vulnerability in the embedded harfbuzz module (bsc#1207922).

  - JDK-8294323: Improve Shared Class Data
  - JDK-8296565: Enhanced archival support
  - JDK-8298676, JDK-8300891: Enhanced Look and Feel
  - JDK-8300285: Enhance TLS data handling
  - JDK-8300596: Enhance Jar Signature validation
  - JDK-8301998, JDK-8302084: Update HarfBuzz to 7.0.1
  - JDK-8302475: Enhance HTTP client file downloading
  - JDK-8302483: Enhance ZIP performance
  - JDK-8303376: Better launching of JDI
  - JDK-8304460: Improve array usages
  - JDK-8304468: Better array usages
  - JDK-8305312: Enhanced path handling
  - JDK-8308682: Enhance AES performance


  - JDK-8178806: Better exception logging in crypto code
  - JDK-8201516: DebugNonSafepoints generates incorrect
  - JDK-8224768: Test fails
  - JDK-8227060: Optimize safepoint cleanup subtask order
  - JDK-8227257: javax/swing/JFileChooser/4847375/
    fails with AssertionError
  - JDK-8238274: (sctp) JDK-7118373 is not fixed for SctpChannel
  - JDK-8244976: vmTestbase/nsk/jdi/Event/request/
    doesn' initialize eName
  - JDK-8245877: assert(_value != __null) failed: resolving NULL
    _value in JvmtiExport::post_compiled_method_load
  - JDK-8248001: javadoc generates invalid HTML pages whose
    ftp:// links are broken
  - JDK-8252990: Intrinsify Unsafe.storeStoreFence
  - JDK-8254711: Add JFR Event
  - JDK-8257856: Make robust to JDK
    version updates
  - JDK-8261495: Shenandoah: reconsider update references memory
  - JDK-8268288: jdk/jfr/api/consumer/streaming/
    / fails with 'Error:
  - JDK-8268298: jdk/jfr/api/consumer/log/
    fails: unexpected log message
  - JDK-8268582: javadoc throws NPE with --ignore-source-errors
  - JDK-8269821: Remove is-queue-active check in inner loop of
  - JDK-8270434: JDI+UT: Unexpected event in JDI tests
  - JDK-8270859: Post JEP 411 refactoring: client libs with
    maximum covering > 10K
  - JDK-8270869: G1ServiceThread may not terminate
  - JDK-8271519: java/awt/event/SequencedEvent/
    / failed with 'Total [200]
    - Expected [400]'
  - JDK-8273909: vmTestbase/nsk/jdi/Event/request/request001 can
    still fail with 'ERROR: new event is not ThreadStartEvent'
  - JDK-8274243: Implement fast-path for ASCII-compatible
    CharsetEncoders on aarch64
  - JDK-8274615: Support relaxed atomic add for linux-aarch64
  - JDK-8274864: Remove Amman/Cairo hacks in ZoneInfoFile
  - JDK-8275233: Incorrect line number reported in exception
    stack trace thrown from a lambda expression
  - JDK-8275287: Relax memory ordering constraints on updating
    instance class and array class counters
  - JDK-8275721: Name of UTC timezone in a locale changes
    depending on previous code
  - JDK-8275735: [linux] Remove deprecated Metrics api (kernel
    memory limit)
  - JDK-8276058: Some swing test fails on specific CI macos system
  - JDK-8277407: javax/swing/plaf/synth/SynthButtonUI/6276188/
    / fails to compile after JDK-8276058
  - JDK-8277775: Fixup bugids in -
    add 4357905
  - JDK-8278146: G1: Rework VM_G1Concurrent VMOp to clearly
    identify it as pause
  - JDK-8278434: timeouts in test  java/time/test/java/time/
  - JDK-8278834: Error 'Cannot read field 'sym' because
    'this.lvar[od]' is null' when compiling
  - JDK-8282077: PKCS11 provider C_sign() impl should handle
  - JDK-8282201: Consider removal of expiry check in test
  - JDK-8282227: Locale information for nb is not working properly
  - JDK-8282704: runtime/Thread/ may leak memory
  - JDK-8283057: Update GCC to version 11.2.0 for Oracle builds
    on Linux
  - JDK-8283062: Uninitialized warnings in libgtest with GCC 11.2
  - JDK-8283520: JFR: Memory leak in dcmd_arena
  - JDK-8283566: G1: Improve G1BarrierSet::enqueue performance
  - JDK-8284331: Add sanity check for signal handler modification
  - JDK-8285635: javax/swing/JRootPane/
    failed with Default Button not pressed for L&F:
  - JDK-8285987: executing shell scripts without #! fails on
    Alpine linux
  - JDK-8286191: misc tests fail due to JDK-8285987
  - JDK-8286287: Reading file as UTF-16 causes Error which
    'shouldn't happen'
  - JDK-8286331: jni_GetStringUTFChars() uses wrong heap allocator
  - JDK-8286346: 3-parameter version of AllocateHeap should not
    ignore AllocFailType
  - JDK-8286398: Address possibly lossy conversions in
  - JDK-8287007: [cgroups] Consistently use stringStream
    throughout parsing code
  - JDK-8287246: DSAKeyValue should check for missing params
    instead of relying on KeyFactory provider
  - JDK-8287541: Files.writeString fails to throw IOException for
    charset 'windows-1252'
  - JDK-8287854: Dangling reference in ClassVerifier::verify_class
  - JDK-8287876: The recently de-problemlisted
    TestTitledBorderLeak test is unstable
  - JDK-8287897: Augment src/jdk.internal.le/share/legal/
    with information on 4th party dependencies
  - JDK-8288589: Files.readString ignores encoding errors for
  - JDK-8289509: Improve test coverage for XPath Axes:
    descendant, descendant-or-self, following, following-sibling
  - JDK-8289735: UTIL_LOOKUP_PROGS fails on pathes with space
  - JDK-8289949: Improve test coverage for XPath: operators
  - JDK-8290822: C2: assert in PhaseIdealLoop::do_unroll() is
    subject to undefined behavior
  - JDK-8291226: Create Test Cases to cover scenarios for
  - JDK-8291637: HttpClient default keep alive timeout not
    followed if server sends invalid value
  - JDK-8291638: Keep-Alive timeout of 0 should close connection
  - JDK-8292206: fails as getMemoryUsage()
    is lower than expected
  - JDK-8292301: [REDO v2] C2 crash when allocating array of size
    too large
  - JDK-8292407: Improve Weak CAS VarHandle/Unsafe tests
    resilience under spurious failures
  - JDK-8292713: Unsafe.allocateInstance should be intrinsified
    without UseUnalignedAccesses
  - JDK-8292755: Non-default method in interface leads to a stack
    overflow in JShell
  - JDK-8292990: Improve test coverage for XPath Axes: parent
  - JDK-8293295: Add type check asserts to
    java_lang_ref_Reference accessors
  - JDK-8293492: ShenandoahControlThread missing from hs-err log
    and thread dump
  - JDK-8293858: Change PKCS7 code to use default SecureRandom
    impl instead of SHA1PRNG
  - JDK-8293887: AArch64 build failure with GCC 12 due to
    maybe-uninitialized warning in libfdlibm k_rem_pio2.c
  - JDK-8294183: AArch64: Wrong macro check in
  - JDK-8294281: Allow warnings to be disabled on a per-file basis
  - JDK-8294673: JFR: Add SecurityProviderService#threshold to
  - JDK-8294717: (bf) DirectByteBuffer constructor will leak if
    allocating Deallocator or Cleaner fails with OOME
  - JDK-8294906: Memory leak in PKCS11 NSS TLS server
  - JDK-8295564: Norwegian Nynorsk Locale is missing formatting
  - JDK-8295974: jni_FatalError and Xcheck:jni warnings should
    print the native stack when there are no Java frames
  - JDK-8296084: javax/swing/JSpinner/4788637/
    fails intermittently on a VM
  - JDK-8296318: use-def assert: special case undetected loops
    nested in infinite loops
  - JDK-8296343: CPVE thrown on missing content-length in OCSP
  - JDK-8296412: Special case infinite loops with unmerged
    backedges in IdealLoopTree::check_safepts
  - JDK-8296545: C2 Blackholes should allow load optimizations
  - JDK-8296934: Write a test to verify whether Undecorated Frame
    can be iconified or not
  - JDK-8297000: [jib] Add more friendly warning for proxy issues
  - JDK-8297154: Improve safepoint cleanup logging
  - JDK-8297450: fails when run
    with -show parameter
  - JDK-8297587: Upgrade JLine to 3.22.0
  - JDK-8297730: C2: Arraycopy intrinsic throws incorrect
  - JDK-8297955: LDAP CertStore should use LdapName and not
    String for DNs
  - JDK-8298488: [macos13] tools/jpackage tests failing with
    'Exit code: 137' on macOS
  - JDK-8298887: On the latest macOS+XCode the Robot API may
    report wrong colors
  - JDK-8299179: ArrayFill with store on backedge needs to reduce
    length by 1
  - JDK-8299259: C2: Div/Mod nodes without zero check could be
    split through iv phi of loop resulting in SIGFPE
  - JDK-8299544: Improve performance of CRC32C intrinsics
    (non-AVX-512) for small inputs
  - JDK-8299570: [JVMCI] Insufficient error handling when
    CodeBuffer is exhausted
  - JDK-8299959: C2: CmpU::Value must filter overflow computation
    against local sub computation
  - JDK-8300042: Improve CPU related JFR events descriptions
  - JDK-8300079: SIGSEGV in LibraryCallKit::inline_string_copy
    due to constant NULL src argument
  - JDK-8300823: UB: Compile::_phase_optimize_finished is
    initialized too late
  - JDK-8300939: sun/security/provider/certpath/OCSP/
    / fails due to network errors
  - JDK-8301050: Detect Xen Virtualization on Linux aarch64
  - JDK-8301119: Support for GB18030-2022
  - JDK-8301123: Enable Symbol refcounting underflow checks in
  - JDK-8301190: [vectorapi] The typeChar of LaneType is
    incorrect when default locale is tr
  - JDK-8301216: ForkJoinPool invokeAll() ignores timeout
  - JDK-8301338: Identical branch conditions in
  - JDK-8301491: C2: java.lang.StringUTF16::indexOfChar intrinsic
    called with negative character argument
  - JDK-8301637: ThreadLocalRandom.current().doubles().parallel()
  - JDK-8301661: Enhance os::pd_print_cpu_info on macOS and
  - JDK-8302151: BMPImageReader throws an exception reading BMP
  - JDK-8302172: [JVMCI] HotSpotResolvedJavaMethodImpl.canBeInlined
    must respect ForceInline
  - JDK-8302320: AsyncGetCallTrace obtains too few frames in
    sanity test
  - JDK-8302491: NoClassDefFoundError omits the original cause of
    an error
  - JDK-8302508: Add timestamp to the output TraceCompilerThreads
  - JDK-8302594: use-after-free in Node::destruct
  - JDK-8302595: use-after-free related to GraphKit::clone_map
  - JDK-8302791: Add specific ClassLoader object to Proxy
    IllegalArgumentException message
  - JDK-8302849: SurfaceManager might expose partially
    constructed object
  - JDK-8303069: Memory leak in CompilerOracle::parse_from_line
  - JDK-8303102: jcmd: ManagementAgent.status truncates the text
    longer than O_BUFLEN
  - JDK-8303130: Document required Accessibility permissions on
  - JDK-8303354: addCertificatesToKeystore in KeystoreImpl.m
    needs CFRelease call in early potential CHECK_NULL return
  - JDK-8303433: Bump update version for OpenJDK: jdk-17.0.8
  - JDK-8303440: The 'ZonedDateTime.parse' may not accept the
    'UTC+XX' zone id
  - JDK-8303465: KeyStore of type KeychainStore, provider Apple
    does not show all trusted certificates
  - JDK-8303476: Add the runtime version in the release file of a
    JDK image
  - JDK-8303482: Update LCMS to 2.15
  - JDK-8303508: Vector.lane() gets wrong value on x86
  - JDK-8303511: C2: assert(get_ctrl(n) == cle_out) during
  - JDK-8303564: C2: 'Bad graph detected in build_loop_late'
    after a CMove is wrongly split thru phi
  - JDK-8303575: adjust Xen handling on Linux aarch64
  - JDK-8303576: addIdentitiesToKeystore in KeystoreImpl.m needs
    CFRelease call in early potential CHECK_NULL return
  - JDK-8303588: [JVMCI] make JVMCI source directories conform
    with standard layout
  - JDK-8303809: Dispose context in SPNEGO NegotiatorImpl
  - JDK-8303822: gtestMain should give more helpful output
  - JDK-8303861: Error handling step timeouts should never be
    blocked by OnError and others
  - JDK-8303937: Corrupted heap dumps due to missing retries for
  - JDK-8303949: gcc10 warning Linux ppc64le - note: the layout
    of aggregates containing vectors with 8-byte alignment has
    changed in GCC 5
  - JDK-8304054: Linux: NullPointerException from
    FontConfiguration.getVersion in case no fonts are installed
  - JDK-8304063: tools/jpackage/share/
    fails when checking LD_LIBRARY_PATH
  - JDK-8304134: jib bootstrapper fails to quote filename when
    checking download filetype
  - JDK-8304291: [AIX] Broken build after JDK-8301998
  - JDK-8304295: harfbuzz build fails with GCC 7 after JDK-8301998
  - JDK-8304350: Font.getStringBounds calculates wrong width for
    TextAttribute.TRACKING other than 0.0
  - JDK-8304671: javac regression: Compilation with --release 8
    fails on underscore in enum identifiers
  - JDK-8304683: Memory leak in WB_IsMethodCompatible
  - JDK-8304760: Add 2 Microsoft TLS roots
  - JDK-8304867: Explicitly disable dtrace for ppc builds
  - JDK-8304880: [PPC64] VerifyOops code in C1 doesn't work with
  - JDK-8305088: SIGSEGV in Method::is_method_handle_intrinsic
  - JDK-8305113: (tz) Update Timezone Data to 2023c
  - JDK-8305400: ISO 4217 Amendment 175 Update
  - JDK-8305403: Shenandoah evacuation workers may deadlock
  - JDK-8305481: gtest is_first_C_frame failing on ARM
  - JDK-8305690: [X86] Do not emit two REX prefixes in
  - JDK-8305711: Arm: C2 always enters slowpath for monitorexit
  - JDK-8305721: add `make compile-commands` artifacts to
  - JDK-8305975: Add TWCA Global Root CA
  - JDK-8305993: Add handleSocketErrorWithMessage to extend nio
    Net.c exception message
  - JDK-8305994: Guarantee eventual async monitor deflation
  - JDK-8306072: Open source several AWT MouseInfo related tests
  - JDK-8306133: Open source few AWT Drag & Drop related tests
  - JDK-8306409: Open source AWT KeyBoardFocusManger,
    LightWeightComponent related tests
  - JDK-8306432: Open source several AWT Text Component related
  - JDK-8306466: Open source more AWT Drag & Drop related tests
  - JDK-8306489: Open source AWT List related tests
  - JDK-8306543: GHA: MSVC installation is failing
  - JDK-8306640: Open source several AWT TextArea related tests
  - JDK-8306652: Open source AWT MenuItem related tests
  - JDK-8306658: GHA: MSVC installation could be optional since
    it might already be pre-installed
  - JDK-8306664: GHA: Update MSVC version to latest stepping
  - JDK-8306681: Open source more AWT DnD related tests
  - JDK-8306683: Open source several clipboard and color AWT tests
  - JDK-8306752: Open source several container and component AWT
  - JDK-8306753: Open source several container AWT tests
  - JDK-8306755: Open source few Swing JComponent and
    AbstractButton tests
  - JDK-8306768: CodeCache Analytics reports wrong threshold
  - JDK-8306774: Make runtime/Monitor/
    / more reliable
  - JDK-8306825: Monitor deflation might be accidentally disabled
    by zero intervals
  - JDK-8306850: Open source AWT Modal related tests
  - JDK-8306871: Open source more AWT Drag & Drop tests
  - JDK-8306883: Thread stacksize is reported with wrong units in
    os::create_thread logging
  - JDK-8306941: Open source several datatransfer and dnd AWT
  - JDK-8306943: Open source several dnd AWT tests
  - JDK-8306954: Open source five Focus related tests
  - JDK-8306955: Open source several JComboBox jtreg tests
  - JDK-8306976: UTIL_REQUIRE_SPECIAL warning on grep
  - JDK-8306996: Open source Swing MenuItem related tests
  - JDK-8307080: Open source some more JComboBox jtreg tests
  - JDK-8307128: Open source some drag and drop tests 4
  - JDK-8307130: Open source few Swing JMenu tests
  - JDK-8307133: Open source some JTable jtreg tests
  - JDK-8307134: Add GTS root CAs
  - JDK-8307135: java/awt/dnd/NotReallySerializableTest/
    / failed
  - JDK-8307331: Correctly update line maps when class redefine
    rewrites bytecodes
  - JDK-8307346: Add missing gc+phases logging for
    ObjectCount(AfterGC) JFR event collection code
  - JDK-8307347: serviceability/sa/ could
    leave files owned by root on macOS
  - JDK-8307378: Allow collectors to provide specific values for
    GC notifications' actions
  - JDK-8307381: Open Source JFrame, JIF related Swing Tests
  - JDK-8307425: Socket input stream read burns CPU cycles with
    back-to-back poll(0) calls
  - JDK-8307799: Newly added java/awt/dnd/ has
    invalid jtreg `@requires` clause
  - JDK-8308554: [17u] Fix commit of 8286191. vm.musl was not
    removed from ExternalEditorTest
  - JDK-8308880: [17u] micro bench ZoneStrings missed in backport
    of 8278434
  - JDK-8308884: [17u/11u] Backout JDK-8297951
  - JDK-8311467: [17u] Remove designator
    DEFAULT_PROMOTED_VERSION_PRE=ea for release 17.0.8

The following package changes have been done:

- java-17-openjdk-headless- updated
- java-17-openjdk- updated

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