SUSE-CU-2023:4249-1: Security update of bci/golang

sle-security-updates at sle-security-updates at
Fri Dec 22 12:35:33 UTC 2023

SUSE Container Update Advisory: bci/golang
Container Advisory ID : SUSE-CU-2023:4249-1
Container Tags        : bci/golang:1.21-openssl , bci/golang:1.21-openssl-8.30 , bci/golang:latest , bci/golang:stable-openssl , bci/golang:stable-openssl-8.30
Container Release     : 8.30
Severity              : important
Type                  : security
References            : 1212475 1216943 1217833 1217834 CVE-2023-39326 CVE-2023-45284

The container bci/golang was updated. The following patches have been included in this update:

Advisory ID: SUSE-SU-2023:4931-1
Released:    Wed Dec 20 15:25:42 2023
Summary:     Security update for go1.21-openssl
Type:        security
Severity:    important
References:  1212475,1216943,1217833,1217834,CVE-2023-39326,CVE-2023-45284,CVE-2023-45285
This update for go1.21-openssl fixes the following issues:

Update to version

- CVE-2023-45285: cmd/go: git VCS qualifier in module path uses git:// scheme (bsc#1217834).
- CVE-2023-45284: path/filepath: Clean removes ending slash for volume on Windows in Go 1.21.4 (bsc#1216943).
- CVE-2023-39326: net/http: limit chunked data overhead (bsc#1217833).
- cmd/go: go mod download needs to support toolchain upgrades
- cmd/compile: invalid pointer found on stack when compiled with -race
- os: NTFS deduped file changed from regular to irregular
- net: TCPConn.ReadFrom hangs when io.Reader is TCPConn or UnixConn, Linux kernel < 5.1
- cmd/compile: internal compiler error: panic during prove while compiling: unexpected induction with too many parents
- syscall: TestOpenFileLimit unintentionally runs on non-Unix platforms
- runtime: self-deadlock on mheap_.lock
- crypto/rand: Legacy RtlGenRandom use on Windows

The following package changes have been done:

- go1.21-openssl-doc- updated
- go1.21-openssl- updated
- go1.21-openssl-race- updated

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