SUSE-CU-2023:2861-1: Security update of suse/sle-micro/5.5/toolbox

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Wed Sep 6 07:07:32 UTC 2023

SUSE Container Update Advisory: suse/sle-micro/5.5/toolbox
Container Advisory ID : SUSE-CU-2023:2861-1
Container Tags        : suse/sle-micro/5.5/toolbox:12.1 , suse/sle-micro/5.5/toolbox:12.1-2.2.34 , suse/sle-micro/5.5/toolbox:latest
Container Release     : 2.2.34
Severity              : important
Type                  : security
References            : 1158763 1210740 1210996 1211256 1211257 1211461 1213231 1213557
                        1213673 1214290 CVE-2023-2426 CVE-2023-2609 CVE-2023-2610 CVE-2023-4016

The container suse/sle-micro/5.5/toolbox was updated. The following patches have been included in this update:

Advisory ID: SUSE-SU-2023:3472-1
Released:    Tue Aug 29 10:55:16 2023
Summary:     Security update for procps
Type:        security
Severity:    low
References:  1214290,CVE-2023-4016
This update for procps fixes the following issues:

  - CVE-2023-4016: Fixed ps buffer overflow (bsc#1214290).

Advisory ID: SUSE-SU-2023:3497-1
Released:    Wed Aug 30 21:25:05 2023
Summary:     Security update for vim
Type:        security
Severity:    important
References:  1210996,1211256,1211257,1211461,CVE-2023-2426,CVE-2023-2609,CVE-2023-2610
This update for vim fixes the following issues:

Updated to version 9.0 with patch level 1572.

- CVE-2023-2426: Fixed Out-of-range Pointer Offset use (bsc#1210996).
- CVE-2023-2609: Fixed NULL Pointer Dereference (bsc#1211256).
- CVE-2023-2610: Fixed nteger Overflow or Wraparound (bsc#1211257).

Advisory ID: SUSE-RU-2023:3514-1
Released:    Fri Sep  1 15:48:52 2023
Summary:     Recommended update for libzypp, zypper
Type:        recommended
Severity:    moderate
References:  1158763,1210740,1213231,1213557,1213673
This update for libzypp, zypper fixes the following issues:

- Fix occasional isue with downloading very small files (bsc#1213673)
- Fix negative ZYPP_LOCK_TIMEOUT not waiting forever (bsc#1213231)
- Fix OES synchronization issues when cookie file has mode 0600 (bsc#1158763)
- Don't cleanup orphaned dirs if read-only mode was promised (bsc#1210740)
- Revised explanation of --force-resolution in man page (bsc#1213557)
- Print summary hint if policies were violated due to --force-resolution (bsc#1213557)

The following package changes have been done:

- libprocps7-3.3.15-150000.7.34.1 updated
- libsystemd0-249.16-150400.8.33.1 updated
- libudev1-249.16-150400.8.33.1 updated
- libzypp-17.31.20-150400.3.40.1 updated
- procps-3.3.15-150000.7.34.1 updated
- vim-data-common-9.0.1632-150500.20.3.1 updated
- vim-9.0.1632-150500.20.3.1 updated
- zypper-1.14.63-150400.3.29.1 updated
- container:sles15-image-15.0.0-36.5.30 updated

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