SUSE-RU-2014:0666-1: moderate: Recommended update for ZMD

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Thu May 15 18:05:43 MDT 2014

   SUSE Recommended Update: Recommended update for ZMD

Announcement ID:    SUSE-RU-2014:0666-1
Rating:             moderate
References:         #719869 #722339 #723034 #731031 #751782 #754502 
Affected Products:
                    SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 10 SP3 LTSS

   An update that has 6 recommended fixes can now be installed.


   ZMD was updated to roll in fixes already done in SUSE Linux Enterprise 10
   SP4 branch, and to enable the usage of the current

   ZMD was switched to use /etc/ssl/certs as trust storage. (bnc#723034)
   Various SSL certificate handling issues were fixed as follows:

   * Skip password protected or invalid PKCS12 certificates. (bnc#751782)
   * Skip invalid SPC certificates. (bnc#754502)
   * Skip broken certificates. (bnc#751782)

   Bugs in the logrotate scripts were fixed. (bnc#719869)

   ZMD now also retrieves and handles susedata.xml.gz. (bnc#722339)

Package List:

   - SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 10 SP3 LTSS (i586 s390x x86_64):



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