SUSE-SU-2016:2974-1: moderate: Security update for pacemaker

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Fri Dec 2 08:11:50 MST 2016

   SUSE Security Update: Security update for pacemaker

Announcement ID:    SUSE-SU-2016:2974-1
Rating:             moderate
References:         #1000743 #1002767 #1003565 #1007433 #1009076 
                    #967388 #986644 #987348 #995365 
Cross-References:   CVE-2016-7035 CVE-2016-7797
Affected Products:
                    SUSE Linux Enterprise Software Development Kit 12-SP1
                    SUSE Linux Enterprise High Availability 12-SP1

   An update that solves two vulnerabilities and has 7 fixes
   is now available.


   This update for pacemaker fixes the following issues:

   - remote: Allow cluster and remote LRM API versions to diverge
   - libcrmcommon: fix CVE-2016-7035 (improper IPC guarding) (bsc#1007433)
   - sysconfig: minor tweaks (typo, wording)
   - spec: more robust check for systemd being in use
   - spec: defines instead of some globals + error suppression
   - various: issues discovered via valgrind and coverity
   - attrd_updater: fix usage of HAVE_ATOMIC_ATTRD

   - crmd: cl#5185 - Record pending operations in the CIB before they are
     performed (bsc#1003565)
   - ClusterMon: fix to avoid matching other process with the same PID
   - mcp: improve comments for sysconfig options
   - remove openssl-devel and libselinux-devel as build dependencies
   - tools: crm_standby --version/--help should work without cluster
   - libpengine: only log startup-fencing warning once
   - pacemaker.service: do not mistakenly suggest killing fenced
   - libcrmcommon: report errors consistently when waiting for data on
     connection (bsc#986644)
   - remote: Correctly calculate the remaining timeouts when receiving
     messages (bsc#986644)
   - libfencing: report added node ID correctly
   - crm_mon: Do not call setenv with null value
   - pengine: Do not fence a maintenance node if it shuts down cleanly
   - ping: Avoid temporary files for fping check (bsc#987348)
   - all: clarify licensing and copyrights
   - crmd: Resend the shutdown request if the DC forgets
   - ping: Avoid temp files in fping_check  (bsc#987348)
   - crmd: Ensure the R_SHUTDOWN is set whenever we ask the DC to shut us down
   - crmd: clear remote node operation history only when it comes up
   - libcib,libfencing,libtransition: handle memory allocation errors without
   - tools: make crm_mon XML schema handle resources with multiple active
   - pengine: set OCF_RESKEY_CRM_meta_notify_active_* for multistate resources
   - pengine: avoid null dereference in new same-node ordering option
   - lrmd,libcluster: ensure g_hash_table_foreach() is never passed a null
   - crmd: don't log warning if abort_unless_down() can't find down event
   - lib: Correction of the deletion of the notice registration.
   - stonithd: Correction of the wrong connection process name.
   - crmd: Keep a state of LRMD in the DC node latest.
   - pengine: avoid transition loop for start-then-stop + unfencing
   - libpengine: allow pe_order_same_node option for constraints

   - cts: Restart systemd-journald with "systemctl restart
     systemd-journald.socket" (bsc#995365)
   - libcrmcommon: properly handle XML comments when comparing v2 patchset
   - crmd: don't abort transitions for CIB comment changes
   - libcrmcommon: log XML comments correctly
   - libcrmcommon: remove extraneous format specifier from log message

   - remote: cl#5269 - Notify other clients of a new connection only if the
     handshake has completed (bsc#967388, bsc#1002767, CVE-2016-7797)

Patch Instructions:

   To install this SUSE Security Update use YaST online_update.
   Alternatively you can run the command listed for your product:

   - SUSE Linux Enterprise Software Development Kit 12-SP1:

      zypper in -t patch SUSE-SLE-SDK-12-SP1-2016-1742=1

   - SUSE Linux Enterprise High Availability 12-SP1:

      zypper in -t patch SUSE-SLE-HA-12-SP1-2016-1742=1

   To bring your system up-to-date, use "zypper patch".

Package List:

   - SUSE Linux Enterprise Software Development Kit 12-SP1 (ppc64le s390x x86_64):


   - SUSE Linux Enterprise High Availability 12-SP1 (ppc64le s390x x86_64):



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