SUSE-RU-2016:2669-1: Recommended update for ses-manual_en

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Fri Oct 28 10:14:21 MDT 2016

   SUSE Recommended Update: Recommended update for ses-manual_en

Announcement ID:    SUSE-RU-2016:2669-1
Rating:             low
References:         #1005300 #967390 #968067 #968290 #969836 
                    #970104 #974472 #974624 #977187 #977556 #978075 
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Affected Products:
                    SUSE Enterprise Storage 3

   An update that has 42 recommended fixes can now be


   The Administration and Deployment Guide for SUSE Enterprise Storage 3 has
   been updated to document:

   - Improved the procedure to set up hot-storage and cold-storage.
   - Added a command to install Ceph on the MDS server.
   - Added a tip referring to more information about using existing
     partitions for OSDs.
   - Mixing installation methods is not supported.
   - Format 1 is no longer the default (in favor of the format 2) when
     creating RBD volumes.
   - Added note about increasing the ruleset number to "Rule Sets" section.
   - Stressed the need for SUSE Enterprise Storage 3 repository before
     installing 'ses-upgrade-helper'.
   - Included info on the deprecated 'rgw_region_root_pool' option.
   - Specified which clients are able to migrate to optimal tunables.
   - Added new "iSCSI Gateways Upgrade" section.
   - Added new "Mixed SSDs and HDDs on the Same Node" section.
   - Improved "Upgrade from SUSE Enterprise Storage 2.1 to 3" chapter.
   - Updated "Minimal Recommendations per Storage Node".
   - Fixed support information on snapshot cloning in "Layering" section.
   - Improved 'bucket' explanation in "Buckets" section.
   - Clarified non-mixing workload phrase in "Minimal Recommendations per
     Monitor Node".
   - Updated RAM requirement for OSDs in "Minimal Recommendations per Storage
   - Fixed 'hit_set_count' default value in "Operating Pools" section.
   - Fixed and improved 'ceph-deploy' command line.
   - Updated several places to match the current Ceph release.
   - In "Operating Pools" added (explanation) of the following poll
     parameters: hashpspool, expected_num_objects,
     cache_target_dirty_high_ratio, hit_set_grade_decay_rate,
     hit_set_grade_search_last_n, fast_read, scrub_min_interval,
     scrub_max_interval, deep_scrub_interval, nodelete, nopgchange,
     nosizechange, noscrub, nodeep-scrub.
   - Added "How to Use Existing Partitions for OSDs Including OSD Journals"
     to "Disk Management Best Practices".
   - Added software pattern selection screens to "Preparing Each Ceph Node"
   - Removed RAID recommendations for OSD disks placement.
   - Updated the default set of CRUSH map's buckets in "Buckets" section.
   - Removed 'data' and 'metadata' pools, no longer the default.
   - Fixed trademarked 3rd party products names and replaced with entities.

Patch Instructions:

   To install this SUSE Recommended Update use YaST online_update.
   Alternatively you can run the command listed for your product:

   - SUSE Enterprise Storage 3:

      zypper in -t patch SUSE-Storage-3-2016-1569=1

   To bring your system up-to-date, use "zypper patch".

Package List:

   - SUSE Enterprise Storage 3 (noarch):



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