SUSE-RU-2017:0806-1: important: Recommended update for python-kombu

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Fri Mar 24 14:08:05 MDT 2017

   SUSE Recommended Update: Recommended update for python-kombu

Announcement ID:    SUSE-RU-2017:0806-1
Rating:             important
References:         #1030521 
Affected Products:
                    SUSE OpenStack Cloud 6

   An update that has one recommended fix can now be installed.


   This update for python-kombu and python-amqp fixes a compatibility problem
   with Python 2.7.13.

   Additionally the following issues have been fixed:


   - Fixes compatibility with uuid in Python 2.7.11 and 3.5.1. (bsc#1030521)
   - Redis transport: Attempt at fixing problem with hanging consumer after
     disconnected from server.
   - Attempt at fixing issue with 100% CPU when using the Redis transport.
   - Database transport: Fixed oracle compatibility.
   - Documentation fixes.
   - Fixed serialization issue for 'bindings.as_dict()'.
   - Json serializer wrongly treated bytes as 'ascii', not 'utf-8'.
   - MongoDB: Now supports pymongo 3.x.
   - No longer compatible with South by default.
   - Keep old South migrations in 'kombu.transport.django.south_migrations'.
   - Now compatible with Django 1.9.
   - Django: Adds migrations for the database transport.
   - QPid: Can now connect as localhost.
   - QPid: Adds support for 'login_method'.
   - QPid: Now reads SASL mechanism from broker string.
   - QPid: Monitor thread now properly terminated on session close.
   - QPid: Fixed file descriptor leak.
   - Docs: Fixed wrong order for entrypoint arguments.
   - ConsumerMixin: Connection error logs now include traceback.
   - BaseTransport now raises RecoverableConnectionError when disconnected.
   - Consumer: Adds 'tag_prefix' option to modify how consumer tags are


   - abstract_channel.wait now accepts a float timeout parameter expressed in
   - channel.basic_publish now raises amqp.exceptions.NotConfirmed on
   - AMQP timestamps received are now converted from GMT instead of local
   - Wheel package installation now supported by both Python 2 and Python3.

Patch Instructions:

   To install this SUSE Recommended Update use YaST online_update.
   Alternatively you can run the command listed for your product:

   - SUSE OpenStack Cloud 6:

      zypper in -t patch SUSE-OpenStack-Cloud-6-2017-459=1

   To bring your system up-to-date, use "zypper patch".

Package List:

   - SUSE OpenStack Cloud 6 (noarch):



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