SUSE-RU-2019:1822-1: moderate: Recommended update for golang-github-prometheus-prometheus

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Thu Jul 11 19:11:18 MDT 2019

   SUSE Recommended Update: Recommended update for golang-github-prometheus-prometheus

Announcement ID:    SUSE-RU-2019:1822-1
Rating:             moderate
References:         #1124610 
Affected Products:
                    SUSE Manager Tools 15
                    SUSE Linux Enterprise Module for Open Buildservice Development Tools 15

   An update that has one recommended fix can now be installed.


   This update for golang-github-prometheus-prometheus fixes the following

   - fix spec file: actually ship promtool

   - Update to 2.7.1:

     + Bug Fixes:
       * Fix a Stored DOM XSS vulnerability with query history (bsc#1124610)
       * prometheus_rule_group_last_duration_seconds now reports seconds
         instead of nanoseconds
       * Make sure the targets are consistently sorted in the targets page

   - Update to 2.7.0:

     + cli flag depreacted: storage.tsdb.retention use
       storage.tsdb.retention.time instead; depreacted flag will be removed
       in 3.0
     + Features:
       * Add subqueries to PromQL
       * Add support for disk size based retention. Note that we don't
         consider the WAL size which could be significant and the time based
         retention policy also applies (experimental)
       * Add CORS origin flag
     + Bug Fixes:
       * Don't depend on given order when comparing samples in alert unit
       * Make sure the retention period doesn't overflow
       * Don't generate blocks with no samples

   - Update to 2.6.0:

     + Remove default flags from the container's entrypoint, run Prometheus
       from /etc/prometheus and symlink the storage directory to
     + Promtool: Remove the update command
     + Features:
       * Add JSON log format via the --log.format flag
       * API: Add /api/v1/labels endpoint to get all label names
       * Web: Allow setting the page's title via the --web.ui-title flag
     + Enhancements:
       * Add prometheus_tsdb_lowest_timestamp_seconds,
         prometheus_tsdb_head_min_time_seconds and
         prometheus_tsdb_head_max_time_seconds metrics
       * Add rule_group_last_evaluation_timestamp_seconds metric
       * Add prometheus_template_text_expansion_failures_total and
         prometheus_template_text_expansions_total metrics
       * Set consistent User-Agent header in outgoing requests
       * Azure SD: Error out at load time when authentication parameters are
       * EC2 SD: Add the machine's private DNS name to the discovery metadata
       * EC2 SD: Add the operating system's platform to the discovery metadata
       * Kubernetes SD: Add the pod's phase to the discovery metadata
       * Kubernetes SD: Log Kubernetes messages
       * Promtool: Collect CPU and trace profiles
       * Promtool: Support writing output as JSON
       * Remote Read: Return available data if remote read fails partially
       * Remote Write: Improve queue performance
       * Remote Write: Add min_shards parameter to set the minimum number of
       * TSDB: Improve WAL reading
       * TSDB: Memory improvements
       * Web: Log stack traces on panic
       * Web UI: Add copy to clipboard button for configuration
       * Web UI: Support console queries at specific times
       * Web UI: group targets by job then instance
     + Bug Fixes:
       * Deduplicate handler labels for HTTP metrics
       * Fix leaked queriers causing shutdowns to hang
       * Fix configuration loading panics on nil pointer slice elements
       * API: Correctly skip mismatching targets on /api/v1/targets/metadata
       * API: Better rounding for incoming query timestamps
       * Discovery: Remove all targets when the scrape configuration gets
       * PromQL: Fix a goroutine leak in the lexer/parser
       * Scrape: Fix deadlock in the scrape's manager
       * Scrape: Scrape targets at fixed intervals even after Prometheus
       * TSDB: Support restored snapshots including the head properly
       * TSDB: Repair WAL when the last record in a segment is torn

   - Update to 2.5.0:

     + Group targets by scrape config instead of job name
     + Marathon SD: Various changes to adapt to Marathon 1.5+
     + Discovery: Split prometheus_sd_discovered_targets metric by scrape and
       notify (Alertmanager SD) as well as by section in the respective
     + Enhancements:
       * Support s390x platform for Linux
       * API: Add prometheus_api_remote_read_queries metric tracking
         currently executed or waiting remote read API requests
       * Remote Read: Add prometheus_remote_storage_remote_read_queries
         metric tracking currently in-flight remote read queries
       * Remote Read: Reduced memory usage
       * Discovery: Add prometheus_sd_discovered_targets,
         prometheus_sd_updates_delayed_total, and prometheus_sd_updates_total
         metrics for discovery subsystem
       * Discovery: Improve performance of previously slow updates of changes
         of targets
       * Kubernetes SD: Add extended metrics
       * OpenStack SD: Support discovering instances from all projects
       * OpenStack SD: Discover all interfaces
       * OpenStack SD: Support tls_config for the used HTTP client
       * Triton SD: Add ability to filter triton_sd targets by pre-defined
       * Web UI: Avoid browser spell-checking in expression field
       * Web UI: Add scrape duration and last evaluation time in targets and
         rules pages
       * Web UI: Improve rule view by wrapping lines
       * Rules: Error out at load time for invalid templates, rather than at
         evaluation time
     + Bug Fixes:
       * Change max/min over_time to handle NaNs properly
       * Check label name for count_values PromQL function
       * Ensure that vectors and matrices do not contain identical label-sets

   - Update to 2.4.3:

     + Bug Fixes:
       * Fix panic when using custom EC2 API for SD #4672
       * Fix panic when Zookeeper SD cannot connect to servers #4669
       * Make the skip_head an optional parameter for snapshot API #4674

   - Update to 2.4.2:

     + Bug Fixes:
       * Handle WAL corruptions properly prometheus/tsdb#389
       * Handle WAL migrations correctly on Windows prometheus/tsdb#392

   - Update to 2.4.1:

     + New TSDB metrics
     + [BUGFIX] Render UI correctly for Windows

   - Update to 2.4.0:

     + The WAL implementation has been re-written so the storage is not
       forward compatible. Prometheus 2.3 storage will work on 2.4 but not
     + Reduce remote write default retries
     + Remove /heap endpoint
     + Features:
       * Persist alert 'for' state across restarts
       * Add API providing per target metric metadata
       * Add API providing recording and alerting rules
     + Enhancements:
       * Brand new WAL implementation for TSDB. Forwards incompatible with
         previous WAL.
       * Show rule evaluation errors in UI
       * Throttle resends of alerts to Alertmanager
       * Send EndsAt along with the alert to Alertmanager
       * Limit the samples returned by remote read endpoint
       * Limit the data read in through remote read
       * Coalesce identical SD configuations
       * promtool: Add new commands for debugging and querying
       * Update console examples for node_exporter v0.16.0
       * Optimize PromQL aggregations
       * Remote read: Add Offset to hints
       * consul_sd: Add support for ServiceMeta field
       * ec2_sd: Maintain order of subnet_id label
       * ec2_sd: Add support for custom endpoint to support EC2 compliant APIs
       * ec2_sd: Add instance_owner label
       * azure_sd: Add support for VMSS discovery and multiple environments
       * gce_sd: Add instance_id label
       * Forbid rule-abiding robots from indexing
       * Log virtual memory limits on startup
     + Bug Fixes:
       * Wait for service discovery to stop before exiting
       * Render SD configs properly
       * Only add LookbackDelta to vector selectors
       * ec2_sd: Handle panic-ing nil pointer
       * consul_sd: Stop leaking connections
       * Use templated labels also to identify alerts
       * Reduce floating point errors in stddev and related functions
       * Log errors while encoding responses

   - Update to 2.3.2:

     + Bug Fixes:
       * Fix various tsdb bugs
       * Reorder startup and shutdown to prevent panics.
       * Exit with non-zero code on error
       * discovery/kubernetes/ingress: fix scheme discovery
       * Fix race in zookeeper sd
       * Better timeout handling in promql
       * Propogate errors when selecting series from the tsdb

   - Update to 2.3.1:

     + Bug Fixes:
       * Avoid infinite loop on duplicate NaN values.
       * Fix nil pointer deference when using various API endpoints
       * config: set target group source index during unmarshalling
       * discovery/file: fix logging
       * kubernetes_sd: fix namespace filtering
       * web: restore old path prefix behavior
       * web: remove security headers added in 2.3.0

   - Update to 2.3.0
     + marathon_sd: use auth_token and auth_token_file for token-based
       authentication instead of bearer_token and bearer_token_file
     + Metric names for HTTP server metrics changed
     + Features:
       * Add query commands to promtool
       * Add security headers to HTTP server responses
       * Pass query hints via remote read API
       * Basic auth passwords can now be configured via file across all
     + Enhancements:
       * Optimise PromQL and API serialization for memory usage and
       * Limit number of dropped targets in web UI
       * Consul and EC2 service discovery allow using server-side filtering
         for performance improvement
       * Add advanced filtering configuration to EC2 service discovery
       * marathon_sd: adds support for basic and bearer authentication, plus
         other common HTTP client options (TLS config, proxy URL, etc.)
       * Provide machine type metadata and labels in GCE service discovery
       * Add pod controller kind and name to Kubernetes service discovery data
       * Move TSDB to flock-based log file that works with Docker containers
     + Bug Fixes:
       * Properly propagate storage errors in PromQL
       * Fix path prefix for web pages
       * Fix goroutine leak in Consul service discovery
       * Fix races in scrape manager
       * Fix OOM for very large k in PromQL topk() queries
       * Make remote write more resilient to unavailable receivers
       * Make remote write shutdown cleanly
       * Don't leak files on errors in TSDB's tombstone cleanup
       * Unary minus expressions now removes the metric name from results
       * Fix bug that lead to wrong amount of samples considered for time
         range expressions
   - Update to 2.2.1
     + Bug Fixes:
       * Fix data loss in TSDB on compaction
       * Correctly stop timer in remote-write path
       * Fix deadlock triggered by loading targets page
       * Fix incorrect buffering of samples on range selection queries
       * Handle large index files on windows properly
   - Update to 2.2.0
     + This release introduces improvements to the storage format and fixes a
       regression introduced in 2.1. As a result Prometheus servers upgraded
       to 2.2 cannot be downgraded to a lower version anymore!
     + Rename file SD mtime metric
     + Send target update on empty pod IP in Kubernetes SD
     + Features:
       * Add API endpoint for flags.
       * Add API endpoint for dropped targets.
       * Display annotations on alerts page.
       * Add option to skip head data when taking snapshots
     + Enhancements:
       * Federation performance improvement.
       * Read bearer token file on every scrape.
       * Improve typeahead on /graph page.
       * Change rule file formatting.
       * Set consul server default to localhost:8500.
       * Add dropped Alertmanagers to API info endpoint.
       * Add OS type meta label to Azure SD.
       * Validate required fields in SD configuration.
     + Bug Fixes:
       * Prevent stack overflow on deep recursion in TSDB.
       * Correctly read offsets in index files that are greater than 4GB.
       * Fix scraping behavior for empty labels.
       * Drop metric name for bool modifier.
       * Fix races in discovery.
       * Fix Kubernetes endpoints SD for empty subsets.
       * Throttle updates from SD providers, which caused increased CPU usage
         and allocations.
       * Fix TSDB block reload issue.
       * Fix PromQL printing of empty without().
       * Don't reset FiredAt for inactive alerts.
       * Fix erroneous file version changes and repair existing data.

Patch Instructions:

   To install this SUSE Recommended Update use the SUSE recommended installation methods
   like YaST online_update or "zypper patch".

   Alternatively you can run the command listed for your product:

   - SUSE Manager Tools 15:

      zypper in -t patch SUSE-SLE-Manager-Tools-15-2019-1822=1

   - SUSE Linux Enterprise Module for Open Buildservice Development Tools 15:

      zypper in -t patch SUSE-SLE-Module-Development-Tools-OBS-15-2019-1822=1

Package List:

   - SUSE Manager Tools 15 (aarch64 ppc64le s390x x86_64):


   - SUSE Linux Enterprise Module for Open Buildservice Development Tools 15 (aarch64 ppc64le s390x x86_64):



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